Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Photos Part Two

And this doesn't even count as one of the three.
I believe Jamie gave birth about 15 minutes ago and already looks like this.
Miss Personality, but...
the dress actually shows some. Some. Not much. She still has a long way to go. Maybe she should date 50 Cent for awhile.
At what point do you think Britney Spears will just decide that wearing pants is probably too much effort?


Tracee said...

Wait! I've seen that face on Jessica before. She's about to "drop some kids off at the pool"

Pinky said...

Oh look, the hounds of hell left little footprints on Brit's snatch. Niiiiiice. said...

Is that a leash coming off the back of Claire Dane's dress?


kellygirl said...

oh, pinky, i thought those were crabs makin' a gettaway

Angry Warhol said...

Pimpin’ ain’t easy unless you’re Al Sharpton and poor American’s are your prostitutes!

98.7 Kiss FM New York - Hi, this is Reverend Al Sharpton we’re calling on our community to come forward and become partners for justice. In the next 30 days we’re calling on 100,000 people to become justice partners with the National Action Network by going to our website or mailing “ten dollars” to keep the justice movement on track. If it’s racial profiling, if it’s police misconduct, if it’s Don Imus, wherever it is all over the country, we’re there. We need you to be a partner with just “ten dollars” to keep justice on track. No justice, no piece!

What you’ve read above is Al Sharpton calling out to poor people in New York City to send him a million dollars ($10 dollars a piece) so that he can fly around the country to reprimand white men who say something or do something racist.

If Al Sharpton wants to play the role of a mammy by chastising good ol’ white-boys after they have misbehaved then there’s enough racism in New York City for him to “address” and to give racist, within the white community, a piece of his mind….

Farm Girl Pink... said...

What is it with Britney and Lohan... both of them desperate for attention. Both of them dress as if they are blind... neither one of them have any idea what panties are used for... and lastly the whole Daddy issue complex.

Sadly when their 15 minutes are over... there will be 4 new "desperate for attention" girls to take their places.

Unknown said...

I wonder what Ent meant by writing "And this doesn't even count as one of the three." with Jessica Simpson's picture? What three?


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