Monday, August 27, 2007

I Guess Owen Wilson Really Didn't Like The Idea Of Being In A Movie With Jennifer Aniston

I think most of us would realize our career would go in the toilet if we were in a movie with Jennifer Aniston. It's almost surely going to be a bomb, people will laugh, everyone will think you are f**king her, she whines, and she brings the Arquettes wherever she goes.

However, I think Owen trying to kill himself was a bit of an overreaction. All he really had to do was call his agent. I'm sure he's probably kicking himself this morning about not doing just that. I can understand though that the thought of spending all that one on one time with Jennifer Aniston and watching her attempt to act would cause suicidal tendencies (good band) in all of us. Next time though just call Luke and your other brother Andrew and go to a strip club. I promise they are like chocolate and will make you feel much better. Cost more than chocolate, but better than dying.

Also, I'm concerned about your method of suicide. Popping pills and then cutting your wrists is more of a cry for help that is seen in women. As a man you really should consider something more masculine like a shotgun or setting yourself aflame. However, if you do light yourself aflame, then think of a cause you can support while doing it. News people love that kind of thing. Oh, and do take the pills first because that one hurts.

While on the subject of pills, you really should consider some Ambien or some other sleep like product. The Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo really isn't going to quite give you the bang for your buck I think you were hoping for.

I do hope you're feeling better, and that you get the help you need. If this was all a ploy to get Kate to come visit you in the hospital, then I guess you don't need help, and if this was to get out of doing Marley and Me, then we understand, but it really isn't necessary. Get well Owen.

P.S. Before killing yourself, you owe me Starsky & Hutch 2, The Royal Tannenbaums 2, Night At The Museum 2, and Zoolander 2, The Sex Change. You can skip the Jackie Chan movies. You could put Chris Tucker in some cowboy boots and just call it Rush Hour. No one would notice.


Khemenu said...

wow...a bit harsh there ent, huh?

Miss O said...

laineygossip is suggesting it was actually an overdose, but that the pr spin is suicide so he looks better...

why would someone like owen try to kill themselves?? seems like he has so much going for him - not that that's ever stopped anyone before...

either way, hope he gets well v soon

Unknown said...

Well, I hope he is well.

I remember a blind a while back about a nice guy type who was spiraling out of control with a heroine addiction and his family members were trying to reel him back in. Does this ring a bell for anyone?

I think Ent is being really harsh, here, also, but it makes me wonder if he knows more to the story.

If Owen Wilson did OD on H or ther drug, I think they may try to spin it to a more sympathetic angle...I hate to think that way, and I do wish him well, but the first thing I thought when I heard this was Heroin.

WTF said...

The way I've been reading it, he only superfically cut the left wrist. Soundas girly to me too.

I'm calling bullshit on this "suicide" attempt.

blooter said...

Wow. I used to think the Ent being catty comments were overreactions.

But you're being more than a bit of an asshole here. I expect this shit from fucktard wannabe bloggers but you should have a bit of sense seeing that you have a fan base who swears you're reputable.

ZX or whoever the other actress you wanted to guest blog should be ashamed to be associated with you.

Pinky said...

Years ago, just as Owen was getting famous, a friend of mine had dinner next to him. Said friend informed me that Owen was talking smack at the table, and I don't mean putting someone down. I was surprised and disappointed to hear this cutie pie was a user. So, the OD rumor could definitely have some merit.

Simone said...

Don't make light of this suicide call for help Ent. Dude, come on. BTW, don't give out ideas either. I like Owen and he must have been in a pitch black hell depression to do this. He's an insurance risk now and I wonder how he or his mgmt will spin this. Notice has censored the 'S' word.

Unknown said...

Why it is harsh what ent says?

Because the poor Owen is such a nice guy? He is like other actors, druggin, womanising, whatever. He should be lucky to get so far, with his special looks and midrange talent. Such guys, are needed as supporting nice friend actors. But hey, millions of other addicts are worse and nobody really cares.

So speak out, harsh if you want. What´s the pampering deal? One more area where you get special treatment for being famous? Hey face it. A lot of stars are good actors for the way the speak and move. But hell, a lot of them are really empty inside. And really helpless, not being able to do the easiest tasks a normal human beeing needs to do in his daily life for surviving or planning their lives. Without assistants they are paralized, and yet they scream at them and treat them like shit. Excuse me. And excuse ent. Let people say what they think sometimes. Thats the blog. Otherwise, there would be something saying- go to the harsh ent blog here.

And yes, once more ent is right. Take your friends smith, wesson and a sixpack of bullets on the jim beam tour. and get lost. Or as a lady suicidal he is he could have taken some cool poison shake. He even didn´t have to care about prescription.

Or, if he is the genius actor who wants to get off this world in a special artistic modus, he should have put a mark on himself. then get on the run and youtube and myspace the progres of the hunt. Maybe to make that better, put his dealers on the marklist too.


Jen Ryan's Brain said...

suicide attempts ARE a "cry for help".... I do hope whatever the circumstances that he can get the help he needs. Depressives often get addicted to substances in order to "self medicate". The addiction is just a symptom of the true root cause.

All the best Owen, pls. get well.

__-__=__ said...

So much money, so many problems. So much talent too. It's sad when people do things like this but then again, I work for a living. That's why I'm not allowed to have sharp knives in the house. Or a loaded gun. Or long lengths of rope. Or dogs who could eat me.

Khemenu said...

RE: Dschingis
I thought what he said was harsh, not because he was calling an overpaid, overprivilaged actor on his bullshit, but because he was mocking him. He wasn't giving tough love or some Dr. Phil-esque straight talk, he was just being a dick. IMO, of course.

parisss said...

Ouch. That was unneeded. I lost my father to suicide almost 11 years ago. I'd love to have a conversation with you on treating suicide a little more tactfully. If you're calling him out on faking, or as using it to cover a pure drug overdose- maybe you could have said that.

jax said...

I love you man..but i think i just lost a lil respect for you.

way too harsh...he's a human being who obviously needs help, come on should know better.

Unknown said...

I don´t agree with this publicity cover stuff. First its more likely that an actor overdosed than kills himself. And somehow, it doesnt matter any more. These aren´t very shocking news any more. Especially if you see them starting out with 15-16 years. If you have a good publicist, you don´t need to fake suicide to hide an overdose, nor do you fake an overdose to cover something else. Stuff like this was already done. You let everybody know that it was an role rehearsal and he had some dehidratation problems, slipped and scrached his hands in some glass. As it seems, he really attempted something, and the publicists wait to asess the magnitude of the situation and comment that later, accordingly. Of course asking for privacy.

@Khemenu: i totally agree with your opinion. Then, it was me calling him on the other stuff.

have a nice day!

kellygirl said...

Everyone seems to think he is so happy-go-lucky free surfer dude.
I think he is completely ashamed at himself and his ability to commit to a woman he truly loved, now seeing her happy with another man is more than he could bear.
All comedians suffer from depression and self-loathing. His inability to grow up and man up in his relationship with Kate, and the realization that he has lost his chance with her could really have driven him to suicide.
It is sad. Money and fame do not buy happiness. In fact, in many cases, quite the opposite

Pauly said...

Personally, I think Kate Hudson drove Owen to suicide. I blogged about it on my site. Basically, the day before Kate was spotted at a supermarket making out with her beau. The next day, Owen commits suicide. I'm not sure of the true reason, but the timing is uncanny.


anon said...

ST = good band
Ent = *sshole

Tracee said...

Hate to be like this, but the moment I saw the blurb about Owen trying to commit suicide I thought PR stunt. How come when other celebrities OD or attempt suicide their agents call it dehydration or illness. Why are his folks so open when they haven't been before.

I'm not trying to make light of the issue, I think suicide is a serious topic, but as faw as Owen is concerned or all the brothers infact, they're star level has dropped a bit. I hate to say they spun this for their gain, but something doesn't sit right.

Ent, I'm not sure if it's satire or if you know something we're not briefed on, but tread lightly on serious matters. You never know what the history of your readers are, but then again this is your turf and your rules. You def. provided food for thought.

And I'm not touching the ZX thing. Some people just can't get over things. -shrug-

(Going back to the Rock's picture to get back to Wednesday mode, not sad, bad Mondays.)

parisss said...

I'm not sure why one attempts suicide.
I'm not sure why it would be used as PR.
I'm not sure why OW's PR people would be so forth-coming.
I do not know OW and I won't speculate on his mindset.

This may have been to get attention, or it may be a serious issue. I just think that was harsh, enty.

If the Wilson's are a close family, maybe they're allowing the story out so OW will be forced to deal with his issues. Mental, or dependency. Kind of a tough love approach (ala Martin Sheen/Charlie Sheen years ago.)

Maybe they made up the whole thing, but I can't imagine that being the biggest pro-PR move.

Just sad.

mocha said...

whatever, if this was britney spears or another hated celebrity you guys would be laughing and rolling on the ground. shit some of you would be sending in tips to get the job done. but now thats its owen wilson, some of you are offended? bitches please.

i think enty is just trying to make light of an otherwise really somber and serious issue.

Kathy K said...

If Owen Wilson is the answer to one of Ent's blinds, I would expect him to have mentioned that ... even if he had to kind of sneak it in.

If ever you needed proof that money can't buy happiness, you only have to look at celebrities to know that it's true.

When people don't have anything else to believe in besides their money and their talent/looks/fame, they're going to crash and burn eventually because we weren't created to live that way.

Remember, the Bible doesn't say it's money that's the root of all evil, but the love of it. Amen to that.

parisss said...

mocha- you're entitled to your opinion. I have no special place in my heart for Owen Wilson. I'd feel bad for anyone if that was the case. I won't speak for anyone but me, I was being sincere. I was honestly surprised at the way ent responded to this situation. Like I said- if he thinks this is untrue, or fabricated, then say so. I just thought it was a little too much for me.

blooter said...

I think it's fucking ridiculous that some people think that Ent's hinting that this was a PR stunt. Ent isn't some super Hollywood pez dispenser for secrets and scandals. He might be in the know for some things but that doesn't mean he knows everything that's going on for a fact. This is just plain spite.

The only thing he needs to do right now is know that he has his limits, despite most people on here appreciating him, not everything flys.

link88 said...

People think Ent is "trying to make light" of the situation, or knows some inside info. that would make his mockery ok? Owen Wilson at the least is severely drug-addicted to the point of dying, and at the most is suicidally depressed enough to overdose. Is there anything funny in that, for any human being? And no, I would not be rolling around laughing if Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, etc. would O.D., whether drugs or suicidal - what normal person would find joy in that?!

Ent's comments were tasteless and mean, and even the diehard excuse-makers for him can't defend him on this one. Even Perez Hilton shows appropriate sympathy for those who are seriously hurting through drugs or emotional problems.

By the way, Ent, did your friend ever give you the copies of the photos from Dominique Swain's birthday? This isn't the same person who had a second copy of the film of her skyjumping (that she lost immediately), is it? Yes, I am being sarcastic but this blog writer treats his readers like they are stupid, hoping they are either too dumb or too forgetful to remember any of his claims.

Tracee said...

I'm glad we can voice our opinions about suicide and celebrities like adults, but where did ZX/DS come in? Talk about piggy backing topics...

Ent didn't give the idea that this was a PR stunt. I said it's the first thing I thought when I saw the blurb and I didn't see the blurb on CDAN first, I saw it on MSN, so Ent can't get credit for that one.

I'm not saying Owen didn't try to off himself, I was questioning why his peeps would release that information so openly...and just like all of you are entitled to your opinions and questions, so am I. And Mocha too.

Lola said...

Oh for fuck's sake people... Ent's comments were "tasteless and mean"? Ent wrote things out of "spite"? Are you people fucking serious here? IT'S A GOSSIP BLOG! We come here to read spiteful things that are tasteless and mean. That's the nature of gossip. said...

We're pulling for ya, Owen!

Addie Z said...

wow. rude much? and your comments on aniston are extremely annoying. what's your beef with her anyway? i just don't get it. it's rather obnoxious actually.

ablake said...

Ent you forgot to point out that it's down the road, not across the street.

I don't buy the 'he tried to kill himself' story for a second. Sorry if that makes me seem coldhearted:(

Miss X said...

Ent I'm dissappointed as well in how you handled this topic. You may not like Owen but please don't make light of a suicidal attempt (even if it may not be true).

And please DO NOT ever put out ideas there for others. I have been suicidal in the past and it took everything in me (and more) to stay alive. The worst was when people would go into detail on suicides. I didn't need ideas. I was trying to keep myself alive. You never know if someone on here is considering ending their own life. Do you want to be responsible? You may never know you gave them the idea.

Owen, I'm praying for you! I don't know what's going on but I'm praying you pull through and get your life figured out.

Caroline said...

Suicide sucks. My Aunt killed herself 3 years ago, my Grandparents were the ones to find her. They were never the same. :( My Grandad died 2 months ago, partly of a broken heart I am sure.


If Owen did attempt suicide I wish him healing and lots of help to get his head in a better place.

If it was an OD get off the drugs moron.

Stacey Charter said...

Hmmmm well - looks like you stirred up a big ol pot of pissed off ness w/ this one Enty! I am surprised that many who come here to read the gossip w/a side of snarkiness are offended by getting just that. Yes it's a serious matter but so is killing defenseless dogs and being a drunk crackhead and suffering from post partum depression etc,. etc. And no one complains when those are joked about.

As for the offending those that have experienced this horrible act in thier family,I m sorry for your loss... But seriously - how is ent supposed to know about your personal life and tailor his blog because of it?

It's a frickin GOSSIP BLOG people - not the NY Times! Jeez - Stacey

RagDoll said...

yeah, this one is pretty out-of-left-field WEIRD....I can only think OW may, indeed, have a problem with heroin, tried to self-detox by stepping down to opiate pills, OD'd and maybe cut his arm/wrist to disguise track-marks?

clueless said...

well, Enty has sunk to a new low.making fun of suicide is not funny. i thought that some of his snarky remarks were in bad taste, but this takes the cake.


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