Monday, July 30, 2007

The Only Thing Scarier Than Paris In A Movie Is Jessica Simpson In 3

Yes, you read the headline right. Multiple morons have decided that Jessica needs to race Paris to become this generation's Pia Zadora (who was in a car wreck a few weeks ago and is getting sued) and have put her in three upcoming films. So we know that Jessica doesn't do nudity for films unless the money is right and so far it hasn't been right and so these producers are putting her in for either a little PG T&A or because they think she can truly act.

I hope it's because of the T&A theory because I can't conceive of a situation where someone is actually hiring Jessica Simpson for her acting abilities. If it is for her acting I just want to know what movie they were watching and what they were smoking while watching. Maybe they just like wasting money. If you need something to waste your money on I would suggest slot machines would give you a better value for your money than putting Jessica Simpson in a movie. At least spending that kind of money at slots you will get free drinks and a bunch of sucking up from guest services at the casino. With Jessica all you get is a "huh?" and her dad hitting on every female on the set.


Tracee said...

Who is she screwing or blowing to get roles? Obviously nobody cares to see her in a movie. We only watched Newlyweds to see her in her complete moronic glory. And that was more entertaining than Dukes of Hazzards. Seriously, who is she getting her knees dirty for?

merrick said...

I agree tracee .. i didnt think someone so "naive" to put it nicely could have made it this far. if it werent for her looks I doubt that anyone would have thought twice about casting her .. buts its hollyweird .. and young and pretty gets the nod ....


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