Monday, August 04, 2008

Selma Blair Open To Acid - Sobriety Be Damned

In an interview with Arena Magazine, Selma Blair let herself kind of go off on a tangent that probably had her publicist popping TUMS like Skittles. Selma was discussing how the director of Hellboy II thought that perhaps Selma was a trifle insecure and doubted her own abilities. He suggested that she take some acid and that it would fix her right up. Good to know that Guillermo del Toro thinks that. Parties at his house must be a blast. Note to self. Limit yourself to one sugar cube at Guillermo's house.

Anyway, Selma thought it was a fantastic idea. Oh, she didn't actually go through it, but is more than willing to in the future.

"You know what Guillermo thinks? That I should go to Amsterdam and take an acid trip and it would fix my head. I think he could be right, you know.

If I was in the right frame of mind, in a pleasant, creative, chilled-out space, with just the right amount delivered by an Amsterdam technician that would be incredible."

She makes it sound so damn clinical. Like some guy in Amsterdam is going to get an entire medical background check, check her blood, weigh her, ask her questions about the type of experience she is looking for and whether she wants any long term side effects. Come on. It's acid. You take it, and then you just go with the flow. It isn't Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. It's acid. I'm torn in this interview between slamming her for encouraging the use of a drug which can have permanent effects on you or commending her for her honesty that she would in fact use a permanently mind altering drug. While always wanting everyone to be honest and not sugarcoat everything, I do have a problem with people who idolize her thinking that they have always wanted to try acid, and if it is good enough for Selma then it is good enough for them.

See, all of you are intelligent and are capable of making your own decisions without any input from celebrities. Unfortunately there is a large segment of the population that does exactly what celebrities tell them to do. I know it is hard to believe, but it's true. So, some girl who idolizes Selma Blair and has watched Cruel Intentions 32 times is going to think this is a marvelous idea. Unfortunately the $20 she stole from her mom's purse isn't going to be enough to get her a flight to Amsterdam and a technician who monitors her various vital signs while she partakes of the drug. Instead she is going to do it a party with a bunch of other people and will hopefully come through it all unscathed.

Selma I think understands this predicament which is why she added the whole bit about the technician. She let loose a quote and said, "f**k." She realized what the hell she said and so then tried to lessen the damage.

I think we also have to wonder how that whole rehab thing went with her last year in Promises if she is still talking about dropping acid. Does it not count if it is administered by a technician or if it is legal in the country where you partake. I would have thought she would have answered the question by saying she is sober. Guess this story is more fun.


Kristen S. said...

I hate to tell ya this, but most of my high school friends dropped acid without a celeb telling them to do so or not. They all turned out to be fine, upstanding citizens.

If she had been talking about meth, on the other hand, I woudl have a problem.

Unknown said...

I dropped once -- just once -- over 15 years ago, and it remains one of the most important experiences of my life. It did get me right, it dropped the scales from my eyes re: my self-perception and the way I interacted with others. It took a few months to accept what I learned and sort it all out, as with any deeply profound self-realization, but I do agree with the therapeutic qualities of the occasional acid trip.

mooshki said...

So now we know where Guillermo gets his amazing ideas!

classalpha said...

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Mother Campfire said...

I couldn't even follow your post, Classalpha. Are you Ted Cassablanca per chance?

Anywhooo, back to the subject at hand. I took acid, loads of it. I turned out fine except for that twitch. KIDDING. Seriously, though. Meth is a horrible toxin, I agree with Kristen. Acid, not so much. YES there are exceptions to everything but everybody I know became responsible adults who also happen to have an open mind. Nobody told me too either.

Ms. said...

Loved acid. Just loved it. Did it occasionally for a couple of years starting when I was 20 and even turned out to be a responsible adult, as did my other friends. Still do shrooms every now and again.

Agree with other posters opinions about meth. Bad bad shit. Tried it once just to see what it was about. We smoked it and it was a great trip, but a few days later when I smelled it again .. in an instant my whole body CRAVED it. Scared me a lot when that happened and never tried meth again, nor any other hard/harder drug.

Stuck to pot and acid.

Previously did coke, but that bored me to tears. Just don't see the attraction to it. Lucky me.

lutefisk said...

I must be old & boring-- I don't see the attraction to any of it.
I think if someone is able to control their intake, fine, but when it turns into an addiction their lives & everyone who is connected to them is doomed.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Big Sur -- just ignore him/her/shim/it. Trust me. It thrives on attention -- kinda like a hardy weed that only needs a little bit of water and scant sunlight in order to overgrow and ruin an entire garden. But if you just shove it in a corner and shun it forever and ever, hopefully it will shrivel up and die.

Anyway. Acid sucks. It's soooooo 1993. I dropped LSD once (at a fucking RAVE; how cliched is that shit?) my sophomore year of high school, and all I remember about it is having really green skin and snakes eager to burst through my forearms. And I wanted to die the next day, and my grey pallor lasted all week. Sweet.

I've never, ever, ever, ever tried coke, even though I spent way too many years in the restaurant business, where the booger sugar runs rampant. It terrifies me. I have a feeling that I'd love it, but the people ON it are so goddamn annoying that it was enough to make me realize that it just wasn't really my thing.

Meth and heroin are just straight-up idiotic. Really. Fucking. Dumb. Just pop some pharmies or whatever. Things like Codeine and Xantax sort of have the same effect, right?

I'm sort of over all drugs in general, to be quite honest (pot was beginning to deplete my lung capacity, my intellect, AND my wallet), but I CAN say that my DMT hallucination was probably one of the most amazing (and at ten minutes, blessedly SHORT) experiences of my life.

Do this shit and listen to some Portishead. Or Bjork. Anything wacky, sexy and weird. Find the most colorful room in your house, lie someplace comfortable, and prepare to giggle hysterically at the most INSANE images you will EVER SEE. Are any of you familiar with the work of Alex Grey? He does a lot of Tool album cover art. Anyway, EVERYTHING I saw for ten minutes reminded me of his stuff -- it was fractalled, portioned out, split into so many amazing geometric color/shape thingies. Very, very, very awe-inducing.

Not to say that such things are GOOD for you, but I'd rather trip for ten minutes than ten hours.

I really AM drinking water and eating tofu right now, you guys. This stuff is allllll in my past. I swear!

Dead Angel said...

I love the inarticulate, it's always good for a laugh. She's an actress, she's not speaking to this huge group of people following her like a cult. Nobody is going to drop acid because of Selma Blair. Sorry to be a buzzkill for the anti druggies, but it's not a reality. Quick search your own kids rooms, you may be surprised at what you find there. Crusader's are always the last to know.

On a more interesting note: I am more fascinated by Guillermo now, and understand Pan's Labyrinths' visuals a little more.

Mother Campfire said...

"As DMT is naturally produced in small amounts in the brains and other tissues of humans, and other mammals,[11] some believe it plays a role in promoting the visual effects of natural dreaming, and also near-death experiences and other mystical states."

Sweet! Where the eff do I sign up? See? It's not celebrities that entice drug's 'everyday people'. ;-)

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Big Sur -- it's a little different. Unlike most other drugs, you don't have to know some shady asshole with a big backpack, a prison history, and a scale to procure DMT. However, you DO need to know a weirdo with an open mind, a natural talent for chemistry, and WAY too much time on his hands.

Not that I know anyone like that, of course.

Unknown said...

I love how some people justify drug use by saying some are bad and others are so great that it was a real learning experience and they're outstanding upright citizens -- no Amy Winehouses here!


Murphy Brown 2020 said...

I love how "some people" take their passive-aggressive tendencies out on people who happen to comment on internet gossip websites.

Hi, Grace. I never claimed to be an "outstanding upright citizen." All I can do is try very hard to be a good, nice, kindhearted person. I vote with regularity, recycle everything I can, use my turn signal, feed stray cats, hold doors open for old people, and have even been known to give up a good seat on a bus so a pregnant lady can take a breather.

And I've done some drugs during my life, but I fully understand the GIGANTIC difference between experimentation and addiction. I also don't have a gigantic pole up my ass that needs to be extracted, either.

Thanks for the feedback, though.

Unknown said...

Recreational drugs, such as cocaine, amphetamine, marijuana, and heroin have all been implicated in autoimmune disease development and progression.

Several recreational drugs, including methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine are associated with the development of autoimmune disorders.

In general, recreational drugs, as well as the fillers they're suspended in and the impurities derived during their preparation, can trigger autoimmune responses.

Some of the more common consequences of recreational drug abuse include autoimmune thyroid disease and scleroderma in cocaine abuse, arthritis and neurologic changes in heroin abuse, and the vascular disorder panarteritis seen in methamphetamine abuse.

To the immune system, recreational drugs act as environmental toxins, stressing and injuring immune system cells.

Cerebral (brain) atrophy can occur as a consequence of alcohol abuse, cannabinoid (marijuana) intoxication, and heroin abuse.

The first signs of paralysis in the autoimmune disorder Guillain-Barre syndrome have been reported to occur within several hours of heroin injection. Symptoms can progress to total paralysis and coma. Even after recovery, patients may have peripheral muscular and facial weakness affecting one side of the face similar to that seen after strokes.

The effects of heroin have been studied the most. Some of heroin's studied effects are related to the intravenous or injecting mode of transmission. Foreign substances injected directly into the bloodstream have more of a potential to affect multiple organs and systems than drugs ingested orally. Cardiac complications, including autoimmune inflammatory cardiac disease, are more likely to occur in people abusing drugs intravenously.

There have also been reports of the autoimmune kidney disorder Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia occurring in people with a history of intravenous heroin abuse and cocaine use.


Milena Nikolova, Mila Liubmirova, Clinical significance of Antinuclear Antibodies, Anti-neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies (ANCA) and Anticardiolipin Antibodies in Heroin Abusers.

Jankovic BD, Horvat J, Brain-associated autoimmune features in heroin addicts: correlation to HIV infection and dementia. Int J Neurosci, 1991, May: 113-126.

KS said...

whats up copy and paste. you seriously just posted that??? haaaa ok.

KS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi, Ernestine,

You can't take back the past and I'm sure you have (or will in the future) justified your drug use to your teenagers.

You might want to advise them that it's ok to do some drugs during their life, and that they too will fully understand the GIGANTIC difference between experimentation and addiction.

Knowing that you turned out to be a good citizen will help them realize that doing drugs is really okay because you turned out just fine.

This sounds snarky, but how else would one explain it to their kids?

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Gee, Grace. Thanks be to Xenu that we have such a proficient copier and paster on our hands! You really are so awesomely judgmental and condescending! Thanks to you, our souls AND bodies now stand a fighting chance!

I don't have teenagers -- yet -- but when I do, I'll do exactly what my own parents did: be completely honest about their past experiences with drugs. My mother used coke with a ex-boyfriend who beat her when he was high, so that was one factor in my decision to never experiment with powder. My dad told me that I'd smoke weed a few times, that I'd probably like it a lot, but that it might make me pudgy and dumb. Didn't ever get fat, but lord knows I'm not capable of understanding or discussing quantum physics when I'm stoned. After I DID drop acid that one time, I told my dad about it the next day, and we each agreed that -- based on the fact that I freaked out, hated it, and it made me feel like shit for days afterward -- that it would PROBABLY be for the best that I never try it again. And I didn't.

My dad also once told me a story about doing coke with a bunch of friends in college and coming to this big group realization that they'd basically snorted the financial equivalent of a new T.V. set, and that's what made them stop partying so hard once and for all. Oh, and my dad obtained his History degree from Yale. Smart people experiment with drugs, too.

Oh, and this coke-snorting incident took place in the mid-seventies. My parents were artsy bohemians who had a lot of hippie friends. They tried a bunch of shit, and they've never once lied about that.

I grew up in the era of fried eggs equaling drugged brains and Nancy Reagan's stupid bobblehead constantly informing me that if I ever smoked a joint, I'd end up shooting up with my pimp in some squalid apartment shortly thereafter, and I always knew she was chock full of shit. PSA's are probably the number one reason kids DO try drugs.

Kids aren't that naive. Back in high school and college, I remember how the kids whose parents DID hide their own drug experiences were the ones who ended up in more troublesome situations -- addiction, say. And parents who supply their kids with some scientific litany like the one you just provided us are the ones who are truly, truly foolish and doomed.

bionic bunny! said...

so true, ernestine. i was a goody two shoes, but after 21 i smoked a few joints and enjoyed it immensely. i'd smoke it today, if i had any idea where to get it.

the last five years i've been on pain meds ranging from 800mgs of ibuprofen to oxycontin and of course morphine. never had any problems stopping when the pain levels went down (although the oxy is interesting, i prefer tequila), but my very straight-laced, never drank, never swears, never does ANYTHING bad brother-in-law, developed a serious addiction to vicodin--actually wound up in the hospital after 10 months after taking the stuff, being pumped full of muscle relaxants and anti seizure meds.

so, who's to say what our children will or won't do?
some people are predisposed to addiction.
my son and DIL went to amsterdam last year and tried mushrooms. he loved it, she, not as much. myself? i don't find hallucinations enjoyable. but it was interesting hearing about their experience. they tried it, now they're done and are ready to settle down and are talking about kids.
i may be rambling, but i think it's a very fine line.

Mother Campfire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mother Campfire said...

I had a really bitchy comment but what's the point. Use them, don't use them - it really isn't anybody's business. Sorry about your brother Bionic Bunny!!

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

A really interesting book on drug use and the apparent human need to alter consciousness one way or another is The Marriage of the Sun and Moon by Dr. Andrew Weil--yes, THAT Andrew Weil. He makes some good points about using substances occasionally and respectfully vs. continual users, and the differences between "green" (the original plant) and "white" (finely processed) drugs and how the latter are more apt to lead to abuse that make sense to me.

Not much of a drug history here to speak of--I have one drink once in a while (just never got the taste for it, and I'm on meds where too much is a bad idea anyway) and have never smoked tobacco. Did try weed a few times over the years, although the last time I did my asthma said "Um, excuse me...", so that probably won't happen again. The one thing I did like about it was the way it calmed me down and made Type A obsessive-compulsive neurotic me mellow (go ahead, laugh!) almost immediately, and then wore away ever so gently. Too bad there doesn't seem to be a legal way to manage that, not to mention one that doesn't require smoking it...oh, and never did get "high" per se, just peaceful with a major case of PermaSmile. :-)

NO interest at all in heroin, cocaine, meth, etc.--the closest I've ever come to opiates was being on Demerol, Percocet, and hospital morphine when I had some major surgery nearly 10 years ago. I decided opiates weren't for me after one fine morning at Mass General when I found myself lying in my hospital bed, holding the remote and probably drooling slightly, doped up on PCA (patient-controlled analgesia, where you can zap yourself up to every 6 minutes if needed), and watching the Teletubbies...and thinking in my spaced-out state "wow, this is kinda cute..." while the one bit of my brain that was still straight was shaking its head and muttering "dude, this is F*CKED UP..." Felt the same way after my asthma was diagnosed when I used an albuterol inhaler for the first time and spent the next 2 hours shaking--"People do this for FUN?!? I just don't GET it!" And no, haven't tried any hallucinogens to date, although I can see how, in comfortable, safe surroundings with supportive people nearby, they might prove beneficial in some cases.

Just my $1.50 here...

c17 said...

People do different drugs for different reasons. NO ONE has the ability to judge anyone else, as they don't know the mindset/brain chemistry of anyone else. As far as crimes commited "under the influence", I believe they would have been commited under other circumstances/influences not necessarily chemical. Humans are easily manipulated.

That said, I'm a big proponent of legalizing ALL drugs/Darwinism. Take that as you will.

Hallucinogens can be a great help to those who have trouble expressing themselves or who have mental/emotional blocks. If she thinks it could be helpful for her, then she should go for it!

Unknown said...

It's always hilarious to read the assortment of ramblings that come out with an article like this. You always wind up hearing from a bunch of addicts who talk about their drug choices like it was some divine path to enlightenment as they defend themselves and their crutch of choice...

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

bionicbunny -- I'm sorry to hear about your brother. I've heard that pain meds are extraordinarily addictive and very difficult to give up. When my Grandpa was dying from lung cancer, I remember how he'd press his morphine drip as often as possible. I also remember the intense look of pleasure that would cross his features as soon as the drug entered his blood. That's a pretty powerful endorsement for something like that -- but also really scary, as well.

monkeyhelper -- I don't honestly think that any of us are addicts. Personally, I'm addicted to sleep, root beer, and cheese. If we were addicts, we wouldn't be able to type very well or articulate our feelings about this subject. We'd be too busy wondering where we were going to obtain our next fix. Addiction is a really sad, sad, thing. I've got some people in my family who are addicted to alcohol, which is one reason I no longer touch the stuff. I base that decision on how liquor, wine and beer make me feel (lousy), so I've conceded that it's not really my thing to drink anymore. It's easy enough for me to stay away from something if I know it'll make me feel like a shitbag the next day. But I don't begrudge anyone a cold beer, because I'm nice and not judgmental like that.

c17 -- I'm kinda with you on the legalization front (at LEAST legalize weed. I mean, come the fuck ON), but then I think of all the coke/heroin/meth/etc pushers who target kids. I ALSO think that our prisons are way too full of drug offenders and not enough rapists. It's a shitty, shitty penal system that locks a person up for having a dimebag in his possession but lets a lecherous douchebag skedaddle back onto the streets.

Oh, and I also think that the most insidious drug in our culture is one that MANY (if not all of us, at some point) have tried: NICOTINE. Raise your hand if someone you know has died or is dying from lung cancer or emphysema. Yeah. I thought so.


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