Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Just when you think the world is so small and there is nothing left to find a great story comes out which makes you realize that maybe we just don't know everything. 125,000 gorillas have been discovered in the Congo which doubled the number of known gorillas in the world almost overnight. That is some amazing news and very worthy of the top spot.
Amber Tamblyn looking lovely. Don't worry, all the press will be over soon and then she won't be dominating the top of the photos.
I felt really bad for Alexis today because they had her so far off to the side that she was never in any shots this morning.
Did I miss the memo where everyone was going to start wearing military styled shirts. I love the military, just don't want to be copying a trend that seems to have begun recently by Victoria Beckham.
In all the Bottle Shock photos I did last week I missed Bebe Neuwirth somehow. Problem solved.
Geoff Tate of Queensryche rocking the double pinky ring look. Speaking of pinky rings, did you see that John Gotti Jr got arrested today for a bunch of murder and conspiracy charges. Well, more money for the rest of the family now.

Alessandro Gassman on the set of his new film.
One of the best candid photos I have seen in awhile. Emmy Rossum looks fabulous. When I say candid, I say it in the sense that it wasn't a shoot for something. Sure, it's posed, but she should also get points for degree of difficulty. Wow, I must be more ready for the Olympics than I thought. Throwing out those scoring terms now.
A first time appearance for Chris Messina.
Well apparently people in Japan are prepared to spend their hard earned money on that Vegas film Cameron and Ashton did. I feel sorry for them, but at least they got to see Cameron looking better than she has in a very long time.
Judas Priest - New York

Half an ass of Jesse McCartney. Well, if you want to call it an ass.
Jennifer Esposito on the set of her new film.
Javier Bardem because I know it has been too long.
So, I also gave you one from up close.

Miranda Kerr with no Orlando Bloom around along with Megan Gale. As pretty as Miranda is, it is hard to imagine being with her after Greasy Bear was there first.

Not the first time here for Michael Cera, but I honestly think this is probably the first pap photo ever taken of the guy so congratulations Michael on your first.
How do you know it's new love? Everyday we see photos of the couple and they are always drinking the same drink. When the newness has faded the same drink choices will also fade.
She did that thing with her jeans again.
Is that a shadow, or does someone else see what looks like a bruise right below the scarf on her lower left neck?

As good as Salma Hayek looked the other day. Not so much last night.

It's August, so it must be Christmas at Harrods.
What does everyone think of Patrick Dempsey? I mean we all know he is an ass, but looks wise, do you enjoy when I post him?
If Penelope Cruz would smile, she would look much prettier.
Mike Piazza in a first. Looks good doesn't he?
It might be the strangest marriage ever, but they are still together which can't be said for many. Of course not many women are going to be after Woody knowing what they know now.

Seth Rogen bringing new clothes with him to Dave.
Seth Rogen ruining said clothes.
Scarlett J channels Courtney Love.
You just know she is calling Penelope a bitch. Oh, and Scarlett says she is thrilled to be marrying a Canadian.


Mother Campfire said...

Ahem, is that a hint to the BI about the wife getting the 'ol beatdown and the paps catching it but not pursuing it?

And LOVE Cameron's dress.

La RoRoe said...

The answer to your Dempsey question is "NO!" If I wanted to see a douche, I'd head on over to Walgreens and stand in front of the Summer's Eve display.

Emobacca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emobacca said...

Has Mike Piazza been hitting the botox?

mooshki said...

Holy cow! I LOVE gorillas. That truly is amazing news!!!

As far as I'm concerned, you don't need an excuse to post Amber Tamblyn pics.

Whatever Scientology paid Katie, it wasn't enough.

I saw my first Christmas display a couple of weeks ago and I got an early case of the holiday blues. C'mon, retailers, Dallas has had 11 (12 now?) days in a row of over 100 degrees! IT'S TOO EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS!

Patrick Demsey has not yet been enough of an asshole to make me stop enjoying the pretty. He's no Isaiah. (I hope!) Has anyone else noticed all of the PD lookalikes in commercials lately?

I suspect Seth Rogan can afford a new suit.

Scarjo, go back to posing next to Fergie. Trust me, bb.

califblondy said...

Patrick Dempsey gets a thumbs up from me.

Wow, I would love to get whisker burns from Javvy.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

YAAAAY! A gorilla surge! Did anyone else happen to catch the 60 Minutes piece about how the gorilla population in Africa is totally dwindling because of poachers and diseases and other horrid things? It made me cry. Also, did anyone happen to see the 60 Minutes piece last Sunday about the Red Sox statistician? Because that's totally my friend's dad. I was DYING during the whole interview. SO rad. Bill James is the dude's name. He's a genius.

I actually think that Scarlett looks really pretty in these pictures. I LOVE that dress. And I also sort of hate her, so that's saying a lot. She's not doing that horrid pompadour/fifties factory worker thing that she so typically enjoys. She must have found a good stylist or something. FINALLY.

You can have her, Canada. :-)

I thought Penelope was a lot taller, for whatever reason. I still think she looks like Ringo Starr's (very beautiful) daughter.

Soon-Yi looks thrilled to be there.

I think Patrick Dempsey is OOOOVVVVERRATED!! And Grey's SUCKS SO BAD, now. Could some kind executive PLEASE put that show out of its misery??! Who HASN'T banged each other yet? ALL those characters do is whine and screw.

I will always love Salma. I think she looks just fine. Short, but fine.

Katie looks like shit. *Shocking!*

Queensryche AND Judas Priest in the SAME post?!? Silent Lucidity!

Damn, Enty. You've outdone yourself today.

Unicorn Jones said...

*** "If I wanted to see a douche, I'd head on over to Walgreens and stand in front of the Summer's Eve display." ***

amazing. I think I love you.


Molly said...

Patrick Dempsey - no. I'd rather see the gorilla.

Bruise or shadow - bruise. She needs to get out of that shamarriage.

lutefisk said...

Michael Cera is very cute in a geekie sort of way-- I agree--the gorilla find is amazing!
and I LOVE Cameron's drss.
Now--what is up with Ashton?
He can't possibly be straight.

Cute Little Redhead said...

Javier is sooooo yummy.

I'm in love with Michael Cera too but in a nice, sweet way. Just finished watching all three seasons of Arrested Development!
So Good!

I wish there had been a pic of Jason Bateman...that would've been perfect.

Ms. said...

I'm beginning to think Michael Cera is the answer to the Ted Casablanca blind about the bad-haired dude who's new to the scene and semi-clueless about picking up groupies in a bar. Everyone thought it was Jonas Hill, but Ted neighed him but said it was the right crowd.

I really hope that shirt is for a film shoot and not part of his everyday wardrobe [shudder]

kimi said...

It's almost as if the camera is making Salma, Penelope, and Scarlett look a bit shorter and little bit pudgy. Are Salma's boobs still growing ?

bmini said...

Personally, I think more Americans should marry Canadians. It's good for international relationships.

Emmy is brave. I wouldn't attempt that sober.

Reese said...

Every time I see a picture of Patrick D. I am reminded that he was the answer to the blind item about the guy who picked up the $100 bill dropped by the man in front of him and pocketed it instead of giving it back to the rightful owner. He's scum.

Sinjin said...

1: Why is Dempsey and ass/douchebag? What did he do?

2: Glad about the gorilla population, BUT, WHY tell the damn poachers where they are??!

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Salma's outfit is a total trainwreck. Makes her look way fat. Burn that sucker.

Scarlett's dress is a nice design but I'm not a big fan of orange based reds.

Penelope looks amazing. No way should anyone be standing next to her looking that good.

Seth Rogan <3

Patrick Dempsey is still a hottie but that pic sucks. I'd bang him, I just wouldn't talk to him. LOL

Javier Bardem <3

Cameron looks amazing. Love the dress.

Judas Priest...is that Rob Halford? Good lord, what happened? He looks like the UPS guy.

Is it just me or doesn't Ashton's lower right arm look like a Ken doll's arm? LOL Maybe it's the angle and how his arm is bent. LOL

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Me LOVE Patrick Dempsey! Why is he an ass? Everyone I know who's met him says he's a doll.

Unknown said...

Javier Bardem is sexy-ugly; don't you agree?

Ashlae said...

Katie has been looking like hell lately! Do you guys really think Tom is physically abusive to her? I always knew he was crazy but never to THAT extreme. I was never a big fan of Katie's but I hope for her sake, she gets out of that scam of a fake marriage.

Lux Luthor said...

Daaamn, Samantha Ronson is looking like shit these days. I used to think she was hot, in spite of her bad sense of style and obsession with stupid hats. Now I'm wondering if I was just hallucinating. I don't like the dark hair on her. I know it's her natural color, but it makes her eyes look beady. Or maybe I should say beadier.
Regardless, her brother's still hot...

bitteliten said...

Ashlae - my money would be on the mum, not the midget.

What's up with the comment about Woody? Why would even fewer women want to be after him now? (if there ever was any in the first place)

irishstayc2 said...

YAY Gorillas - that was such a great bit of news! Thanks for starting with that Enty -

Congrats to Amber - just saw she was in a pilot for fall season... Awesome!

hmmmm at least 3 of the 4 PANTS girls will never appear in a blind item on CDAN... Does that mean that they really are as sweet and down to as as they seem? Hope so...

Ashton Who?? feh...

Jesse Mcartney pic - love that girls face makes me laugh everytime i see it heee

Javier - i run hot and cold with him... today i'm cold...

SamRo scares the crap out of me... not becauuse she's a lesbian..i could care less... but because she looks like a Frickin Vamppire in every pic i see of her!!! those dark circles and pasty skin - ugghhh I just know she's suckin on some Lilo neck and drainin the life out of her!

Salma - beautiful but yes burn that dress makes her look 4'2 w/ 2 foot boobs

and scarjo? MY EYES...MY EYESS I am blinded by the dress and lips -

Patrick Dempsey... TOOL! can't get past it - even tho he's good looking all i see is asshole. sorry!

lutefisk said...

Say what you want about Woody, but he is very funny. Sleeper still makes my eyes tear from laughing!!
He may be a bit um, odd, but he is a great writer/directer/actor.

mooshki said...

Lisa, I know it's not what you meant, but I got a hysterical picture in my head of poachers sitting around refreshing CDAN, waiting to find out where the gorillas are. I'm about to express some extreme ignorance here, but doesn't the fact that they're in the Congo mean they'll be protected? (As opposed to having a habitat in the middle of a war zone where people are deforesting to avoid starvation?)

jax said...

Javier has the bad post-plugs wispy hair that runs me cold today.
just shave the shit!

Katie- get out get out get out. no 'man' is worth a bruise that big and jeans that fucking ugly WITH a california roll.

That gorilla is the hottest bitch here today.

Damn Salma's boobs are as big as her head!

Patrick Dempsey, while a hot daddy...is losing appeal for being on that assmunch stupid show- over!

Seth Rogen will have my love child one day.

ms snarky said...

ScarJo - is she still engaged to creepy Ryan Reynolds?

I used to like him until I heard a story told by Artie Lange on the Howard Stern show about how Ryan was on set one day for a movie Artie was in with Chris Farley, and that the word got around pretty quickly that no one got to mess with Ryan because he was dating an older woman with some clout in H-wood who was protecting him. So apparently, if that story is true, all my time watching Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place was wasted! He was so cute and appealing, and now I find out he's probably a social climbing dater who uses women to get ahead in his career.

I'm so disillusioned!!!!

I feel dirty!

Missjenny619 said...

Rob Halford (Judas Priest) lives in my neighborhood (Hillcrest....in San Diego) and I have seen him countless dozens of times over the years. He always dresses casually and seems like a normal gay guy. I can always tell it's him b/c of his tattoos. I don't listen to is music though.

ms snarky said...

plus Ry-Ry looked totally like he was batting for the home team on that cover of men's fitness. or he was cross-eyed, can't decide which.

Anonymous said...

Katie, now is the time to RUN! I don't like you, or think you're a good actress or fantastic person, but RUN!! Sell your story to the paps if you need and RUN, don't walk, RUN away from that creepy little man and his creepy, nasty family. Eeeehhh! What scares me is if that's the part of the bruise you can see, what all is under that scarf and sweater/shirt combo? Maybe leg bruises explain those terrible pants. Not really, nothing explains those pants, but I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

ScarJo is not that attractive. Canada, take her please!!! Fair trade for the hobag that is Pam Anderson, no?

Penelope has some weird wonky boob thing going on in the first pick. I don't know why, I just can't like the photo for that whole boobage issue.

Salma, Salma, Salma, WTF is that you've got on? Burn it, it's evil!

Wow, is Nosferatu looking for a new wife Bebe? Seriously, get some sun, you look sick.

Yay to gorillas. They need all the help they can get.

Lynne said...

Woody: What do we know about him now that would keep the chicks away? Is this a hint at a blind?

Katie: That looks like a nice purple-red bruise to me. GMD is such a teeny tiny little bastard.

Unknown said...

Oh, Javi. I've missed you so. (He is a bit rough around the edges, physically--read: not super pretty--but it works for him, I think.)

I'm so happy about the gorillas! That's the best news I've heard in weeks!

selenakyle said...

It sounds like I'm up LiLo & SamRo's butts lately, but I really think it's cool they appear to be letting their natural hair colors grow out.

I really think they love each other and are both prospering in each other's care and companionship.

That Alessandro Gassman was a bad guy in some action movie, right? He's hot and plays a damn good bad guy. I'd watch him and Statham or D. Craig go at it ANY day!

Unknown said...

Hope the gorillas are very well protected.

Now Justin Timberfuck has another fashion disaster to take credit for. Watch it Ashton!

Love Bebe. She's right up there with Bernadette Peters in coolness factor... and Jennifer Tilly also.

I am convinced Cameron is on the white Horse and I don't mean cocaine. She gives me that junkie vibe. The fucked up acne and the nose repair job... weird. She does look good here though.

Jennifer Esposito is beautiful.

Javier Bardem is looking well-rested. Love the facial hair... that's how I love my men.

Kinda like the gayelles together.

Katie's a lost cause; sad to say. It looks like she went into some rage and chopped her own hair off. Weird.

Love Salma... not the outfit.

I can definitely do without any Patrick Dumbsey pictures. Can't stand him, Heigl, or Grey's Anatomy for that matter.

I have a crush on Seth Rogen. He's adorable.

Scarlett and Ryan are a sham. She likes the ladies. Someone mentioned 2 Guys, 1 Girl and a Pizza Place yesterday.... loved that show and Ryan in it.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

KatE's transformation to a young boy is nearly complete.

Can't wait to see Michael Cera in Youth in Revolt.

Anonymous said...

I personally think that being a douche sucks all the hot out of a guy, no matter how good looking he's supposed to be. Therefore, Patrick Dempsey will never be hot to me, ever.

Kat said...

Uh, I like Grey's Anatomy. I always feel like I'm in the minority around these parts. Not only that, I like Dempsey and Heigl. She's a little loud, but so were Hepburn and Davis, though she's nowhere near that caliber yet. C'mon people, you gotta love a loud-mouthed broad. I also feel like Patrick might have been a jerk in his twenties, but so were most of us. He's turned out well, and I don't remember the hundred dollar bill thing ever being revealed (I could be wrong, though). No matter how you slice it, he's supremely easy on the eyeballs.

As for Katie's denim rolls...I used to do the same thing in the eighties, with safety pins. C'mon, I wasn't the only one, right?

ClaireFrasier said...

Bebe Neuwirth is a goddess! I love her!

If I tried what Emmy did, I'd be IN the pool!

Love the girl picture-framing Jesse's *show*.

And, yeah, I agree: it's a bruise.

Lynne said...

Much as I detest Tommy Boy, and I wouldn't put something as reprehensible as wife-beating past him, Katie doesn't appear to have a bruise in another photo taken at the same time as the one here in random photos. There are a group of photos at http://freekatie.yuku.com/topic/5697/t/New-KAK-pictures-she-s-trying-she-s-really-trying.html

nunaurbiz said...

I used to wonder about these people who proclaim their love for ENT but ...

when I saw the gorilla item AND that it was the top random ...


And also heartening to see other gorilla lovers on board!! I'm addicted to a Facebook app where you can "adopt," "raise," "release into the wild" or "breed" Eastern endangered species. Some people adopt all kinds of animals, but I've focused on Eastern gorillas.

I was wondering where all the gorillas I've released into the wild were going!!!!

Yeah ... I gotta get a life ...

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

"As for Katie's denim rolls...I used to do the same thing in the eighties, with safety pins. C'mon, I wasn't the only one, right?"

Kat -- just because you DID it, it doesn't make it right! :-)

I also wore hypercolor t-shirts, slap bracelets, British Knights, LA Gears, acid wash jeans with zippers on the ankles, oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Lord.

lutefisk said...

Isn't KatE in NY now? Why a scarf & jeans in 90 degree weather?
Maybe she's hiding her legs, also.
Just a thought.

califblondy said...

Oh dang, I had to smile at the thought of L.A. Gears and acid wash jeans. Good memories, bad fashion.

Hey Ernestine, I saw your Dad's friend on 60 Minutes.

Jasmine said...

okay, i take back saying that the above blind was kate capshaw. it is totally obviously soon yi. common, 2 pics of scar jo AND woody with soon yi? i dont need to be bashed over the head to get the point enty! that said, michael cera is adorable and i bet he has that striped shirt in at least 7 or 8 different colors, he switches them around with his various taupe and beige colored khakis.

Wil said...

On Patrick Demsey .. when he was married to that older woman back in the late 80s... I think .. I totally lost interest in him - Mommy Complex.

As for Pennie "No Smile" .. she saw that dress Selma was wearing. Yikes!

And N*A*F* Adrian .. I think you are on to something. I think her OCD problem might have turned into something more - like maybe hurting herself.

Ayesha said...

Who IS that Alessandro Gassman? He is delectable. Eh, he's either gay or a pussy hound.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Ha ha. Okey-dokey, Jasmine, you can ignore my rant over at the latest blind post. :-)

Califblondy -- YESSS! It was so fun to watch that show and text my friend afterwards and ask her really important questions, like whether her dad got a boner from being so close to Morley Safer (not to her knowledge, but hey, I would have) and whether or not he's ever met the Afflecks, since they love the Red Sox so much. He hasn't. :-(

Amber said...

Yay! More Seth Rogen!

and I like the military shirt style on most guys. James McAvoy sure looks good in them, Ashton, not so much :/

classalpha said...

... Ashton Kutcher sure looketh tres G_Y in that pic. Did anyone ever see that old vid clip of him (before he started acting) when he was still "modeling"? 'DUDE' was being "Em"terviewed and he was like...

"Hi! My name isth Asthton Kuthcher..."

Talk about a LISTHP!!!! 'DUDE' should TRULY sh!tcan that *Kabbalah/false religion schiess* too. "Red string-y" no work-y against *bad luck-y*... 'JUST' ask Brittan-y Murph-y...

... AND speaking of TRES G_Y... I see Ent uploaded QUEENSryche's Goeff Tate and Rob "LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA" Halford in that "mix" o' Heavy METAL band pix...

Ashlae said...

Awww... Kat you're not the only one. I like Grey's Anatomy too. But I must say I don't like Heigl, she's too much of a loud catty bitch for me.


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