Monday, August 27, 2007

Eva Amurri Thinks She's Too Good For Rocky Horror

I bet most of you right now are saying who the f**k is Eva Amurri. Well, she's been in about ten films and an episode of Friends. Not getting a ton of work, but when offered Rocky Horror she turned it down"because she's more serious than that." "Can you believe that's what they're offering me?"

What should they be offering you? You barely work. Should they be offering you starring roles in blockbuster budget type movies? I hate when people start jabbering about the craft and that crap. It's perfectly fine to go play serious roles and still have time for the occasional Dumb and Dumber. Too me that makes you a better actor and shows greater range.

Besides it was good enough for her mom Susan Sarandon, and her career turned ok, huh? Just because actor's have famous parents, they think they can skip the steps all actors are forced to take. They feel as if they are entitled to only do projects they feel are worthy or suitable, and that's because there is no hunger or drive. Mommy and Daddy are footing the bill so I can do this little no salary project here and there. Get a life and do some stupid crap. It's fun.


Reese said...

Tough call on who is more unattractive, Rumer Willis or Eva Amurri. I haven't seen Rumer act but Eva was so-so in Saved (Mandy Moore was a lot better). Hard to be picky about your roles when you have little talent and an ugly face.

dreadpiratecuervo said...

Um, WHY a remake of Rocky Horror? DO NOT WANT!!! Also, she does realise that the original has been playing in the movies for over 30 years, right?

GammaGirl said...

I think you have a point about celeb spawn living off thier more famous parents, but if Amurri were to accept the role she would be compared to her mother ENDLESSLY.

I have to respect a decision made under the guise of improving her cred...even if The Rocky Horror re-make would have given her a TON of publicity.

Julie said...

they were offering her the role of frankenfurter, y? lol
i kid, but still. wth. they shouldn't do a remake or anything. its still very much alive in its originality.

Shock Treatment was bad enough.

Anonymous said...

Plus, it's kind of a slap in the face to her mother! They probably offered it to her so that she can play the role of Janet just like Susan S. did.

jax said...

I don't blame her..shes trying to make for HERSELF..why would she take a job that her mom had and further more kudos for her for realizing if she wasnt Susan Sarandon's daughter she woulnd not have been asked int he first place!

I wouldn't have done it either.

syd said...

To be compared to her mother, only to be told her mom did it better. I think that would kill her career. She looks really pretty, I'm glad she isn't going for the "hot chicks" role.

ablake said...

I don't think it would kill her career. Whether or not a remake is a good idea, the campy status around it would get her name out there.

I suppose we'll all have to wait for her own Silence of the Lambs. Because I'm certain A list directors are beating down her door.


Unknown said...

I'm thinking a better role for Eva would be "Eva Does Me"!


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