Friday, August 31, 2007

Nude Photos Of Vanessa Hudgens

The National Enquirer is reporting that some naked photos Vanessa took of herself for Zac Efron have ended up in the hands of a third party and could make it out to the general public thus threatening the family friendly Disney franchise High School Musical.

First of all, while I believe that Vanessa Hudgens could have taken naked photos of herself, I seriously doubt they were being taken with the purpose of being given to Zac Efron unless it was to show him what he was missing out on.

Finally, although Disney might fear that people won't tune into the 84th version of High School Musical if somehow parents see a naked photo of Vanessa, I disagree. I think you will find many more dads interested in spending some quality time with their kids and wives while they all sit down as a family to watch High School Musical.

OK, no more on this damn show. I guess I need to watch it but I just can't force myself to do it and therefore I don't want to write about them anymore. I know many of you have kids and so have sat through the two of them, but I just can't do it and so no more reporting on any of the people involved unless they take off their clothes, get arrested or come out of the closet.
To see the naked pics and Vanessa in her bra and panties, click here. Link is current as of September 19.
If you want to see an Ashley Tisdale nipple slip, you can click here.


Tracee said...

I'm gonna sound pervy, but it's totally fine Ent if you want to continue posting pictures of Zac. I mean if he is a queen, he's a hot queen.

Don't believe the story though.

syd said...

Oh man I had to sit through number one of this Disney cash cow for my son. All I can say is that it's my sons Grease/West Side Story, just not as fun, well written, and the talent is lacking.

The whole relationship between the "stars" of this movie is such a piece of crap but really Disney bought a bear for him, and I bet for cheap.

kellygirl said...

oh oh, Walt is gonna be pissed!

lawyagirl said...

Thank you, Ent. Zak and his crew are just not my cup of tea.

ladorabelle said...

Every time I see something about this High School Musical stuff, I am thankful that my kids are into Animal Planet rather than the Disney Channel. It saves me many headaches.

So does having the internet again! I'm back in Entyworld!

GammaGirl said...

This "High School Musical" phenom is kind of unsettling for me. It's harmless but its also totally fake and contrived.

Unknown said...

I found the Vanessa Hudgens' nude photo @

orlando said...

Vanessa is a hottie..clothed or unclothed


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