Monday, August 04, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Bernie Mac. Seems the reports of your death were premature. You are one very tough guy and I know you are going to pull through and make it. Don't let me down. Why the hell else would I watch another Ocean's movie if you weren't in it?
Christina, you are also one tough person and I don't think anything like breast cancer could ever keep you down. You have been through so much in the past 20 years and come through like a champ so one little lump has no chance at all. Take care of yourself.
Morgan, I know you are sitting in that hospital room in Memphis right now just wondering when they are going to let you go down to The Rendezvous and get some ribs. Take care of yourself. You are truly one of the greats.
First, I didn't even know Adrienne Barbeau was still alive. Sure, if pressed I don't recall seeing an obit, but really names blur. She looks better than the last time I saw her which would have been the last time any of us saw her. Swamp Thing. No, wait. She was in Back To School as well. Didn't she have kids when she was like 50 or something?
At this point I almost feel sorry for Brian Austin Green.
Channing Tatum doing the drunk prom shot with Jenna Dewan.

Chad Michael Murray also doubled as a limo driver yesterday.
Who else is going to show you Christopher Lloyd? He looks great doesn't he? He's going to be 70 in a few months.
You know why I like Brittany Snow? Because she sticks up for her friends no matter what. Love that she spoke up for Nikki Blonsky. I mean not that it would be tough to choose between Nikki and some random ANTM person who no one will remember, but still, the thought is what counts.
Black Kids - Chicago

Danica Patrick with some kind of Wonder Woman look and racing boots.
Since Derek Hough is only 14, and too young to gamble or dress on his own, he was forced to watch from the sidelines as his girlfriend played poker. He was forced to sit behind her after he kept asking when she was going to go fish.
I haven't seen pants like that since That Nick-At-Nite - Jeffersons/Partridge Family marathon.
You know you are good looking when you can make an outfit from Toughskins look good.
Speaking of Toughskins. I notice that David Archuleta hasn't taken that chastity pledge that the tweeners seem to be into. My guess it is because he just can't keep the ladies off him. I mean look at those shoes. They scream, hey, I've got big feet so you know what that means.

Yea, Josh I would be pretty embarrassed also if I got a stiffy from Fergie. It doesn't mean you are gay though, so don't worry.

Gillian Welch - Newport, Rhode Island
G. Love & Special Sauce - Chicago
Tip #436 on how to make yourself look more beautiful in photos.
Yes, it's true. Denise Richards is getting paid to do a film. Yes, I posted it last month, but it seems that they are actually going through the filming. Denise is going to be in a Bollywood film. Must be for her acting skills, or the way she mounts a horse.
Nothing really exciting to say about Kelly Hu. Just haven't seen her in photos for awhile.

Kate Hudson sets out to stalk her next victim.
Are you satisfied now? You got some Stamos. Oh God, the hand is back. Haven't seen the hand for awhile.
I say that Jordin Sparks could probably knock out Jesse in under 30 seconds.
Lesson $482 on how to ogle other women and not get in trouble. Do it in front of your wife. Later, make a comment that the outfit was ugly or some other tidbit to make your wife rationalize the lie and your behavior.
Fake smile, but notice the clenched fist of Miley Cyrus and the nails digging into Selena's back.

Can't believe that Kristy Swanson is still married to that ice skater dude. I gave that like six weeks.
You keep drinking things like that you will be doing more than kissing a girl.
No snark about her husband. Katharine McPhee looks great. Now if he would just get a job. So, a little snark.
Explain to me again how exactly Kim Kardashian should have been at the Teen Choice Awards. What category? Craigslist Graduate Of The Year?
Town & Country

Doesn't look like champagne. Probably diet coke.
Minka Kelly looks fabulous.
Mariah Carey was there to show that even though you are 40 you can dress like you are 12.
Miley with her idol, and role model. At 18, the clothes are coming off.
Rage Against The Machine - Chicago

Naah, kids need their dads. However, I do know where you can point it.
Phantom Planet - Chicago
Will Smith is doing his best to bring back the 80's on his own.

Congratulations to Tony Shaloub for 100 episodes of Monk and to Sarah Silverman for getting in every photo with Tony.
My reason for watching 2 Guys A Girl And A Pizza Place.
In case you were wondering how Tim Curry was looking these days.
Or Stacy Keach.


CDAN Mod said...

jimmy kimmel had to screw that? jimmy is cute not handsome but cute. sarah is uh...oh i remember i don't like to call people...uh huh.

anyhoo, someone mentioned that they wouldn't be surprised that sarah is a lesbian. idk?

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Enty, I will forever love you for being the ONLY gossip blogger who'll post a Gillian Welch shot. That woman is a goddess/genius. An ingenius goddess. I worship her.

Those fakeass Disney starlet photo-ops are just unbelievable. Selena looks like she wants to die, and Miley looks rabid.

What in the HELL is Scarlett wearing? That pompadour and beige monstrosity are pretty hideous. She honestly needs a stylist. I don't think her fashion choices are very flattering if she's left to her own devices.

Danica looks gorgeous. Not sure about the boots or belt, but I DO love me some bigass Wonder Woman hair.

Kim K. looks redonkulous. Nice prom dress, whorelet. Was that the idea or something, in keeping with the theme of the show? Prom?

Is Christopher Lloyd's new piece 23 or something? DAMN.

MontanaMarriott said...

Jordin Sparks has entirely TOO much bronzer either that or she fell asleep in the tanning booth.

For a second I thought Katherine McPhee looked like a young Bob Mackie dress wearing Cher.

Kim K, Does she think we are buying this whole MY FAIR LADY act?

Mariah, Mariah, MARIAH, when will STOP buying your clothes at the CHILDREN'S PLACE????

Will Smith is smiling thinking how he is going to have the only 3way with Zac and Vanessa

Tim Curry, let's do the time warp again!

irishstayc2 said...

Oh YAY Enty - 2 guys a girl and a pizza place reference. God I loved that show and Ryan Reynolds on it! Thanks you!

ok girly hysterics done.

weezy said...

On Scarlett: ok, see, THAT'S why I don't believe for a moment that she was on a short list of four for the Nellie part in the new "South Pacific" production. The lack of judgment she's showing does not translate into leading a Broadway powerhouse show.

I worked on a Christina Applegate feature film years ago (it tanked, undeservedly.) We all thought she and her mother were terrific to work with; they made good business decisions to Christina's long-term benefit, she was disciplined, they kept their commitments and a delight to have on the team. I think of that experience each time I hear about Lohan/Hilton/Spears/Simpson and their mothers the pimps.

Stay strong, Christina, there are so many more wonderful characters you still have to play!

captivagrl said...

fashion don'ts.

kimi said...

That is a world famous move Jerry Seinfield did. So many men do that and then tell their girlfriend/wife how ugly or unattractive the women they were talking to all night was. Almost never fail move.

Minka Kelley is pretty perfect.

Anonymous said...

Who would you rather: John Stamos or David Beckham? Both of those guys are impossibly gorgeous. I'd give Stamos the edge for having a sexy voice.

Unknown said...

Now come on, KK looks decent in that pic.

I wanna see Curry and Keach in a fight, though probably not fair, Keach is scrappier I'm sure.

IndigoBlue said...

OMG what happened to Tim Curry? He is starting to look like that sad pokey puppy from the old-timey cartoons.....yikes.

Minka is pretty hard to tear down and I'm so missing my Friday Night Lights

Maja With a J said...

Doesn't matter. I will always love Tim Curry, for "RHPS" and "Annie" alone. That man is fabulous.

lutefisk said...

ooo--Mark Ronson got a job at Target, & Pete Wentz has a combover!

And WHY is Kim Kard*ass*ian at the teen choice awards? Not only is she not a teen, but wtf does she have to do with teens?

lutefisk said...

I forgot to add that I will be ordering a lifesize cutout of Fergie to carry around with me-- that will certainly make me more appealing.

Be well Christina--we saw her in "Sweet Charity" a few years ago--she really was great--she has that ditz character down pat, but she can really sing and dance!

bionic bunny! said...

def. stamos. very much so!

i don't care how he's looking, tim curry is STILL the best!
and christopher lloyd-- i met someone the other day who had never seen "taxi". try explaining "reverend jim" to somebody! love him!

Anonymous said...

wtf happened to tim curry. seriously. W.T.F....

Reese said...

Caligirl and Bionic: My doctor (GP) is a dead ringer for Stamos. Seriously. When Stamos started appearing on ER it freaked me out; he looks so much like my doc in those scrubs and the white coat I can't watch the show.

trashtalker said...

Whodathunk that Bobby Wheeler would be a train wreck and Reverend Jim would look great at 69?

Winston Ono said...

Phantom Planet and G Love! Bravo Ent!

Liza said...

Oh my gooooooood, Tim Curry!!

califblondy said...

I think Tim Curry looks his age. What's wrong with that?

Did Kristi marry the skater? I didn't think they ever got married. It looks like NutriSystem or whateverthehell she was promoting isn't working.

mooshki said...

The eternal question - why do bad things happen to good people? :( I have so much love for all three of them, and I hope they all have full recoveries.


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