Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm Going To Take The Kids And I Want You To Pay For It

Kevin Federline's attorney has spent almost $40,000 trying to get Britney's kids away from Britney and now he wants her to pay for it. Literally. In a declaration by Kevin's attorney Mark Kaplan, Kaplan stated that Britney is clearly the monied party in this case because she makes almost $800,000 every month and K-Fed makes nothing except the $20,000 Britney gives him every month in spousal support. Hey, guess what? That spousal support ends in November, but if he gets the kids, then Britney will have to pay K-Fed child support or in K-Fed's case ho support because really what kids need $50,000 a month spent on them when Daddy needs a new ride or a trip to Vegas to see the honeys.

Anyway, California law does allow for one side or the other to request attorneys fees from the other. It's very rare when one side has to pay the attorneys fees of the other side. There has to be a huge discrepancy in income where the judge feels that the person with money has an unfair advantage over the other party. It was designed to keep millionaire husbands from hiring the best attorneys while their stay at home wife could only afford the bare minimum and ended up getting shafted.

I could see K-Fed winning the motion, BUT he does have some income, and he does have money from the sale of the house he and Britney shared. The fact that a declaration was filed means that Britney's side objected at some point to the request for fees, or Kevin's lawyer knew they would and filed the declaration at the same time the request was made which is also unusual.

One thing that is interesting to note is that in the documents, Britney's attorney stated she was going to be on vacation from August 17 through September 3 and told Kevin's attorneys that, but Kevin's attorneys still scheduled depositions and such to occur while Britney's attorney was scheduled to be gone.

There is a document that an attorney can send notifying everyone they are going on vacation and if anything is done while they are gone, it is a HUGE no-no. But in order for it to work, the actual document needs to be sent and not just hey, I'm going to be gone on vacation. Britney was scheduled to be deposed August 20, 2007 but it didn't happen because her attorney was on vacation.

Finally, it appears from the documents filed by Britney's attorney that there will be a continuance of the September 17 hearing date. I would imagine that it would be in late October or early November now at the earliest.

To read all the documents, click here.


Unknown said...

Very interesting. I was starting to believe that K-Fed really was worried about his kids' safety, but now I'm starting to question his motivation. He could, of course, be worried about the kids AND his cash flow, which is probably the most likely scenario.

mocha said...

i hope the keep pushing back the hearing that way kfed has less and less cash flow to help his bid.

since he does have money from the sale of the house and he does have a job (OTH) shouldn't he be forced to pay his own legal bills?

pretty fucked up he wants to use her money to take HER kids away from her. we all know kfed wasn't around during the marriage or afterwards until he wanted to get paid.

Bryn said...

I'm guessing there's some truth on both sides. Kevin is probably p*ssed by Britney's very public antics and is somewhat concerned for the kids, but the big motivator is money. Britney probably isn't the worst mother around, but she sure isn't the best either.

One thing's for certain. Kevin is the SMARTER one for keeping himself out of the tabloids and playing the caring father. She must be as dumb as a brick to think she can do as she pleases, stir up controversy and tabloid frenzy and still get what she wants. She hasn't figured out that she has to choose between notorious wild partier and loving,caring mom. His legal action may choose for her.

jax said...

You know EL you may know a thing or two about the law but you sure as hell don't know jack about compassion for those kids..big f*ckin deal Britney makes more money..someone always has to and if it were flipped and it were the mom fighting for the kids no one would say dick about it...pessimist much?

SHE IS A MESS-HER family is on HIS side...hello??? But let me guess..the Spears clan just want her money too right??

(vent over)

Happy Friday ya'll!

mocha said...
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mocha said...

who says her family is on his side? because they are pictured visiting the kids at his house or because the tabloids say so?

she still has the support of her brother and sister.

i also think if her parents are smart and they want to get into her bank account again after being CUT OFF they will not betray her.

i agree with bryn she obviously isn't the greatest mother in the world but she also ins't the evil mother kevin's team and tabloids are painting her out to be.

some of ent's points that have struck a chord with me is the fact that he is only asking for 20 percent more custody, meaning those kids would still be in her unsupervised care 30 percent of the time. if you're a concerned father and think the kids are in danger that doesn't make sense at all. also the fact that he hasn't filed an emergency injunction to have those kids taken out of her home immediately speaks volumes.

money is clearly his motivation and if the kids are a secondary concern (which i doubt) why hasn't he spoken to her on matters regarding the kids in 3 months?? doesn't make sense.

jax said...

Um did you miss that whole Britney doesn't see her family no more cuz she's crazy? well ya most of that has to do with her family siding with kevin in thinking she's wreck. there is a very clear line between sides in this. trust. said...

I can't recall a higher profile custody battle. The only thing that comes close was the dreaded O.J.'s battle for his kids.

mocha said...

well thats between britney and her parents. there seems to be a lot of issues from the past causing that decision, i doubt very much that the seperation is just because of rehab. if you look at pictures of her, her family was hardly around the last year of her marriage. something has been wrong for a while now.

but what do i know i guess the national enquier, ok magazine, and other tabloids have much more credibility, who of course have a moral obligation to the public and always just always print nothing but the truth.

kellygirl said...

Ent, please make sure your readers understand that Kevin is not seeking FULL custody. He is requesting a 70% x 30% split. Currently the status of their arrangement is 50/50 physical and legal custody which means there is no claim for child support by either party.
IMO, if he was truly frightened for the children's safety, he would ask for 100% physical custody with monitored visitation to the mother.
This is CLEARLY a play for 17 years worth of child support payments.

Kathy K said...

Almost $800,000 a month.

A month.

That's almost $27,000 a day.

I can't even get my head around that.

But it sure explains the ability to show up in a new car every photo op, and spontaneously decide to book the penthouse suite in any hotel in Vegas she wants to.


Chris said...

That kind of money can also keep you in the spotlight. She should thank her parents they must have made good deals for her.


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