Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Real Story About Kate And Owen

Last night I had a discussion with a woman who spoke to Owen several times over the past few weeks, was at his home this past week and has been in touch with Owen's brother Andrew over the past few days. This is what she had to say, almost word for word. Some of it is in the tabloids, but much of it isn't. This is a woman who has worked on several Wilson brother films and is very close to all three of them.

Owen did indeed try to commit suicide over Kate, but its not totally her fault. They WERE in love. Because of Kate's divorce, she was the one insisting that everything stay very down-low and approached the situation like "will my big strong boyfriend protect me from the gossips?", which is why he went way overboard and threatened to sue anyone that talked about their relationship breaking up her marriage to Chris Robinson. Owen was pestering Kate to marry him. She was VERY committed to Owen and their relationship, but had no intention of agreeing to marriage seeing as how she married so young and wasn't even divorced yet . This made Owen very frustrated and he acted out by leaving her every so often and messing with other girls. She eventually got tired of the yo-yoing and broke up with him for real.

Like most volatile type relationships, they were still messing around even though they never really got back together. One of those "they love each other so much they can't stay away, but neither is willing to do what it takes to make the relationship really work" type of things. So this was going on until Kate went crazy for Dax Shepard. Its killing Owen because Kate is obviously head over heels for Dax. She is even putting Dax ahead of her own son, which she wouldn't do for Owen (remember she insisted the relationship be kept quiet for her son's sake). She's even whispering to friends that Dax is "the one" and she might marry him f he asked and it got back to Owen. She stopped taking Owen's calls and no more booty calls, so Owen went into a pretty bad depression.

Contrary to popular opinion, Owen is as moody and dark as his brother Luke, he's just not dramatic with it. He just gets very quiet and withdrawn when he's low and is not an asshole about it. Also contrary to opinion, Owen is not a doper. He'll take a toke or snort a line to be sociable, but he's not a regular user and he does not offer it in his home when he has parties and stuff. So the whole drug thing isn't really true. He did take some pills and mix it with alcohol (maybe more stuff, not sure) to try to "go to sleep", which is what he told his brother Andrew. My contact says as far as she knows it was just pills, but its possible that he may have slit his wrists as well, but she doesn't believe he did.

She's going to try and find out today and let me know tonight. Owen has been drunk and hiding in his house for a week or more and his brother was there just to kinda keep an eye on him. She also said that Andrew had called several friends including her to come by to try to cheer him up or talk sense into him, which is how she knows this has been going on for at least a week, but Owen refused to see anyone, and just stayed locked up in his room.

So in summary of what I've been told, Owen went into a depression over losing Kate for real, even though its his fault as well. His suicide attempt was more of an immature "you won't come back to me so I'm going to kill myself" thing. Not that attempted suicide for that reason is not serious, but the loss of the relationship is more than half his fault and Kate probably shouldn't be totally blamed for it.

Oh yeah, as an addition. Luke really did have a thing for Kate as well, though nothing happened between him and Kate. Just some sibling rivalry BS really.


mooshki said...

Thanks so much, Ent. I really love Owen, and it's good to know what's really going on. I'm just glad he's okay.

Unknown said...

This just makes me incredibly sad.

I have that awful "too much information is a bad thing" feeling about gossip today.

Sorry Ent.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

The only thing I can think of is that old "Fooled Around and Fell In Love" song.

Pinky said...

He's got a great support system going there, and what a close knit family those brothers are. That's awesome.

So, Enty, the drug thing's not true and my friend was lying to me about overhearing him talk about using smack? I'd also heard that his character in The Royal Tennenbaums was Wes Anderson reaching out to Owen about his heroin addiction. That's a lie too?

Apparently my friends are lying douche bags!!

GammaGirl said...

I had a feeling all this had to do with Owen being "off the wagon" and depressed. I also think anyone with a brain would think twice before "blaming" this on kate hudson. Its just sad...

Fab40 said...

My producer friend said he had a history of using heroin...and tried to commit suicide when he started using again recently.

Pinky said...

Thank you Karyn! You've redeemed my friends. Of course now I'm the douche bag, but that's really nothing new.

Stacy said...

This whole situation is really sad. I don't know if I believe the whole "he's not a doper" thing, but its not unusual for people who have friends they do drugs around and friends they won't do drugs around...its all in the perception. I'm not a big fan of either Owen or Kate, but I feel badly for both of them in this situation. I hope the best for both of them.

Stacy said...

I was going to add the comment that I had a friend for many years who was an incredible cokehead and I defended him on many occasions against people who said he was using. I was hugely shocked when he ended up in the hospital. I was really close to him and still am, but I was one of those people who didn't know about his drug use.

Miss X said...

Ent thanks for giving us the details. And for being nice today. :)

It sounds like Owen will pull through. Having a good support system is vital in these situations.

kellygirl said...

I think kate needs to address the issue of her continuous attraction to addicts. Does she think it's romantic? Do they get addicted to her, and she mistakes that love? She should probably put her current relationship on the slow-track and work out her issues. Starting with her "daddy shit."

Tracee said...

Sad news. But it seems like it was an unhealthy relationship to begin with. Hopefully this will be the beginning to recovery and deep reflection on why he wanted to commit Kate, but no other woman. Was it because she was "hard to get" and this spurred on his need to have her?

Either way, it's uplifting to hear he has family that cares deeply for him and are willing to be there for him at his darkest moments....there are people out there that don't have that.

Unknown said...

Is it just me, or was anyone else expecting a MILD mea-culpa from ENT somewhere in this post? I don't see how he can go from yesterday's nasty "Owen" post to today's "real story" without SOME explanation and/or apology. (And this is coming from a loyal Enty fan!)

Also, although I am NO fan of Kate Hudson (for reasons listed below), it's ridiculous even to SUGGEST that she should shoulder any blame for Owen's suicide attempt. I don;t care if she'd blatantly cheated on him, robbed him blind, given him an STD, and been the worst girlfriend on earth - he's a grown man who is FULLY responsible for any self-destructive action he chooses to take. (They were only together for SIX months, for christ's sake!)

That said, Kate still rubs me the wrong way. Something about a spoiled little rich girl who makes broad pronouncements about gender relations based solely on her own f***ed-up life experiences (and who can't go 5 minutes without a MAN surgically attached to her side) just doesn't sit well with me.

Oh, and for some reason her cutesy, obvious NOSE JOB irritates me, too! (See a "before" photo at http://www.gettyimages.com/Search/Detail.aspx?axd=DetailPaging.Search|1&axs=0|50717765%2c74686723%2c50740649%2c74736941%2c50732113%2c75504009%2c50719966%2c50719962%2c50717767%2c75880827%2c50921464%2c72433094%2c50717768%2c50902386&id=75880827&

I know, i know... I'm a bitch.

Hez said...

Yeah, but you're a funny bitch though, Kate. I don't mind.

I did also expect Ent to backpedal just a teense after the stinging sarcasm the other day about Owen, but then I realized that just because he's friends with Owen's friend doesn't mean anything. Ent's tipster could very easily be Kate Hudson herself (it wouldn't surprise me). So he's off the hook with me, but I'm still not on the Kate train either. I think the criticism in the previous comment (especially about her pathological inability to be single for two seconds) is totally dead-on.

I mean, I'm sure she has an adorable personality when she turns on the Goldie, but she's clearly a boho-aholic (boho as in bohemian - different from a boohoo-aholic) and I'm sorry, but I JUDGE YOU WHEN YOU DATE UNWASHED, UNPRESENTABLE MEN. In my world, that's called "acting out" on your "daddy issues" and it's about as transparent as the friggin daisy petals I'm sure she uses for panty liners. (And speaking of petals, Owen sounds like way too much of a fragile flower for my liking anyway)

I've heard the same heroin speculation about a Wilson brother, but it sounded a lot more like Luke... (that crapulent film he just did with Kate Beckinsale looked like a doper's project - meaning you'd only take it if you needed dope money).

Beth said...

Thanks Enty! I figured as much. The paparazzi have been getting tons of pics of Kate PDA'ing all over that tool Dax Shepard and she really does look happy and in love (what she sees in him, I'll never understand).

When I heard it was just pills and booze, that's just a cry for help/attention kind of thing you do when you're really depressed. If you truly want to off yourself, you do it right - aka, buy a shotgun, jump off a bridge, etc.

Sad situation but glad Owen didn't succeed. He's gifted and I'd miss his talents (his writing in addition to his acting).

jax said...

Wow just wow...EL you have sorda redeamned yourself slightly from yesterday..lol.

Kate Hudson may not be to blame but she certainly isnt showing ANY respect for Owen by parading around with her new man like a prizefighter with a trophy. Especially if they had the kind of feelings EL has written about.
I remember years ago before Miss Thang was a blip on the radar she got busted for making out with Matt Le Blanc while he was with his soon to be wife..she smacked of Hippie Ho then and she certainly does now. All this free love BS has gotta be mighty confusing to her little girl..oops i mean lil boy WITH A F*CKIN GIRL CUT!

bgirl said...

I agree with you Kate and don't feel bad..i too am a bitch and welcome to the club, haha
B Girl

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Woah Jax! I don't remember the Matt LeBlanc tale....fill me in on that one.

Miss X said...

Jax, LOL at the girl cut comment. Poor kid.

Mom gave me a boy cut when I was a little girl b/c I cried when she brushed my hair. Now I cry when I see those pics. People, please give your kids haircuts that match their gender until they are old enough to choose for themselves! Stop the long hair on boys/boy-cuts on girls madness!

Stepping off soapbox... ;)

I like Owen way more than Kate. He has tons more talent than her. Who cares if she's prettier? She still doesn't deserve him. What did he see in her, anyway? Does he just like arm candy?

ablake said...

I don't get it.
FIrst I was wrong when I said yesterday that I thought it wasn't a suicide attempt (well at least according to Ent) so I'm sorry about that. I still don't buy this spin though.
As far as Kate Hudson running around with her new bf..how is that showing no respect to OWen? They've been broken up for a while and she's an actress who is photographed. Should Brad Pitt steer clear of cameras to this day because he was once married to someone other than the woman he is with now (though I doubt Brad could even spell camera, so it's most likely a moot point)

Sounds to me like 2 people got together, they broke up and his issues with addictive destructive behavior came to light in a highly public way so they are downplaying it all the way around and trying to cast blame where (imo) it does not belong.
Kudos for the Wilson brother who didn't want to become a Pheonix brother and called for help in time, but for tis to be spun as a "He was so in love with her he'd rather die" thing is bullshit if you ask me. Dude is way too into himself. If he wanted to die hoe would have shown the same determination he has to become a star in the first place and we would be writing his eulogy rigt now.

Sorry to ramble. Those are just my thoughts and as I was yesterday I wouldn't be shocked if I were completely and totally off base.
Not a fan of either, really. Don't dislike them either..it's more an indifference sort of thing.

Long story short..I don't get it.

ablake said...

whoops, sorry for spelling errors:) typed fast and didn't double check.

Didn't mean to call him a hoe. If I meant to slam him I would have used my street cred spelling of 'ho' ;)

JMS said...

He's weird. It figures he kinda quirky.

Unknown said...

This story sounds more like what a protective friend would say than a dispassionate observer.

Not that I blame her - I'd probably do the same for my friends, but that doesn't make it accurate.

bluegirl said...

Wow, well okay then.

I thought maybe that Owen had done this because of Kate. Them breaking up and then this happening was too much of a coincidence. But it surprises me that HE was the one who was pestering Kate to marry him. To me it always seemed that SHE was the one that was more into him than he was her.

But I guess at the end of the day we don't really know these people, only the image they project.
I hope Owen grows up a bit and gets over Kate. There are plenty of other girls out there Owen! And besides you and Kate looked a little like brother and sister anyway...Do you really want that?

But maybe I'm just biased because I don't really like Kate either (and not because of the Owen thing). She just seems kind of fake and it wouldn't surprise me if she was purposely flaunting Dax just to piss Owen off.

Unknown said...

This is just such a sad story. I always thought he played the same character over and over, so I was ambivelant about him as an actor, but he seems like a nice guy with a lot of people who genuinely like him. I hope he gets the help he needs.

You can't really blame her, but I think this may make her think about what she does to men when she's done with them in the future. Tossing them aside like an old doll may have some tragic repercussions.

blooter said...

Thanks for the update.

It seems to be like Owen and Luke don't seem to get along as well as brothers should. Or did I miss the train on this already?

Virgo74 said...

Jeez!!! Kate must really be the bomb for Owen to try and off himself!!!

I hope he gets it together and just moves on. She has.

Apocalypstick said...

Suicide (or the attempt) is never someone else's "fault." At all. Ever.

No matter how you feel about KH personally, the fact that she got out of a relationship with a person who would do this proves she made the right decision. Especially because she has a young child at home.

lawyagirl said...

Thank goodness Owen didn't succeed in this suicide attempt. I hope that he's able to pull through with the help of his family and friends. His issues likely go beyond the Hudson thing, but I hope he's able to move on. She ain't all that! Maybe looking at that pre-nose-job picture will pull him out of it! ;)

Also, I just have to jump on the "Hippie Ho" bandwagon. WTF is up with her and this headband-wearing douche (a) hanging all over each other half-naked in front of her kid in Canada, and then (b) practically f-ing in the produce aisle. If you are constantly being photographed and a self-respecting mother, save that sh-t for behind closed doors. It was as if she wanted to rub it in Owen's, and maybe even the ex-husband's, faces. She seems like a needy, bratty, attention whore.

Finally, that poor kid. She makes him look like a pre-pubescent tranny or Fabio's bastard son. And the kid's on daddy's shoulders one day, then mommy's latest f-toy the next. For the sake of your son, take the daisy petals out of your puss and grow up.

merrick said...

Suicide truly is for cowards .. and I dont say this lightly or with malice .. no woman or man is worth taking one's own life over .. there is way to much diversity in this world for one person to be the "be all and end all" for another ...

I hope Owen focuses on the positive things in his life and thanks God that he didnt succeed in leaving this world!

Julie said...

It must suck being in love with someone whos got one foot out the door :(
but if everyone tried to commit suicide after their heart was broken, there wouldn't be anyone thats lived passed age 17.

All that aside, I hope he is okay, gets the help that he needs, and has the support from his family.

anon said...

Enty, enty, enty....

Nope. You're still an *sshole.

And I don't believe the story. But good try. *sshole.

Simone said...

Thanks for this great article Ent, it gives us all a better idea of what was happening behind the scenes. I hope that Owen recovers and becomes a stronger person, and that Kate just moves on with her life too.

anon said...

What happened to:
"Also, I'm concerned about your method of suicide. Popping pills and then cutting your wrists is more of a cry for help that is seen in women. As a man you really should consider something more masculine like a shotgun or setting yourself aflame. However, if you do light yourself aflame, then think of a cause you can support while doing it. News people love that kind of thing. Oh, and do take the pills first because that one hurts. " ?

Because your readers disagreed you had to make up a story one of your "friends" told you? *sshole.

anon said...

Ever hear of the Trojan Horse? No, not Trojan condoms, although please do always wear protection. Ever wonder how someone could get so much information without actually being there to see it or hear it personally? Ever wonder if maybe one person who is sleeping with someone who has all the inside information. Fall outs and fall backs.


anon said...


So, do we believe so anonymous, no name blogger, or bigger publications? *sshole.

Unknown said...

Janet Charlton doesn't mention Steve Coogan by name the way Courtney does, but her source is also going with the drug angle.


clueless said...

i totally agree with anon, Enty realized he ruffled a few too many feathers about the "suicide" attempt and he made up this tacky "insider" story to justify it.

Unknown said...

Not necessarily.

Maybe he ran into Owen's publicist somewhere and she used him to get out the story she wants people to believe.

Can't blame her for trying, but as a gossip blog, what would be more appropriate here would be to follow "The Real Story About Kate and Owen" with a question mark.

anon said...

Ok. Does anyone REALLY believe Owen Wilson wasn't/isn't into some hard drugs?

I'm not judging Owen. I'm sure there is a true story. But I think ent (*sshole) made up this whole story. Nice try. I'm not buying your crap though. Reading your blog is like really good fiction, written by an *sshole.

Unknown said...

The trades are reporting that he's dropped out of Tropic Thunder, the Ben Stiller movie shooting in Hawaii (in which Steve Coogan also appears...)

I'm wondering how Owen was ever going to pass an insurance physical for that movie, suicide attempt notwithstanding.

anon said...

The same way LiLo has ever gotten a part in a movie. The production company pays out the nose to insure them.

Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Steve Coogan and Nick Nolte were the other stars in that movie. And Owen Wilson only "socially" used a little coke? Sure. Ent made up this person and this story. *sshole, and liar.

ablake said...

you know asshole isn't filtered here, right?

Not sure your angle. do you think (as do I) that Owen od'ed and this is a way to get sympathy for him?
Or do you think he's an innocent victim of the hollywood lifestyle. Your hatred for Ent seems to be clouding your message.

Either way though, Owen is a human being and I hope that this will be his very own 'last call' and he'll pull it together.
The spinning around the whole deal is making it worse than if everyone had kept their mouth shut.

As far as a deathpool, I predict LL or Paris will take the plunge before Owen does. If for no other reason than he seem to have intelligent people in his life.


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