Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Random Photos Part One

When I saw the second photo this morning, I have to say that I was crushed. Annette Funicello to me will always be the spunky Mouseketeer and to have to see her ravaged by MS as she is, just really depresses me. I honestly don't know how she is doing or if she is in good spirits, but I really do want to pass along my best wishes to her family.

A first time appearance for Alex Burns in the photos. He may want to get that cut, or rash or growth or whatever on his hand checked out.
Alan Cumming got a second job as a concierge at a gay S&M club.
I'm back and forth, cold and hot on this member of the Ronson family. One thing I have noticed is that you never saw Charlotte Ronson really invited anywhere or in an photos from events until Mark and Samantha took off. I'm not criticizing her or anything though because I would probably be doing the same damn thing.

Carmen Electra back to looking her age and lovely again. The hand in this photo is actually identified and is not the strange hand that appears every now and again in the photos. Suffice it to say that if I really liked the person, they would also be in the photo.
Ashton Kutcher made Demi laugh so hard she is going to slip a stitch.
First time appearance for Celin Carvajal.
Ben Lee - Sydney

When I was going through all the photos today, I had to do a double take when I saw this blast from the past. This is Kiera Chaplin (granddaughter of Charlie) and was involved in one of my favorite Hollywood stories of all time. I think Kiera is about 25 now, but about two years ago when she was 23 she was the president of a film production company. One that actually did make films. The name of the company was Limelight Films and she was engaged to the guy who started the company. Well, while she was president of the company, the feds came in and raided the place and shut it down. Turns out that her affianced and some other guys were using the studio as a front for laundering drug money. Now Kiera wasn't charged, but now you know why a 23 year old was the president of a company. She also owes me some bucks.

You want to see what Jurnee Smollet looked like as a kid, go watch old episodes of Full House. She certainly has changed. I have always wondered if her parents just didn't know how to spell Journey or if they were making it easier on her, or if there was some typo somewhere.
You ask and I deliver Gerard Butler. Of course to me I think this is the same outfit he was wearing last week or whenever he was last in the photos. Hopefully that is not the case.
Eddie Vedder - New York
I don't think David Blaine has ever been in the photos. I know the collective conscience of the world can handle only one famous magician at a time, but my choice would be David Blaine over Criss Angel. So, if we could go back to David, I would appreciate it.
Michael Pitt and his guest, Death.

Erin Muller's family must be so proud at the thought of the possibility of having Michael Lohan in the family someday.
Jazz hands and cowboy hats. It's Miss Korea time.
The Lundqvist family, Happy and Happier.
Last one of Katie for awhile, but go with me on this one. Change the sunglasses to a more manly pair and tell me this isn't Tom Cruise.
All of a sudden Robert Downey Jr. just got old. He didn't look this old a few months ago did he?

Robert Buckley is another first timer.
But Peter Sarsgaard has been here many times before.
As has the lovely Patricia Clarkson. Love this photo. It has a definite old Hollywood feel to it.
The first time in months that I have seen Salman Rushdie without some 20 year old on his arm.

I will let all of you decide. I do know that Miss Golden Globe looks better with shorter hair.
Another very requested guy is Robin Thicke.
And who is going to complain about Ryan Phillipe without a shirt and sweaty. Well apparently Reese since they aren't together any longer.
Remember how great Rosie Perez looked last week? Lets try and remember that and ignore the fact she looks like Shaun Cassidy here.
Zoe Kravitz is just getting even more lovely.

Love Val Emmich.
Sorry to interrupt your day with a premiere Todd Oldham.
The Fratellis - Sydney
Last time we saw Suzanne Shaw she was being named Mother Of The Year. It must have been outfits like this that impressed the judges.


selenakyle said...

HAHAHAAAA! "Michael Pitt and his guest, Death."


Nice breast bones.

...I am jealous of her arms, though...

Kat said...

Love, love, love Patricia Clarkson. The woman is awesome and made watching 'Six Feet Under' a pleasure.

I do not understand why any of the Ronsons are considered worthy of being photographed or talked about. Samantha Ronson looks like my ex-bf's father, which is kind of interesting as well as disturbing. Can't wait for that bizarre relationship to shrivel.

lutefisk said...

I guess Mark is officially the pretty Ronson.
And Zoe is indeed beautiful. Hard to believe she came from Lenny--not looks-wise but she looks so clean & normal here.

califblondy said...

I think the paps crossed the line with the picture of Annette. That is just so sad.

CarolMR said...

Poor Annette. All the best to her.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Enty, I must be flat-out honest and tell you that I find it sort of disgraceful that you'd print that picture of Annette Funicello. My mother has MS, and it essentially (and agonizingly slowly) renders a person physically helpless. My mother was the type of woman who always opened her own doors, bent down to pick up her own dropped pencils, etc. Now, she can't get anywhere without a walker or a hoveround. It's like having a cage for a body. She's only 52 years old, so I can only imagine Annette's current physical condition. To take a picture of someone in that state is unbelievably cruel (and I'm sure it'll run in the National Enquirer really soon), but to run the picture in your random photos section sort of sucks, as well.

I still love you, but that picture was jarring. Bigtime. Can we just stick to making fun of people like Eva Longoria and let Annette live out her last days with some sort of dignity? That's all.

Oh, and Death needs to eat a grilled cheese sandwich and a chocolate milkshake. Make that several of them.

Lil said...

Love the Shaun Cassidy shout out!

Da do run run run, da do run run! :-)

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Zoe Kravitz looks amazing. I love her Dad. :)

Ryan Phillippe....*swoon*..... :)

Abaddon said...

I used to love Patricia until someone who worked with her on a film told me she would tell the girls not to eat anything at the craft table. Don't get fat. Don't eat. And that she was not very nice. Love her as an actress. But that got to me a little.

Abaddon said...

Hey Ernestine: My aunt has MS (got it at 30, her prime). As does my best friends mom. Bad bad bad. It hits close to home showing that photo. Showing someone in that condition isn't cool.

Ms. said...

I am sooooo disappointed to read this about Patricia Clarkson. Just love her... especially in the Station Agent.

lutefisk said...

I'm glad to see KatE added a sweater to the ensemble--it is a cool 90 today.

Paisley said...

I agree with the above posters. Showing the paparazzi photo of Annette Funicello isn't right. She should be left in peace. Please take it down.

bionic bunny! said...

actually annette was on the news either monday or tuesday out here, i missed the story, and assumed she had passed. i was quite upset.
i don't think enty posted that pic as a cruelty. people often don't see the effects of the disease, and annette has (once she came out that she had MS) been trying to raise awareness about it. everyone loves annette, and if seeing that helps people shell out a few bucks for the cause, then hoo-ray.
montel williams is a huge fund raiser, but he still looks healthy, and not everybody likes him or even knows who he is.
i know very little about MS, but God bless annette, she's an inspiration to all of us.

califblondy said...

Has Tom cut her clothes' budget? Why in the hell is Katie wearing the same pair of jeans over and over and over? I saw a picture today where she's wearing the jeans again with a purple top and ruby slippers. Isn't it time to get Suri off the bottle?

Unknown said...

RDJ has been looking middle aged since we saw him promote Iron Man. However, his face shows character and hasn't been erased away with filler, botox, and surgery.

I like his face!!

MISCH said...


MISCH said...


Anonymous said...

I have to say, I'm with Bionic Bunny on the Funicello picture. It's sad to see, and it shows what happens with the disease. To those with loved ones, would you rather that their friends and family never see them again after they degenerate to that point? In her prime, Annette lived a public life and was a role model. People grew up with her. It's only fair that they should see where she is now, and maybe think about MS a little more.

Enough of the somber...

I'd be happy to kiss and make that booboo better Alex Burns. Then I'd kiss something else and make everything better. Yum.

Those are some serious cheekbones on the Lundqvist guy.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

"Annette lived a public life and was a role model. People grew up with her. It's only fair that they should see where she is now, and maybe think about MS a little more."

Yeeeaaah. Okaaaay...but it's not as if Annette had the choice of having that photo taken and tossed all over the internet. That's why I think it's distinctly UNfair. I would imagine that this whole situation is humiliating for her, and that she would like to have a little bit of privacy. Seeing her in this state is none of our business, unless she specifically WANTED the photog to advertise the horrible longterm effects of MS. But how many people are going to participate in charitable walks or telethons or donate to MS-related causes just because they've seen this picture? The same people who purchase supermarket tabloids and feed off sensationalized bullshit like this? Doubtful.

I still maintain that the whole thing is disrespectful. The woman has a degenerative disease. She's not a living train wreck that we should have the right to peer and point at. said...

I despise Val Emmich. He's a little bitch. ENT, I will pay you a monthly allowance NEVER to have him on the site again.

Paisley said...

I am completely with Ernestine. Annette is relatively helpless in this situation. It's not like she can run back into her house. She deserves her privacy.

Ashlae said...

''All of a sudden Robert Downey Jr. just got old. He didn't look this old a few months ago did he?''

I guess that is what happens when you stay up late at night doing drugs and drinking alcohol.

And YIKES, Katie's making her transformation as a man. If I didn't know it was her, I would've thought it was a guy.

trashtalker said...

David Blaine is a monumental ass. But so is Criss Angel. How about you show pics of The Amazing Jonathan instead?

Is Suri sad? Or scared by paps? Why is it that she rarely smiles? If little Violet Affleck were swinging on a swing, I guarantee she'd have a big smile on her face.

(P.S., Ent cut Kim K. out of the Carmen photo.)

newsgrrl said...

I love RDJr... and since I am a tad bit older than him - I can relate to just getting old :)

Sad about Annette and believe both camps are right. i would appreciated it in the sake of "kindness" to have the second photo removed.

nunaurbiz said...

ENT thank you thank you thank you for the Gerry pic!!!


DetroitRocker said...

I'm glad that someone else noticed Katie Holmes wearing the same boy jeans for the past week. They have to be getting pretty stiff.

Hmm long sleeve sweater 90 degrees. What is she hiding? Kate loves her clothes, so what's up with her fashion statement lately? Has she just given up caring? Or just doesn't want to show those needle marks?
Damn I hate seeing that bottle. If she can't control the kid now, wait a couple years. Is Suri that insecure that she can't give it up or is it to just shut her up.

Liza said...

More Alex Burns please!

I think Katie is trying to make a statement with those jeans. As in, trying to start a trend. She thinks she looks good. It's the weirdest thing.

Jasmine said...

annette was so pretty back in the day.... hmmmmm.
and ryan, i dont care if you will cheat on me eventually or not, i want to do you!

mooshki said...

My friend's mom has MS, and I think that a lot of people are really ignorant about the disease. If that picture makes even one person find out more, and maybe contribute in some way, then I'm sure Annette would be happy.

I'm sad about the Patricia story too. :(

ms snarky said...

when did Robert Downey start to look like Al Pacino??

ms snarky said...

and Rumer Willis - my friend begged me to go with her to see that god-awful X Files movie the other day, and my friend and I both remarked how much the sick kid Christian in the movie looked like Rumer Willis.


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