Monday, July 30, 2007

What's Next; Cocaine Connections?

So on Friday I was driving home from work and just listening to the radio when a commercial came on. At first I thought it was some kind of joke because it went something like this:

Jane: Mary you are so lucky to find a guy like Jay who is so 420 friendly. Everyone I date doesn't like to smoke up.

Mary: Well Jane. I owe it all to because they found me guys who love nothing more than to sit around toking it up all day and are 420 friendly.

Jane: I wish I could find a guy who didn't mind that I like lighting up 4 or 5 times a day.

Mary: Well then you need to check out

Now, whether or not you or I think pot should be legal or whether or not you or I think it's harmful is beside the point. The point is that if you live in the US, marijuana is illegal and you will at least get a ticket if not go to jail for possessing it or smoking it unless you live in Humboldt in which case the cops will bring out their own bongs and join you. Yes, there are medical marijuana cards, etc., but again they don't work except in some California counties.

Would you feel the same way if there was a matchmaking site called Cocaine Connection where the guys all love to share and the women only like guys who can score?

How about a website for boozehounds? "I only like dating guys who blackout every night. How did you get so lucky and find a guy who has liver disease? That's so cool."

Basically the website is encouraging people who share a similar illegal interest to get together. You have to set aside the fact whether or not you agree with the legalization of marijuana and ask yourself should there be a website or radio advertisements that encourage people who share illegal interests to get together? What is the tipping point? Marijuana is okay but cocaine isn't? Guys who like 17 year old girls is ok, but if they like 15 it's not? Where do you draw the line?


Anonymous said...

LOL - Humboldt.

"Marge its funny because its true"

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea. Of course, being Canadian, I don't believe the anti-weed propaganda rampant in American society. And, despite what you all think, pot is NOT legal here, either....we just know how to smoke it properly.

The most violent thing a pot smoker's ever done is rip open a bag of chips--remember that.

Hez said...

Um, I think there already is a "Cocaine Connections" - it's called 'Casual Encounters' on Craigslist.

(Passing the dutchie on the left hand side to my homey the morrigan...)

Anonymous said...

Pretty bad considering this report is being published on Friday:

Unknown said...

Personally, even if I smoked pot, I wouldn't even consider putting my information up on a site that advertises it. Wouldn't that be like signing your own one-way ticket to jail should cops decide to join, set up aliases and then arrange to meet people from there? Kinda like they do with pedophiles in children's chat rooms? Though, if you're seriously dumb enough to put yourself in that situation you deserve it. lol I just find the fact that people sign up for this and advertise their illegal habit laughable.

Nichole Jackson said...

Kind of pointless if you ask me. I mean, if you already smoke pot you shouldn't have a problem meeting other people who do. Just saying.

And that CNN report someone posted is complete crap. Notice how right in the middle of the article the researchers say that they can't really prove smoking pot contributes to psychosis.

Just another example of poorly researched propoganda : )

Mother Campfire said...

On the flip side, Velouria, what if you're so effing blazed all the time you can't seem to get outside your stoner social circle? But then again, they might be too blazed to turn on the computer.

I just can't believe they advertised on the radio. How embarassing to have to say '420 friendly' over and over again in a (probably) sororiety girl accent.

And yes, I agree - it'd be pretty easy to seize the records and contact info, much like they do for myspace and child molesters. Probable cause, anyone?

But then again, why do I care? I smoke too. Psh.

Addie Z said...

the sight of jessica simpson in a army uniform makes me sick to my stomach. follow me in a few weeks on my second tour in iraq (1 year each) and then you'll get a real idea of what wearing that uniform is all about. the hair? wrong. the makeup? wrong.

it all makes me sick, especially since I know this movie she is in the process of "training" for is gonna suck big time and makes a mockery of the women in the military wear it proudly, for the right reasons, all the while earning in a year what she makes in a day.


Tracee said...

Melissa, i totally agree. What would keep cops from pulling a "catch a predator" on these folks asses? And really, do you need a site for this? Is it really hard to find a guy who likes a good toke here and there? Now if you said, "It's really hard to find a guy who likes pudding up his butt."

Then I could see going to a place called, but what do I know? Lots of guys could like pudding in their tooter.

Unknown said...

The prospective partner would have to swing many ways...occasionally I like to core an apple to get that rich, cooling, apple flavor in the smoke.

Pure '70's and they were great!

Mother Campfire said...

You're my new hero, Tracee. :)

YahMoBThere said...

I think it's great. Keep all the stoners together and off the other dating sites! said...

LOL! This would have been a dream come true in my stoner past!

ENT, are you sure that wasn't some kind of commercial designed to, you know, freak with your brain, dude? DJs love to play fun games like that.

jax said...

Save me some o' that Hez...
ok being a west coast canadian I am totally biased..oh and I smoke weed..big deal at least they arent lying and saying they dont do it..i know alot of people who don't date drinkers! Just because booze is legal doens't make it any better. oh and EL? They do have places for drunks..they're called bars..

Unknown said...

I just would find it funny if your main criteria for finding a guy is his pot smoking...

__-__=__ said...

I thought it was a joke until I went to! I was comforted to find that was still for sale. Good luck to them all!

I don't know anything about Jessica's movie but she just made me cringe in that uniform. Sure, Mission Accomplished!


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