Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Wow, Amy Winehouse changes clothes twice in a week. She's also riding Moby Dick.
Is that Tracy Morgan holding Ellen?

Denise Richards' left hand might just actually be a claw.
Diane Lane and Josh Brolin actually look somewhat happy.
Please tell me that the photo is messed up and that Courtney Love's face isn't turning into an Edvard Munch painting.
Does it really need a caption?
I know I will probably go to hell for saying this, but Jennifer Aniston actually looks good here.

The puffy shirt makes a comeback.
Bring It On - Paris
Gavin makes Gwen carry the groceries because, well, ummm, she's the man?
It's been awhile since Elizabeth Perkins has been out and about. Here's she joined by her daughter Hannah.
Two choices:
"I see bush."
She really is a witch.

Melissa Rivers lost her job and now her breast. Not a good year.
When I look at Mandy Moore I see her ballooning up to about 200 pounds at some point and then doing Jenny Craig.
I guess I just don't understand this new movie Lucy Liu is in and why they keep dressing her like this.
"I'm here to dedicate this playground, and to make sure you all vote for me on Dancing With The Stars.


kellygirl said...

Oh, my goodness! Seems Denise bloodied her knuckles while grubbing for money in someone's pockets.

Unknown said...

Aniston always looks good, IMO

Unknown said...

Would it have killed Amy Winehouse's husband to throw on some swim trunks or at least some shorts for a freakin boat ride? What a loser!

Anonymous said...

ehinckle: he's probably been mainlining into his femoral artery and doesn't want to show the track marks.

califblondy said...

Isn't that the Sex and the City stylist standing next to Lucy? That explains the crazy outfits. Only SJP could get away with those wild outfits. It's not working for Lucy.

Hez said...

It's not for a movie, it's for a TV show Lucy's in... Cashmere Mafia. And yes, it is styled by Pat Field.

Diane Lane's hairstyle is morphing into Josh Brolin's and it's not good. Not good at all.

Courtney is becoming even more of a caricature than I thought even SHE could. Her legs are way too skinny. And way to throw Owen and your ex Steve Coogan under the bus, beeyotch.

Kids or no kids, smoking is disgusting, Brit. I am judging you very loudly over here.

Snautrag said...

Dunno why, but the Elizabeth Perkins caption sounds like the answer to a blind...

Snautrag said...

Dunno why, but the Elizabeth Perkins caption sounds like the answer to a blind...

XophMiller said...

Did you notice that Gavin had a small towel under his right foot? That might be why Gwen is carrying the bag, he might be injured.

Hez said...

I agree with Snautrag.

Both times. ;)

GammaGirl said...

Snautrag is on to something. I did a little research on Elizabeth (love her on weeds) One divorce and a new marriage to a cinematographer with 3 sons and one daughter from a previous marriage.

Remember that BI about the actress who caught her husband his stepdaughter? (and I feel dirty just bringing that up haha)

JMS said...

Courtney looks healthy and great!

ablake said...

Doesn't Josh Brolin hit his wimmenz?
Thought that's why Minnie hauled ass.
I honestly have no idea, which is why I'm asking. Diane Lane will always be Cherry (Outsiders) to me:) She held her own against the up and coming brat pack.

Amy Winehouse needs to be fumigated.

The surgery Denise has gotten obviously was not passed down to her daughters, hopefully she will be a mature adult mother and raise them, as opposed to chasing after the next meal ticket. Not holding my breath, especially considering her past judgement. Those little ones deserve a healthy upbringing.

mandjo said...

Ent, I thought you used to like Mandy Moore?!

bluegirl said...

Mandy Moore is a fairly slim girl who dresses fat.

I think Jen Aniston looks good too. Don't have anything against her.

And is it just me or does Ellen look a little like Owen Wilson here? I guess it's just the hair.


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