Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tell Me Again Why Jessica Simpson Keeps Getting Movie Roles

No doubt the future producers and studios of Jessica Simpson's movies are thrilled by the news that Blonde Ambition is going straight to video in the US. Internationally it might see a theatre or two, but in the US it's Blockbuster baby. Luke Wilson must be kicking himself and beating the ever living crap out of his agent right now. The only bright side for Luke is that so few people will see the movie that maybe they will forget he was even in it. Also, if goes straight to video, I believe that it precludes most of the Razzie nominations.
Now, the studios might come out and say there will be theatre distribution in the US, but what that means is very subjective. If they have a premiere at a theatre, then that would technically be theatre distribution for purposes of a quote or denial, but in reality, it's video baby and probably not a whole shelf either. It will probably be one of those movies that is hidden on a corner of a shelf next to old Red Shoe Diaries episodes.


Hez said...

This headline could just as easily have read "Tell Me Again How Jessica Simpson Keeps Managing to Feed Herself," because I am truly baffled by the way someone with a single digit IQ can make more money than most of us here will in our whole lives.

LiLo, stop trying to slash your wrists for five minutes and hand me that corkscrew - Hez needs a drink!

__-__=__ said...

Makes me think of Doris Day. Poor thing. Pass the bottle Hez!

Profetissan said...

Only reason Brit got no DUI is that she´s not been pulled yet. That thing is constantly drugged out on something I believe.

audrey said...

She looks like a freaking idiot.


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