Friday, August 31, 2007

Countdown Spectacular In Australia

Katrina from Katrina and The Waves
John-Paul Young
Samantha Fox

Rick Springfield
Plastic Bertrand
The Motels
Les McKeown of The Bay City Rollers


FrancesDanger said...

Ohwheeoohooh! Ca Plane Pour Moi!

K said...

Holygirl, Ca Plane Pour MOI MOI MOI MOI MOI!!

My god, is Australia where all the oldies live now? Look at John-Paul Young! 'Love is in the air...'

Anonymous said...

Samantha Fox has got those ageless Tina Turner legs. Good for her.

And Rick Springfield still does it for me.

__-__=__ said...

Ok, the dinosaur rock folks. Ok, I can enjoy it. But let this be fair warning, Juanes is supposed to be in Hollywood right now recording video for his new album. The single releases in Sept. and the album in Oct. If anyone has questions, listen to Mi Sangre twice and tell me it's not wonderful!

Tania said...

blimey, I didn't know half those people were still alive!
Springfield still looks hot.

_-_=_ ok, I've never heard of Juanes, but I'll see if iTunes have that song. I'm always open to musical recommendations!

kellygirl said...

Katrina and the Waves
wonder if they had any clue how prolific their name would become.


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