Thursday, August 30, 2007

Guess The Celebrity Answer

tbone correctly guessed today's celebrity. It is indeed Jason Behr who starred in Roswell and won a Young Hollywood award before moving exclusively into films. He met his wife KaDee Strickland when they were filming The Grudge together in 2004.


Betsy said...

who is that? and why is he wearing 2 watches?

Anonymous said...

He's still cute. Has/had a bunch of b-movies coming out this year: Skinwalkers came out a couple of weeks ago. D-War (Dragon Wars) comes out mid-September, and The Tatooist is due out in late fall/early winter I believe. Gotta give it up for the cute hometown MN boys (Seann Wm Scott, J-Behr, and Josh Hartnett).

ablake said...

Jason was in an early ep of Buffy (1st season, he was the friend from her old hs who had cancer and wanted to become a vampire)
He was *amazing* as Max in Roswell. I loved that show. WB didn't give it a chance and sold it to UPN as part of the Buffy package.
You they could show Superman.
Because apparently a show about an alien teen with supernatural powers trying to make and find his way through earth was a bad storyline. Oh wait..

protip: Katherine Heigl played his (fellow alien) sister on Roswell. And still sucked with the acting.

kellygirl said...

huh? who?

littleoleme said...

yeah, who?

Joe said...

Anyone remember this guy from that old Showtime series Sherman Oaks?
He was this upper middle class white kid who thought he was a rapper and only hung out with black guys. But the funniest thing was that the character only talked with a "hood" accent and Jason Behr did it perfectly. If you didn't see him, you'd swear he was black. Very funny.


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