Friday, August 08, 2008

It Was Just Sex

Well, John Edwards finally decided to admit he had an affair with Rielle Hunter. In an interview scheduled for Nightline tonight, Edwards says he and Hunter did the dirty a bunch, but that he didn't love her. Oh, good to know. Just about the sex. While your wife has terminal cancer you go ahead and stick it in somewhere for sex. Hey, that's what porn is for.

Look affairs happen all the time. I guess that this one just sickens me a little more than most of the rest because of the fact his wife is dying. Instead of worrying about his wife and her needs he is worrying about trying to find a place to do have sex without anyone knowing about it.

While his dying wife is campaigning across the country for his losing Presidential bid, he is off shacking up with someone at a Motel 6. They leave the lights on. This of course makes it much easier to get photos of what's going on inside and if in fact John Edwards does like wearing diapers when he has sex.

Now, as for the baby, Edwards is convinced it doesn't belong to him. Of course he hasn't taken a paternity test so at this point he is just guessing and doing the please don't let it be mine dance.


UKGrrl said...

Go Deceiver! I was getting sick of the whole eerie code of media silence on this stupid stupid man. Ugh.

Unknown said...

What's love got to do with sex? Hes a man. Get over it.

Merlin D. Bear said...

So I take it this means that American main stream media will now be doing the whole "catch up" thing and the Enquirer actually gets validation for a story they ran?
And I guess this really does answer the blind about the Presidential candidate having an affair - and it wasn't Hillary.

CDAN Mod said...


speed it up. do we need to do an intervention for your dringking. it's never taken you this long to post before. it's like four hours now for everything. geez.

put the booze down.

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

wow, I remember this blind! He's always seemed a little slimy, but geez man, while the wife has cancer? That's just disgusting.

irishstayc2 said...

Damn it - if he could have kept it in his pants he may have had a shot at the Vice Presidency! Idiot!!!

Oh and Joseph... a real man wouldn't have been thinking with his DICK while his probably dying wife sits at home... Believe me - he is not a Man!

Charlie Trainer said...

What a piece of shit! "Admits" to the affair but says it was over in 2006 & his family knew about it.
Then what the hell was he doing visiting Hunter & the Baby at The Beverly Hilton last month?
He's "SURE" the baby is not his but hasn't taken a paternity test??
So do we conclude that Edwards & his campaign worker were passing this woman around & the worker (young) is the one who knocked her up???
And o.k. maybe SOMEONE was paying this woman off but it wasn't Edwards??
If this is the scumbag's confession he should have just kept denying it!

JJ said...

He makes me barf.

That's all I have to say.

Lucia said...

Is there another BI?

Because this one isn't Edwards (as an aside, I'm still skeptical about the truth of the Hillary one):
November 9, 2007

#1 What Presidential candidate is sleeping with an aide?

Will be revealed after New Hampshire primary. Not John Edwards. Already did a story on him.

November 9, 2007

#1 What Presidential candidate is sleeping with an aide?

Hillary Clinton / Huma Abedin(who is stunning by the way)

Posted by ent lawyer at 1:06 PM 90 comments

lutefisk said...

She looks like one of the Nelson twins.

Anonymous said...

What a dou@#e bag John Edwards is.
No wonder he faded into the background so quickly...must have known someone had the goods on him.
You have to be some kind of sleazy jacka$$ to drag your cancer-stricken wife around the country campaigning for you while you're hitting it with some trashy hootch behind her back. Good riddance to you, John Edwards. Maybe Balthazar Getty could play you in the Lifetime movie.

merrick said...

well well well .. the fish wrap, as my mom mom calls it, got it right .. damn .. maybe you can believe everything you read in the Enguirer .. what a piece of shit .. I feel so bad for Elizabeth, and I hope that she has someone to lean on through all this, as I am sure that this is not going to help her cancer prognosis .. but I also sorta feel bad for the other woman, only for the fact that he is now saying it was "only sex," making her out to look like the real bad guy when it obviously takes two to tango, who knows, maybe she really loved him and believed his cornbread lines .. I also feel for the baby .. when he grows up and learns how bad his daddy talked about his mama ..

PunkiMeowMeow said...

That skank must have been the reason for the $400 haircut. She is BUTT fugly!
Horntoad had to fess-up because of the upcoming Democratic Convention.
It's just awful that his wife has terminal cancer and stood by her "man" throughout his campaign.

Cute Little Redhead said...

I agree a guy.
Yeah, I slept with her but I didn't love her?? I guess that's the part that is supposed to make his wife happy. Make her sigh and say, was just sex.
He loves ME.


Look...affairs happen all the time. For all sorts of reasons.
So when they have the goods on you, just confess honestly.

Yes...I told her I loved her. I cheated on my wife. The baby is probably mine. I admit everything.
Then at least you could have a little respect for him.

Cheryl said...

Call Maury. He'd have this settled within the hour.

PunkiMeowMeow said...

Good one Cheryl!

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

I'm so goddamn angry right now.

Go to hell, John Edwards. You piece of philandering SHIT. Cheating on your fucking DYING WIFE, who's been so intelligent and supportive and strong throughout the past few years? You can't just JACK OFF like normal dudes? You have to IMPREGNATE someone??

I heard Elizabeth interviewed on NPR a few weeks ago and actually began crying at work. What an amazing woman. And now she's even more admirable for sticking by you through this whole bullshit. You probably lied to her too, though. I'm sure the stress related to this situation is really going to help her feel REALLY good during this whole pesky BREAST CANCER THING.

I seriously supported you for so long -- loved your platform, your support for the working middle class, the way you infuriated Dick Cheney during the Vice Presidential debates a few years back by asking him about his horrid lesbian hypocrite daughter. And now, you're just a lying sack of shit politician choadmonger DOUCHEbag. God, I so hate you right now. You're such an embarassment to my political party. Hey, at least you're not McCain. He tends to acquire new wives as soon as he tires of his current ones.

I'm so fucking glad YOU didn't get the nom. I'm SO glad this isn't Obama. PLEASE don't cheat on your wife, Obama. PLEASE be the man I'm convinced you are -- an intelligent and loyal spouse who dearly loves his wife and family. That's really one of your best selling points.

"What's love got to do with sex? Hes a man. Get over it."

FUCK OFF, Joseph. What are you, seventeen? I know PLENTY of men who have enough self-control and integrity to at least BREAK UP with their current girlfriends or spouses before they go dipping their wick in strange poon. Such a lame excuse for cheating: gender. If you actually have a woman who's unfortunate enough to sleep with you, I pity her. But dudes like you are typically desperate to get laid for a reason.

And you're right, Adrian: that whore DOES look like one of the Nelson twins. She also looks like an Afghan hound.

I hope your children never talk to you again, John. And I hope your political career is done.

I hope you die in a fire -- before it's your wife's turn to go.

valentina said...

I also remember this blind!

I think she looks like him, only less pretty. Always gotta be the beauty in the family, doesn't he?

Mother Campfire said...

Has it escaped ALL of you that his wife might have accepted, even encouraged, it? I know of a few couples that when they found they were sick (and were feeling pretty shitty) were okay with the relationship becoming open. Let's not pretend we know the whole story just yet, folks.

merrick said...

Cute Little Redhead .. (btw, love the name .. I have a cute little 3 yr old red head at home)
that is exactly what I am saying .. he thinks that he is gonna skate because it was only sex, bullshit on that .. he lied about the affair, he tried to cover it up by having his friend "pretend" to ne the dad, and he has some benefactor paying this woman money every month to keep her mouth shut .. maybe he didnt love her but dammit, dont point the finger at her as being the reason this all happened. Elizabeth must want to castrate him and who would blame her .. he used her and her illness for sympathy .. I could go on and on about ths phony .. but I dont want to raise by blood pressure any more

irishstayc2 said...

God I love it when Ernestine goes off! Bravo!! and well said!

merrick said...

and cheryl .. good call ...


YOU ..

ARE ...

THE ...


Leslie said...

I'm disappointed that he turned out to be so stupid and reckless. Regardless of what his wife knew, and regardless of any private arrangement they might have had, it is just plain stupid to begin an affair while running for president.

What pisses me off the most is that Elizabeth has been an exceptionally articulate advocate for healthcare reform. This news will forever overshadow her contributions to that dialogue.

Shegundala said...

so disappointing. i really liked him. looks like he took a page out of the newt gingrich playbook. sad.

Unknown said...

His contrition is so not.

Damned Fallacy said...

John Edwards is disgusting. Hasn't he ever heard of masturbation? With his ego, jerking off would be sex with his one true love.

And I am now an Ernestine fangirl! *cheers*

Molly said...

so he's thrown his wife, his mistress and his child under the bus. what a scumbag.

Ashlae said...

You GO Ernestine! Love you, everything you said I totally agree with! Count me in as a fangirl for ernestine!

CDAN Mod said...

all politicians cheat.

obama has cheated on michelle with blonds. it's widely known in washington. he may love michelle, but he has a fondness for blonds. his mom was white and a blond.

mccain is a cheater too.

we shouldn't vote for people based on their marriages.

Molly said...

qs until i have further proof of obama cheating other than what someone on the internet says is going around in dc i'm not buying it. edwards has a wife who is dying for christs sake and hes out making babies with someone else. then he denies it and now hes saying it was only sex and hes not sure the baby is his. if that doesnt make this guy dogmeat i don't know what does and thats how i'll base my vote thank you very much.

Unknown said...

I personally would encourage my partner to have something on the side, if I were dying of terminal cancer. But that's just me. I know my partner has needs, and there is no way I will let him "hold off" and try to be faithful for however long it will take.

digawina said...

What kind of idiot has an affair while running for president, in this day and age?

Aside from proving he's a heartless, souless, piece of crap, now he's shown a lack of intelligence and forethought. Thank god he's not still running for president. Those are certainly qualities we don't need.

This also made me think, "hmmm, perhaps this is why he's been so adamant that he wouldn't accept a VP nod?" Maybe in the interim he wisened up and realized it was NOT going to stay secret.

Unknown said...

So he's any worse than Bill Clinton who everyone loves just because his wife is dying?

Get real. You all live in some fantasy soap opera where sex and love aren't mutually exclusive.

Molly said...

bill clinton is another piece of crap. you want find me being a hypocrite about that.

digawina said...

Joseph, just did a search on all of the comments. Seems a love of Clinton was mentioned nowhere. How are the two related and who mentioned a love of Clinton?

Or was it just an assumption you made?

Why is it that people always have to drag in Clinton when he has nothing to do with a conversation? "OMG, you hate Bush, yeah, but Clinton." "OMG, you are riled up about Edwards having an affair, but Clinton..."

Sometimes topics can actually have nothing to do with Clinton.

CDAN Mod said...


the folks in dc would know. i am not voting for any politician, reagrdless of office, based on their marriages and sex lives.

i vote for other reasons.

capitol hill cannot teach me anything about family values. i got that from my upbringing.

his wife may have known what was going on. however, she may not like the fact that it's out in the open now.

being married to power and money has its sacrifices. hell, we all know now that mlk cheated on coretta. she knew too.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

"obama has cheated on michelle with blonds. it's widely known in washington. he may love michelle, but he has a fondness for blonds. his mom was white and a blond."

Hi, southerner. I'm from D.C., actually, and have heard nary a peep about this. And, believe it or not, not every man wants to bang a carbon copy of his mom. Not all of them are soaking in Oedipal juices.

And THANK YOU, digawina. THANK. YOU for those Clinton sentiments.

lutefisk said...

We need to set up an Ernestine appreciation group on Facebook!!!

Kelli said...

why even deny it, he knows it's going to come out!
Enquirer will just take the dental floss out of his garbage bag and do the DNA testing to prove it!

Mother Campfire said...

Call me old fashioned, but I really don't care who you're diddling, as long as you're doing your job.

Clearly I would vote Bill back in for another few terms. ;-)

Mother Campfire said...

Ernestine for President in 08!

bmini said...

I want to join the ernestine appreciation group on facebook!!!

CDAN Mod said...

hey ernestine,

mccain, clinton and obama have fixers. a very good and expensive fixer can keep things under wraps.

just look at condi and george.

we all can agree to disagree. it's cool. :D

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

"just look at condi and george"

I KNEW those two were porking each other! I KNEW it! I KNEW it!

lutefisk said...

The Ernestine appreciation group is up & running--a new opace to play!!

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Adrian -- ohhhhh my fucking God, you ARE kidding me, right?!

*blushes and places head on desk*

I need to go to Target and buy some cat litter and deodorant and other sundries! I need to stop thinking about John Edwards and read Glamour magazine or some shit and not pay for it.

I seriously love you people, though. You make me dislike humanity a little bit less!

lutefisk said...

not kidding Ernestine--I think you deserve a group--maybe we can leave comments that won't get attacked!
So far--1 member--me!

Ms. said...

Love, marriage, sex is complicated and there's always a gray area in everyone's relationship.

But... John is stupid. To have an affair while campaigning for the Democratic nomination... so unbelievably dumb, I'm still shaking my head. For that reason alone he didn't deserve the Oval office. He put himself in a very vulnerable position and it bit him in the ass.

His wife's health crisis is obviously a major source of stress for him and the family. However, how he chose to relieve/escape the stress shows how self-absorbed he is.

Ladies, don't think John is alone for cheating on his wife in her time of need. Studies have shown that this isn't an uncommon thing for their husbands to do when shit hits the fan.

I can usually see both sides when I learn of affairs, but this time I can't cut John any slack. Primarily because he's stupid AND a hypocrite.

jax said...

marriage in politics is a business.
who knows what kinda deal these two have. it does look pretty bad though.

Molly said...

how about the stress someone with cancer has to deal with because their asshole husband can't keep his dick in his pants? how about that stress? everything else pales in comparison.

Lucia said...

he may love michelle, but he has a fondness for blonds. his mom was white and a blond.
His mother was a brunette.

curious_cailyn said...

Hey - "Quintessential Southerner"? Uuuhm, you so CLEARLY have no f-ing idea what you're talking about.. it's almost kinda cute! (You know, like when some little tyke tries to hold the adults' attention by making up crazy crap, with his eyes open real WIDE..? So adorable.)

But ya know what I heard? I heard that Obama actually has a preference for....BEAGLES. Yep - the dude is into CANINE... Now that's kinky! They say a spaniel will do in a pinch, but the guy's a sucker for a 13-inch Beagle. Seriously - EVERYBODY in Chicago knows about it! You're sooooo outta the loop.

Not to let FACTS get in the way of your fun, Q.S., but Barack's mommy was a (very dark) BRUNETTE - for her entire LIFE. (No dye jobs even!) See: Obama Fam

Oh, and his last serious girlfriend (pre-Michelle) was of ASIAN descent. (They lived together in Chicago for 2 years.) ...But who knows - maybe he made her wear a blonde wig in bed?! Yeeeaaah, let's go with that one... :)

ablake said...

I agree jax, that really does seem to be the case more often than not.
This has nothing to do with political party, I honestly think it goes on more than we think all across the spectrum. I'm with ya ms, it was incredibly stupid of him to do while he was in such a large spotlight but what can you do? *shrug*
I was told once by someone running for Senate "The political process is much like the sausage making process. The less you know about it, the better"

Dianne P said...

Perhaps Clay Aiken is the father?

Seriously, I hope Edwards' dick falls off.

Cute Little Redhead said...

Donna....thanks! And a hug to the sweet little redhead you've got at home.

I totally agree with all you've said. You nailed it.

Paisley said...

If he had an affair with Rielle in 2006 and Elizabeth's cancer didn't return until spring 2007, then this affair had nothing to do with the stress of a sick wife. He's just a douche. And denying the affair makes him liar.

Kelli said...

good point paisley

Julie said...

Ok good. One less person I don't like off the list of potential runningmates.
My mom called me from work and goes "hey Julie, remember a few months ago when you said John Edwards was cheating and having a baby? Its common knowledge now."

I can't wait for HC to either stepout or get busted w Huma. I really don't think it would hurt her lol

Ps no matter what I'm talking about in politics, (and hardly does anyone ever really agree with me.) Someone and I are...arguing. BlablablaBill Clintonblabla. For serious bringing him into a convo is a dealbreaker.
And I can't ever swing the person. Even with facts. Like waco-week, all that shit went down with his approval (while wining and dining criminals) then when it went awry he's on the tv talking shit on the fbi.
If I tell people I don't LOVE him, it MUST be because of the sex. No. I don't care who/what he's fucking. Just that he's wasting taxpayers time to lie to a grand jury. And to my knowledge he was never charged.
Sorry for my schpiel.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Okay, Julie. Since you're so hellbent on discussing Clinton, it's only fair that I bring up Bush -- another politician who initially had absolutely nothing to do with this post or this discussion.

So...if Clinton should be charged for lying after he got his bj, SURELY you think Dubya and Cheney should be brought to trial and convicted of war crimes for lying to the masses about going to war with Iraq and fibbing about that little "weapons of mass destruction" thingie.


I mean, since you're so hellbent on integrity and the truth and all.

Keep flogging the Clinton horse until it gives its last whinny, however. Those were some glorious years, if you ask this girl.

ablake said...

Not to interrupt the political duel here but Clinton backed the telecommunications act of 96, that left a lot of people out of work and many still scratching their head as to how the Clear Channel 'cult' took over.
Something something Sudan/Bin Laden/Clinton something something.

If you want to demonize a party, rest assured there is more than enough evidence for all to be found sinners, rather than saints.

It just so happens this is the latest idiot to be found out, not so much due to him being a charismatic actor or being born into a famous family, but because he at one point stood up and said (with full conviction, I'm sure) I am worthy to lead this country.

Again, the failures who have tried and the failures who have done so are too many to count.

Let's just look at this and hope others will see it for what it is. A modern day morality tale.

Now excuse me while I go windex my glass house.

Molly said...

you knew condi was porking bush? puhleeze. if this was true everyone in the world would know about it because bush is so hated. the bullshit people post and then other people believe on the internet is mind boggling.

sweater, clinton also signed nafta. he was not one of our better presidents no matter how much the soccer moms still swoon over him and he was just as much of a dog as edwards.

sandman said...

i love it when politicians get exposed, especially the televangilist types.
i would also safely assume that all these lying/stealing fuktards have cheated, so everyone relax & grow up, its gossip & they're just politicians, including obama.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

"you knew condi was porking bush? puhleeze. if this was true everyone in the world would know about it because bush is so hated. the bullshit people post and then other people believe on the internet is mind boggling."

Jesus DOGballs.

I just love people who are such mindboggling literalists!

S-A-R-C-A-S-M, Molly. H-U-M-O-R.

You're too much of a simpleton. It's not even worth it.

dixiebell said...

Oh please. the guy is a snake, he put the whole party at risk with his stupid little affair, which he still refuses to take responsibility for. 99% honest. That's like 99% HIV free.

Dianne P said...

We will never have the option of voting for a perfect, flawless human being. Never.

My litmus test goes like this--What if we found about X years after Y's presidency? Would it have mattered?

Did finding out what a slut JFK was make you feel less safe? What if you hadn't found about Monica L until years after BC's presidency?

What if Watergate came to light years after Nixon's presidency? Would you have thought, no harm done, not a big deal?

What if GWB was a good to great president, and you found out years later that he had boinked Condi? Big deal or not? What if you found out that he, say, lied about WMDs?

Anyway, that's how I look at these things. Still appalled by Edwards and how he let his arrogance overcome his good sense.

Goodgrief said...

First off, why do these wives stand up for their cheating husbands? I still rember Gary Hart/Donna Rice and the whole Monkey Business thing that ruined his bid for the presidency back in '87. Of course his faithful wife was by his side defending him all the way. However, a dying wife who is not going to be around to reap the benefits of sticking by the cheating husband, I don't understand why she is standing by him with a little slap of the wrist. He is scum. I would not do it. I would keep my mouth shut about it and not act like all is forgiven, I would just say you are on your own without my help. Sounds like he couldn't wait for her to die so he got a head start on the next family as he isn't getting any younger. He is a disgusting pig.

Dianne P said...

"However, a dying wife who is not going to be around to reap the benefits of sticking by the cheating husband, I don't understand why she is standing by him with a little slap of the wrist."

Maybe she doesn't want to break apart her family and alienate her kids from her husband, when she knows that she might not be around that much longer, and that the kids will need him.

Maybe she feels like life is too short, and she loves him and has forgiven him.

Maybe she just figures that the best way to make his life hell is to stay married to him and torture him. The possibilities are endless.

Jasmine said...

i read that he revealed to his wife and family back in 06' after the affair ended that he did indeed have said affair. so she knew AFTER the fact and they wanted to of course keep it private, but that just proves that she was not in on it like some of you have suggested. she didnt condone what happened to her or have an arrangment with him to get some pussy on the side while she recuperated her strength a few years ago. i think the thing i find so sad about this is that it of course is his child and here she is now dying and he has this young ready made family in the wings, so so sos sososososo sad. p.s. clinton may have been a whore, but at least he kept it wrapped tight, you never saw any love child come out of the wings have you?

Jasmine said...

p.s. ernestine, i am in love with you.

ablake said...

dianne p, your 3:58 post was perfect.
I agree completely. You said it much better than I could have.

Thank you

RagDoll said...

Joseph, you fool.

No one is saying that sex and love AREN'T mutually exclusive.

People are merely saying that when one makes a promise, one should KEEP IT.

Also, gender is hardly an excuse for a chronic inability to control one's bodily functions/urges. Didn't they teach us that when we were, like, two? I have the "urge" to piss like a racehorse right now, but you know what? I think I'll wait until I get to the toilet. You know? The APPROPRIATE place for that? Kinda like the APPROPRIATE place for Mr. Edwards' dick & seed are, uh...his wife, not some random idiot. You and Mr. Edwards should work on your self-control and lay off the excuse making.


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