Monday, August 27, 2007

Random Photos Part One

I guess Dax is learning how to braid his own hair.
"But I have to pee."
When one blonde whore isn't enough in your life

you can always find another.
I don't want you living that far from me Jessica. Come closer.
Less kissing of hands and more eating.
I've heard shopping can be orgasmic. I guess Heather Locklear is an example of that.
As long as she doesn't do Jay Leno impressions, I'm okay with the chin.
Nice to see Kirsten conserves gas when headed to a booty call.
All done. Guess she was a little cold afterwards.
If that's the nose job, she needs to get her money back.
The first signs of Paris Hilton disease.


mocha said...

imagine the combined stds between kid rock and paris. its like that movie outbreak except without the cute monkey oh and this shit wont be contained, like ever. said...

I guess Heather Locklear must be the go-between for Amy Winehouse and the drug dealers.

Unknown said...

mocha - didn't Parisite actually HAVE a pet monkey at one time?

You're right about not being able to contain that shit EVER.


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JMS said...

Who's in the last picture?

Unknown said...

It's Hayden Panettiere in the last picture.
So Jessica actually fell and broke her nose after all! I was convinced she had gotten a nose job. Oh well.

RagDoll said...

Jessica breaking her nose/getting a nose job...always sounded pretty suspect in the MIDDLE of shooting a movie (how to explain the character's very sudden change in facial appearance from scene to scene? Movies aren't really shot in the order the scenes appear on screen) I always thought this was a cover up of a massive hemorrhage from too much coke use....

Virgo74 said...

What is soo funny about Kid Rock is that when married to Pam Anderson, he cheated on her with a black woman, I am not sure if she was a hooker or not.

Interesing how he likes to "pretend" to like blonds in public. EL, any blind items on Kid Rock at all? He seems sneaky to me every since I saw the article with him secretly sleeping the black women.


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