Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Random Photos Part One

The dress might be a little short, but I think it's pretty obvious that Britney is looking better each day as the VMA's get closer.
You definitely do. Let's start with that tug of war between your older wife and your very young step-daughters.
Whether you love her or hate her, you have to love the fact that Angelina went to Iraq and spent time with the troops.
When you buy rugs, does the whole cowlick thing costs extra? And is Ms. Preston busting out or what?
Best photo of the day.
The difference is Rumer will eat hers.

Kind of nice to be the only woman on a trip with four guys.
Before haircut.
After haircut. Same result. Still looks like a man.
Next time Kate Bosworth can't decide between a tank or a dress, maybe she won't think that if she somehow combines the two the result will look good.


Great Dane said...

I wonder if that pizza is from the "Special Pizza Shop" mentioned before??? Hmmm....

kellygirl said...

re: Britney. Have you seen the rearview of that dress?
"a little short" - uh, yeah, you could say that
But you definitely wouldn't say "looking better"

re: pizza. Kat eats hers, too, she's just not so fond of digesting.

re: Angelina - wouldn't it be nice if politicians were flying coach on their own dime to raise public awareness of the plight of refugees?

mandjo said...

Rumer looks kinda scared in that pic.

Anonymous said...

the pizza's from Papa John's, note the little "dipping sauce" container in the corner of the box

merrick said...

just a question .. where is shiloh? brad has been seen with all the kids but her .. and it cant be cause she is too young ..


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