Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This Dallas Movie Is Going From Bad To Worse

You remember last year when everyone was excited, nee overwhelmed with giddiness about the thought of Dallas being brought to the big screen. The biggest A list stars were all lined up to portray their favorite characters and Bend It Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha was set to bring it all together.

Then in the blink of an eye, stars started dropping out of the production faster than Paris Hilton goes through a soccer team, and the final straw was Gurinder being replaced by Betty Thomas. Betty is a great director, but she of Dr. Doolittle fame isn't going to be making a Gone With The Wind remake.

So, a comedy version of Dallas wouldn't be so bad. Hey at least John Travolta is in the movie and we can all laugh at him and pretend he really does make a great JR.

But now, it's gone too far. Dallas has gone from a cool epic remake to funny comedy to a spoof. They are going to turn it into an Airplane style gag comedy and spoof 80's night time soaps. That would have been a good idea back in the 80's when people could actually remember the characters and plot lines of the dramas. 20 years later, it's just going to look really stupid.

There is a bright side though. We still get to laugh at John Travolta.

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audrey said...

Ent, the next time you are with some of your entertainment type friends and they bemoan the lousy box office take and can't understand why no one is going to the movies--give them this whole lets make a movie out of an old tv show as a major case.


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