Friday, August 03, 2007

Amy Winehouse To Be On The Cover Of Vogue

I don't know what they are thinking. Yes, anyone can be photoshopped and made look half decent and I'm sure Amy will look good or even great. BUT, everyone in the world knows she's not what the photo shoot will show. The one bright spot is that the photos were taken at the same time she was getting married in Miami and I seem to recall she was less drunk than normal that week. Right after the wedding she went back to being the cracked out alcoholic we've all grown to love, but right before the wedding she seemed ok.

I think this is Anna Wintour's way of showing she actually knows what's going on in the world. We already know she hates blogs, doesn't let people eat in the office, but she sure knows a 60's throwback with a beehive and missing teeth is the in thing right now and she's going to make sure that the world knows she knows it.

You know Amy probably didn't shower before the shoot so the clothes were probably not reusable, but unless the shoot consisted entirely of tank tops and shorts, I don't think Amy kept them.


Mother Campfire said...

I just feel bad for the girl. I do hope, however, that the actual interview explains why she married a low-life dealer...her boyfriend. Whatever.

jax said...

ya after he cheated on her repeatedly.

you know i lovvvve her music and this just makes me sad because i wonder what it is she really sees when she looks in the mirror..when someone goes from that one picture to the next you know its not just 'booze'. Amy love yourself girl!

Tracee said...

Heeee! Ent, you know she begged for those yeast infested shorts to be in the spread. And yeah, I think this will be the first time a woman will be photoshopped with MORE weight than less. Somebody give that girl a piece of chicken!

Unknown said...

She just looks so crapola. Even her tattoos look like one huge mistake because they only make her look worse.

Even that dress is wrinkled and looks like hell.

Anonymous said...

Anna Wintour is getting back at the world for making her put a Jennifer Hudson on the cover to sell mags. Loved how Lainey talked about how that must have just killed Anna.


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