Friday, August 08, 2008

Four For Friday - Jackass

#1 - This female reality star from a cable program and sexy as hell, at least according to her did a Starbucks dance. No, not like Eva, but more of a hissy fit. See, when most people get the wrong drink order, or if it is not hot, or whatever they ask nicely to have it replaced. Well our reality vixen decided that what she would do is just take her ice coffee and dump it on the counter and say, "here's your tip," and then walk out.

#2 - Hotel in Las Vegas. Our B list actress from a hit network comedy who is usually friendly must have been extremely upset to pull this kind of diva behavior. Checks in to the hotel with her baby, a nanny and about 10 items of luggage. The hotel is packed, but she wants service right then. Gets up to her room. Says it faces the wrong direction, wants a new suite. Finds out there is nothing available for an hour or so. "Well you better find someone who can clean faster because if I don't have a room in the next five minutes, I am going to tell everyone I know, your hotel sucks. I don't care how many Mexicans you have to call, I want a new room. Now."

#3 - Car rental return. Minneapolis of all places. Our B-/C+ list film actor with a more famous brother returns his car. Dents all over the hood. Everywhere. Dirty. Tells the rental person someone did it in his hotel parking garage. Looks like someone was jumping up and down on the hood. Turns out though our actor forgot to change his dirty shoes which seemed to match exactly the foot size and treads on the hood. Idiot. And drunk still.

#4 - Virgin record store on Hollywood Blvd. Former teen A lister and now basically a has been bum, although still fairly young. Walks through the entire store just randomly throwing CD's and DVD's into a basket. Must be 100 of them. Not looking at any, just grabbing them by the handful and throwing them into this basket. Goes to checkout and wants them all for free. The cashier says they don't really do that. Our has been wants a manager. One comes over and our has been says they are for a kids organization he is working with. The manager looks at the pile and knows the has been is lying. Says he just can't help him. Our has been does the don't you know who I am routine, and the manager says he knows exactly who the has been is, but can't do anything about it. The back and forth continues, and then the has been gives up. Before he leaves though he asks the manager for $20.


Damned Fallacy said...

Tila Tequila for #1.

d said...

#3 sounds like Luke Wilson

sassafrass said...

4. Corey Haim

lyz said...

3 = luke wilson.

LRS said...

1. New York?
2. Jaime Presley
3. Luke Wilson
4. ?

sassafrass said...

Please don't let 2 be Tina Fey. Is her child still a baby?

Mother Campfire said...

And number 4 is just SAD.

PollyPureBred said...

#1 - Padma (Top Chef)

Get a Life said...

#1 Denise Richards
#2 Not Sure but like the Jaime Pressley guess
#3 Like the Owen brother guess
#4 Aaron Carter

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

1. Tila Tequila (sorry -- she's a hardcore slut but her name is AWE.SOME.) or Kim Kuntashian?

2. This screams Tina to me, but I want to have her second baby and would REALLY like to believe someone so intelligent and unbelievably cool wouldn't toss out the whole "Mexican" thing, so I'll go with Jamie Pressley. Sure.

But...isn't Jamie's babydaddy Cuban? Would she really say that? I'd think she'd be a little less xenophobic.

3. Arnie Affleck

4. Frankie Muniz?

LRS said...

4. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

He hasn't done any work since 2006

Unknown said...

#1-Denise Richards
#2-Please don't let it be Tina Fey, but she was the first person I thought of.
#3-Randy Quaid?
#4-Joey Lawrence

digawina said...

1 - I was going to go with that Jo woman from the Real Housewives of Orange County. Now has her own reality spinoff. Totally annoying hag. Lives on her Starbucks, from what I recall (I feel shame in knowing this).

2 - Dunno, but unfortunately, I could see the Jaime Presley guess.

3 - I thought Luke Wilson too.

4 - Don't know, but I want to high five that store manager.

lutefisk said...

I thought of Aaron Carter, but I think he lives in Florida.

parissucksliterally said...

Jaime Pressly for #2

babyface shane said...

wow, a jackass-o-rama! I'm with Irs and say New York for No.1. Who ever it is, they need to be slapped. No idea of the others ...

Mother Campfire said...

Number 2 needs to be outed. Like, pronto. There is no excuse for that.

jax said...

1- tila tequila
2- jaime pressly
3- Kevin Dillon? Casey Affleck?
4- Corey Haim

Unknown said...

Well, Jaime Pressly said something anti-Semitic on Howard Stern's show a few years ago. I don't think the leap from anti-Semitism to racism against "Mexicans" is a very long one.

Oh, and she had a birthday event at LAX in Vegas on August 1st, so she was there recently. So yeah, Pressly. Definitely. Stupid twat.

irishstayc2 said...

going with my first thoughts -
1. denise richards
2. tina fey ( and i also hope that i"m wrong)
3. Casey Affleck - hee hee hee
4. one of the corey's - the messed up one

Anonymous said...

#1 - no clue, but gut says Kardashian.

#2 - where are you getting Tina Fey from that?! Remember, 30 Rock is not a "hit" show. It's a critically acclaimed, but not "hit". My Name is Earl gets better ratings, but given that Pressley's hubby his hispanic, I doubt she'd say something that callous. No clue.

#3 - I thought Kevin Dillon, too, Jax. But he's TV, not film. Sad to say, but Luke Wilson is a long-rumored drunk. I'm surprised our local gossip person (CJ) didn't out this one.

#4 - sad to say, but it's probably Corey Feldman. Addiction is terrible.

kellygirl said...

2 - Rachel Griffiths (and she's really not nice - ever)

Unknown said...

"My Name is Earl gets better ratings, but given that Pressley's hubby his hispanic, I doubt she'd say something that callous."

Um, maybe she sees Mexicans as being inferior to Cubans? Also, I don't think marrying someone of another ethnicity automatically wipes every racist thought out of one's mind.

TV said...

#3 i'm going with stephen baldwin.

Graveyard Rabbit said...

1. Sexy as Hell...for a bitch!
2. A racist bitch at that!
3. Dillon? Wahlberg? Affleck? Wait, there's another Wilson Shazbot!
4. Dumb, lazy, broke ass, rude has-been!

1. Tila is a good guess for the "sexy as hell, at least according to her" comment.

2. Jaime, dang it girl, say it ain't so! (If she won an Emmy doesn't that make her TV A list though?) What other TV actress has had a baby in the last year or so? Hmmm...not Marcia Cross because then the clue would say "babies".

3. Andrew Wilson?
Donnie Wahlberg?
Kevin Dillon would probably reference, uh, Paul Dillon? Wait, that would be Z list...shazzzzzbot!

4. Corey Haim is too obvious unless this occurred *before* he got his paycheck from The 2 Coreys. Also the clue doesn't mention a reality show...because it happened BEFORE?
Ralph Macchio? (seems like a nice guy though)
C. Thomas Howell? (does TV movies now)

nunaurbiz said...

LOVE the Padma guess for No. 1!!!!!

Also love the Randy Quaid guess for 3, but dude is on the aged side and not sure he'd be so limber anymore to get up and do a dance on the hood....

Ms. said...

#4 Corey Hailm is shooting in Toronto right now, so I doubt it's him.

Don't buy it's Tina Fey for #2 because I don't think she's b-list. I think she's A list.

Ice Angel said...

Going out on a limb for some of these:

1.) Kat von D
2.) Jamie Presley sounds like a good guess
3.) Rooster McConnaghey (just kidding-Randy Quaid fer sure!)
4.) David Faustino

life is but a dream said...

1. i could totally picture new york pulling this shiz.
2. i'll go along with jaime and i agree with susannah. as a mexican i can tell you that many of the hispanic nationalities look down on mexicans as inferior. but that is the same, in one form or another, for all races. there is an inherent need to feel superior to others.
3. i'll go with daniel baldwin (the one that was on celeb rehab) since it says "drunk still" and not still drunk.
4. i'm going against the grain on this one. i totally pictured brian austin green for this one... cuz he seems like an ass.

Jen said...

#3 Is no way Kevin Dillon as he is a new dad and isn't working/living in Minneapolis.

Graveyard Rabbit said...

Susannah Leigh-

"You got slapped by a yarmulke."

There's nothing anti-semitic about that...just...insensitive...right?

Graveyard Rabbit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Graveyard Rabbit said...

#3- I didn't even think of a Baldwin!

DANIEL BALDWIN- and hey, a Celebrity Rehab dropout WITH upcoming IMDb movie credits!

Unknown said...

Life is but a dream, I've seen that a lot so I know exactly what you're saying. I think it's completely plausible that she could be with a Cuban but looking down on Mexicans.

Flora, she brought his ethnicity/religion into it so it's absolutely anti-Semitic.

Graveyard Rabbit said...

Third thought- if it were a Baldwin, it would say "more famous brotherS", wouldn't it? As much as it's safe to assume that Daniel Baldwin IS INDEED still drunk, somewhere...

Susannah L- I agree it was a rude and inappropriate thing to say. Doubly so on broadcast. Just bad taste all around.

But to generalize, do most anti-semites even know the word "yarmulke"? I just flashed-back to a "Beavis and Butthead" episode (yeah, the bastions of intellect in the 90s) where one of them called a yarmulke a "Yamaha". As in, "Look, that dude's wearing a Yamaha." I still chuckle about that to this day. Imagining a nice Jewish boy wearing a plastic keyboard on his head. :) At heart, I'm really a 16 year old boy. :)

chcj4 said...

#2 What a racist piglet! Hope her child marries a mexican and socks it to her!

trashtalker said...

"Our B-/C+ list film actor with a more famous brother"
I take that to mean he has only one famous brother.

Other suggestions:
Nicholas Turturro
Omar Gooding
Joseph Fiennes
Clint Howard :)

Squeezebox said...

I kinda doubt #3 is Daniel Baldwin, because according to this post on a Minneapolis bike lover's forum, he's been filming a movie and drugging out in Baton Rouge for the past few weeks:

"I just got off the phone with my best friends little brother (who happens to be a good friend of mine too). he lives in Baton Rouge, and he was telling me that Daniel Baldwin has been crashing at his apartment for the last three weeks strung out on crack and cocaine. My buddies roommate down there has a girlfriend who is a producer of the film he starring in, and he's been "taking care" of Daniel while he's in town. apparently, he's been staying at their crib so he can use his hotel stipend to spend on crack and cocaine, around $400 a day."

lachickforever said...

The only hit network comedies are

The Office
My Name is Earl
30 Rock

I don't think it was Jamie because she is NOTHING like her character in real life.

Angela Kinsey just had a baby a few months ago, how about her?

Beth said...

#1 Tila.

#2 for sure Jaime Presley. Everything matches. And no way is it Tina, she's A-list when it comes to being a tv star. And her kid isn't a baby anymore. And she would never go to Vegas. Jaime? Yeah, Vegas sounds about right (plus the hint of her being usually friendly, cause by most accounts Jaime is but she can defintely play the bitch card when needed). I can totally see her saying that line about Mexicans.

#3 is Luke Wilson. Too many open accounts of him being a drunk and it costing him roles (even Lainey openly talks about how he lost the Jason Bateman "Juno" role cause he was drunk all the time). Owen's more famous. It all makes sense.

#4 not sure but I can see Aaron Carter doing something dumb like this.

plot said...

1. The Kat von D guess is great! I can see that.

2. Someone married to a Cuban might be MORE likely to feel comfortable putting down other latinos. After all, she's married to a latino, so she can't be racist.

3. Luke Wilson

4. Like the Freddie Muniz guess.

selenakyle said...

I think Jaime P.'s hubby is latino or Dominican or Cuban so I can't see her pulling the "Mexican" thing in #2.

I thought of Casey Affleck for #3 because it would be choice if for once nobody guessed Ben in fun and it was really Casey!

yes, i'm a dork

selenakyle said...

...and I see some of y'all also guessed the same on C. Affleck.

Hi kellysirkus--we haven't seen hide nor hair of you round here in a while.

Hope you're doing well!

Graveyard Rabbit said...

Good guesses on the other brother brothers...but hands off Joseph Fiennes!!! He would not do that because he was too busy servicing me in my dreams that night...

Ema said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ema said...

well, about all the aaron carter and frankie muniz guesses, ent says #4 is fairly young, not like 20 or whatever. I think it might be like luke perry or someone from those 90's teen dramas...

Anonymous said...

Since Casey Affleck was nominated for an Academy Award this past year, and he got good reviews for Gone Baby Gone, I don't think he's B-/C+ (anymore.)
But I did wait on him a few years ago and he was bombed out of his mind, and left no tip. Classy.

Paisley said...

If #4 wasn't even looking at the titles of the CD's, it was someone desperate for money, probably a heavy drug user, who planned to resell them. I'm liking Corey Haim.

Kelli said...

my god these people are pathetic.
They need to be outed immediately.
I can't stand their sense of entitlement.

Beth said...

1. No idea, but the Tila Tequila and Kat von D guesses sound good.

2. No way is that Tina Fey. Besdies, wouldn't Ent have referred to her as a actress/writer/producer. She's really known as all three. Jamie Pressley is my guess.

3. My first thought was Kevin Dillon. However, there seems to be evidence to the contrary, so I'll go with Luke Wilson.

4. I don't think this is one of the Coreys. (If it is, I would go with Haim.) I think this is someone still in their 20s. I like the Frankie Munoz guess, but I don't think he blew through his Malcolm in the Middle money THAT quickly... though nothing would surprise me. I'll go with Aaron Carter.

Graveyard Rabbit said...

#4- is having Joey Lawrence looking ragged in the random photos a clue or coincidence?

Dustin Diamond? Too busy pretending to be dead?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas? He hasn't been in anything for a couple of years now. I can hear the crickets on his IMDb page. Though...arguably a "tween" star not so much "teen". I'm not sure about the other "Home Improvement" kids.

Going to the VH1 site to look at their 100 greatest teen stars...

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

You know what? Shame on me. *slaps hand with other hand, then repeats same action on opposite hand.*

Tina's won a billion Emmys for 30 Rock AND Saturday Night Live. She was SNL's first female head writers, for fuck's sake. If Aniston is television A-list, then Tina is A++++. And she'd hug and high five every single Mexican in her vicinity before she insulted one in such a manner. I'm convinced she's a saint. She's in my celebrity pantheon. I LOVE her. How DARE I even think of her for number two?!

That said, eff off, Jamie Pressley. Don't be hatin' on the hardworking Latinos who clean your shit while you get water stains and other grosser stains on everything. You look like a jack-o-lantern, anyway.

The rest of these people are hos. Reveals, please. I don't want to patronize their work.

Graveyard Rabbit said...

According to VH1, (which doesn't mean anything), these are the 100 greatest teen stars, so odds are good our guy is in this list or was affiliated with anything these people were in:

100 Greatest Teen Stars
1. Molly Ringwald / Sixteen Candles
2. Rob Lowe
3. Britney Spears
4. Anthony Michael Hall / Sixteen Candles
5. Shannen Doherty / Beverly Hills, 90210
6. David Cassidy / Partridge Family
7. Winona Ryder / Heathers
8. Corey Haim
9. River Phoenix
10. Matt Dillon
11. N'Sync
12. Alicia Silverstone / Clueless
13. Michael J. Fox / Family Ties
14. Brooke Shields
15. Kirk Cameron / Growing Pains
16. Donny Osmond
17. Sarah Michelle Gellar / Buffy the Vampire Slayer
18. Scott Baio / Happy Days
19. Lindsay Lohan
20. Debbie Gibson
21. Tiffany
22. John Cusack / Say Anything
23. Tori Spelling / Beverly Hills, 90210
24. Jennifer Love Hewitt
25. Corey Feldman
26. Joey Lawrence
27. The Backstreet Boys
28. Matthew Broderick / Ferris Bueller's Day Off
29. Leif Garrett
30. Alyssa Milano / Who's The Boss?
31. Leonardo DiCaprio
32. Dustin Diamond / Saved By the Bell
33. Rick Schroder / Silver Spoons
34. Ally Sheedy / The Breakfast Club
35. Jason Priestley / Beverly Hills, 90210
36. Willie Aames / Eight is Enough
37. Brandy / Moesha
38. Tom Cruise / Risky Business
39. Tracey Gold / Growing Pains
40. Andrew McCarthy / Pretty in Pink
41. Jennie Garth / Beverly Hills, 90210
42. Irene Cara / Fame
43. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen / Saved By the Bell
44. Shaun Cassidy
45. Zach Galligan / Gremlins
46. Christina Aguilera
47. Jason Bateman
48. Usher
49. Claire Danes / My So-Called Life
50. Kristy McNichol / Little Darlings
51. Chad Allen / Our House
52. Neve Campbell / Party of Five
53. James Van Der Beek / Dawson's Creek
54. Ilan Mitchell Smith / Weird Science
55. Phoebe Cates / Fast Times at Ridgemont High
56. Mackenzie Phillips / One Day at a Time
57. Melissa Sue Anderson / Little House on the Prairie
58. Mark Paul Gosselaar / Saved By the Bell
59. Justine Bateman / Family Ties
60. Christina Applegate / Married With Children
61. Susan Dey / The Partridge Family
62. AJ Langer / My So-Called Life
63. Glenn Scarpelli / One Day at a Time
64. Christian Slater / Heathers
65. Meredith Salenger / Dream a Little Dream
66. Will Smith
67. Hilary Duff
68. Lawrence Monoson / The Last American Virgin
69. Jami Gertz / Square Pegs
70. Helen Slater / Supergirl
71. Jennifer Jason Leigh / Fast Times At Ridgemont High
72. Jon Cryer / Pretty in Pink
73. C. Thomas Howell / The Outsiders
74. Lisa Bonet / The Cosby Show
75. Neil Patrick Harris / Doogie Howser, M.D.
76. Christopher Atkins / The Blue Lagoon
77. Jason London / Dazed & Confused
78. Brian Austin Green / Beverly Hills, 90210
79. Lynn Holly Johnson / Ice Castles
80. Ralph Macchio / The Karate Kid
81. Sean Penn / Fast Times At Ridgemont High
82. Katie Holmes / Dawson's Creek
83. Donavan Freberg / Encyclopedia Britannica commercials
84. Ione Skye / Say Anything
85. Ralph Carter / Good Times
86. Maureen McCormick / The Brady Bunch
87. LL Cool J
88. Kenan Thompson / Good Burger
89. Nicole Eggert / Charles in Charge
90. Wilson Cruz / My So-Called Life
91. Melissa Joan Hart / Clarissa Explains it All
92. Deborah Foreman / Valley Girl
93. Jack Wild / HR Pufnstuf
94. John Francis Daley / Freaks and Geeks
95. Jessica Biel / 7th Heaven
96. Robert Romanus / Fast Times at Ridgemont High
97. William Zabka / The Karate Kid
98. Helen Hunt / Desperate Lives
99. Lee Curreri / Fame
100. Patrick Dempsey / Can't Buy Me Love

Totally forgot about Willie Aames. He used to be in everything! AAS, 8 is Enough, Charles in Charge...

Leif Garrett. :(

PotPourri said...

#2 is not Tina Fey. Just isn't. Tina would never point out race. Jamie Pressley with her Cuban baby is not about to slam a hispanic.

This is bad, but I thought about Donnie Wahlberg for #3. I also know though that Luke Wilson is a raging alcoholic.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

1-New York all the way
2-don't know so Jamie it is!
3-Luke train
4- Haim or Leif Garrett-both are really jacked up on drugs and the blind sounds like a junkie type behavior.

Monalicious said...

Here's one for #4...... Edward Furlong? Remember him? The kid from "Terminator 2"? Stared in a big-bugdet Hollywood blockbuster with Arnie, but as he got older, he got on drugs BAD!!! Last thing I saw him in was 'Detroit Rock City", the KISS movie! And that was in 1999. Every once in a while, you hear about him getting busted or being drunk in public.

Amy in MI said...

Enty pretty much confirmed #3 as Luke Wilson in the photos.

Unknown said...

How can #2 not be Debra Messing?

sauvage said...

#1 and #2 - don't know.
#3 Casey Affleck. Hee hee hee @ irishstacy2
#4 Macaulay Culkin

Molly said...

omg bernie mac died. i'm so sad about that. i always thought he was a good comedian and actor. condolences to his family.

Linda Manz said...

1) Adrienne from My Fair Brady
2) Tina Fey
3) Daniel Baldwin
4) Someone call that manager and find out!!!!

Molly said...

mulder i thought of messing too but enty says the actress is b list in a comedy on a network. on w & g, she would be considered a list. her new show isn't a comedy and isn't on a network.

Unknown said...

How about Angela Kinsey from the Office for #2? I am thinking not Tina Fey...she seems more A-/B+ to me as opposed to straight B.

Graveyard Rabbit said...

I just heard about an hour ago, so sorry Molly! Sucks. Bernie was only 50 and seemed like a good man.

blossom6673 said...

#1 - Tila Tequila
#2 - Not sure
#3 - Luke Wilson
#4 - Joey Lawrence?

I'll go with the Jaime Pressley guess. I had no idea on 4 but if I'm going for those in Random Photos, he's there. But then that would kill the JP guess for 2. Damn I wish I was better at this!!

gordon said...

1. Tila
2. Says friendly--could it be Courtney Cox?
3. Baldwin
4. Haim

cinephan said...

Macauley still has a LOT of money. The courts managed to save most of it before his father went through it. He's pretty much set for life and can work when he feels like it.

Unknown said...

Why has no one mentioned Heidi Monthag for #1? I can't think of anyone who thinks she is as sexy hot as she seems to think....

Anonymous said...

no way is number #2 angela kinsey . she just started back at the office at the end of july. why would she be in vegas?

dixiebell said...

Kevin Dillon is a very well received comic actor on Entourage, he's hardly b- c+.

Production Girl said...

Susannah Leigh said...

"My Name is Earl gets better ratings, but given that Pressley's hubby his hispanic, I doubt she'd say something that callous."

Um, maybe she sees Mexicans as being inferior to Cubans? Also, I don't think marrying someone of another ethnicity automatically wipes every racist thought out of one's mind.

I have to agree with this statement. My parents are Latinos from 2 different Caribbean islands who happen to be prejudice against each other. It truly saddens me when I witness Dominicans talking trash about Puerto Ricans and vice versa.

Jasmine said...

all of you know it is angela kinsey from the office for #2. and luke w. is definitly the answer for #3, the rest are too hard to guess. sadly, nowadays we have many dumb skinny bitches on reality shows who think their hot shit, so this could be like 20 people for #1. and #4 could be 3 or 4 people easy, also sad as hollywood seems to chew you up and spit you out if you arent careful.

Unknown said...

@ flora: thats a nice list. Just it doesnt help too much. it misses names like Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco from 21 Jump Street. And some more. Grieco would fit here in, for #4.

oh, and the askings for some "mexicans" is easy to explain, because of the hotel being in Vegas. In Miami for sure she would ask for some "cubans", as you know that worldwide hotels and restaurants, even the moste expensive ones, employ the cheapest workers they get their hands on. And in Cali, you get more mexicans to do that kind of jobs.

Lucia said...

Jasmine said...

all of you know it is angela kinsey from the office for #2. and luke w. is definitly the answer for #3,
Uh, no, we don't actually know that it's Angela Kinsey.

And Luke Wilson is higher than a B-/C+.

Emobacca said...

Saying Angela Kinsey is B-list is being kind to her. Her co-star Jenna Fischer is B-list, Kinsey isn't. No way it's Fey either since she is pretty much A-list all the way.

There are so few hit network comedies out there that this should be easy but I really have no clue. Anyone on Ugly Betty?

Tea Lady said...

New York & Luke Wilson jumped to mind for #1 and #3.

About #2 and Ugly Betty... neither Ashley Jensen or Becki Newton have kids. And I don't think Jane Krakowski (if you'd consider her B-list cause she does have a Tony for starring in Nine...) from 30 Rock is right either. So I guess I have to jump on the Jaime Pressley bandwagon.

No idea on #4 but sure does sound like junkie behavior...

PeepStone said...

Ralph Macchio has been editing Marvel comics for a while. I don't think he would need to try to get freebies from Virgin.

PeepStone said...

Ralph Macchio has been editing Marvel comics for a while. I don't think he would need to try to get freebies from Virgin.


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