Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Umbrella Offered To Britney Spears First

The song Umbrella which has basically made Rihanna what she is today and which broke records in 14 countries for the longest time spent at #1 was actually offered to Britney Spears first.

Music producer Tricky Stewart finished the song and offered it to Britney Spears who never got back to him because according to her people, she was "busy with other things," and never actually listened to the song.

Not listening to the song is common enough for the performer, but from what I understand none of her people listened to the song either which is why they probably aren't her people anymore. People pass on songs all the time that later become hits and that's just the cost of doing business. What's inexcusable is not even listening to the song in the first place before passing on it.

When the deadline for Britney to accept passed by, it ended up in the hands of Rihanna's producer and the rest is history.


Kim's World said...

i have to give some credit to rihanna because i dont know if britney could have pulled it off as well as rihanna did

Unknown said...

I can't really even picture Britney singing this song.

Here's a cover version by Marié Digby gaining some notice:

kellygirl said...

the songwriter already has said his first choice to record the song was Mary J. Blige. She would have done a great job, even though it's a little too bubble gum for her. I cannot imagine Britney's nasally computer-enhanced voice. I didn't think that song could be any more annoying, but that really would have done it.

Simone said...

I still haven't heard this song 'Umbrella', I don't listen to the type of music stations on the radio that play that. So, I don't know what all the hoopla is all about. :/

GammaGirl said...

@Kelly Sirkus
My initial reaction to this "report" was similar. In any case, Britney's voice is ALREADY enhanced so the addition of that crazy synth beat from "Umbrella" would have RUINED the song.
I like "Pon de Replay" much better.

linda said...

Have you heard the Mandy Moore cover of Umbrella? It is REALLY GOOD...I think it is on You Tube.

Unknown said...

Mary J. Blige??

that would be awesome,


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