Friday, August 08, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Bernie Brillstein - RIP
Christopher Cross - New York
Gerard Butler and Sting in a hockey locker room. Come on. How could I make it any better. I know, I know, but haven't they already both been in FFF?
Gavin Rossdale - Seattle
Don't normally get to see Halle Berry like this and I think she looks really good. She is always pretty, but nice to see her like this.
I know everyone tells me I am supposed to think Jessica Biel is pretty and sexy, but I just don't get what all the fuss is about.

Jonas Brothers - New York
Looks like Josh Brolin and Diane Lane hugged it out.
So, according to the Enquirer, this woman is putting a little crimp
in this woman's plans. Wouldn't it just suck if Holly Madison lost out to another woman after all of this. Hef seems pretty happy with himself. Viagra must be kicking in.
Kiefer Sutherland is looking great.

"Hey Kiefer, remember when I saw you an hour ago and took photos, look, here they all are."
Next thing you know, Tom's stylist is going to tell us that now Katie is wearing Tom's dresses.
Hey Jamie. I'm down to 398 pounds now. How about that date?
I'm guessing that Joey Lawrence is laughing at himself after he caught sight of his outfit in a mirror.

Michael Madsen and his son Luke. Guess things are better in his world.

One of my favorite actors, Michael Jai White.
This is why I love random photos. Luke Wilson and Cheryl Hines. Hope he brings her for drinks as well.
What movie is it that Liv Tyler and Mena Suvari did together? Wait, I remember. It is actually in my mind, and not actually on film.

Nina Dobrev on the Dating Game. "Bachelor #1. Are you romantic?" "Same question to Bachelor #2 as well."

"Dirty, but romantic, yes."
Molly Sims looking lovely as usual.
I'm assuming that is some 50 pound weight belt around the waist of Matthew and that he is in fact, not pregnant.

It just gets worse with every photo.

Rudy Reyes makes his first appearance in the photos.
Is that shadow or did Paul Rudd shave off half his left eyebrow at some point?
So, two nights ago Nicole Scherzinger was making out with and last night back with Lewis Hamilton.
Sex tape anyone?

Tila Tequila and her new girlfriend Courtenay Semal.
Tom Arnold giving us more proof of the fact he is an idiot.
Three first timers. Sean Nelson, Jesse Williams and Harmon Walsh.
Shar Jackson and Kevin Federline were at the same party last night. So, nine months from now would be May.


CDAN Mod said...

holly madison is an adult who'll have to deal with the consequences of HER choices. even though she made those choices younger and very naive.

hef is an old dog who can't be taught and won't be taught any new tricks.

mooshki said...

Saiiiiiling... takes me away....

GB & Sting? Nice work, dude!!!

The Jonas Brothers? Seriously?

Oops, I read it wrong the first time through - thought the caption said "Brolin and Lane slugged it out."

Kiefer, I love you! (Was that a reveal, or just a joke I didn't get?)

Sorry, I don't get all the internet love for Mena's new look. And there aren't any boobies there, so that can't be the explanation...

Rumer? Seriously?

"Sex tape anyone?"
-I hate you, Enty.

WAIT, I FIGURED IT OUT!!! The reason for all the ick in the pictures must be because they are hints for the upcoming jackasses! At least you balanced it out with a good amount of the pretty.

lutefisk said...

Please someone stick a bag on Rumer.
KatE looks like she is hiding Tom under her dress, & I think Matthew M
Has his baby under his shirt, or he is breastfeeding.

jax said...

aww Bernie...thanks to him for SNL.


Halle looks like Tyra!

Biel is a mutt.

nice streets of san fran look there Keifer.

(side note...a few months ago i read on postsecret a women who confessed to orchestrating a sale of sperm from one B list movie star to another!)

Joey wtf? that outfit is douche supreme.


Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Holly Madison is a 'tard. Just a straight-up 'TARD. Her relationship was a four-way FROM THE BEGINNING, and now she's jealous of a fifth wheel?

I think it's because the new chick is a brunette, personally. Naturally brunette, I mean.

Halle is so, so, so consistently pretty!

Rumer is so, so, so consistently fugly!

Biel could still pass for Christy Turlington's less-attractive cousin, but she HAS been looking doggish since she hooked up with JT. Whither the collagen, Jess? Why DOES he fug up every single woman he's with? I don't GET it.

Those bangs need to go. Grow 'em out and pin 'em back. She appears oily: not a good look.

MISCH said...


lutefisk said...

shazzzba--what makes you think Rumer is college material, or that she even graduated high school!

surfer said...

So enty, having drinks with Luke, are you?

Anonymous said...

I'm liking the newcomers, Enty. Harmon Walsh and Rudy Reyes in particular!

Paul Rudd is ALWAYS welcome, one eyebrow or twenty.

irishstayc2 said...

Good God -Gerard, Sting and Gavin under them... what a lovely man sammich that would be... (tho me thinks Gavin just might like the bottom too too much)

Of course I would trade them all for Paul Rudd... go figure!

Brit Brit said...

Ya tila tequila and her "FRIEND" Courtney...

That other girl is way prettier than Holly madison.

and she probably doesnt speak to good of english so hef is probably happy also!

nunaurbiz said...

ENT, once again you have managed to MAKE MY DAY!

I had been hoping with all the Gerry Butler pics this week, you'd add my man to the mix and not only THAT but one with Sting as well. Do you know what that means??? I am one degree from Gerry Butler because I have met Sting, too! OMFG! Gerry and I so are going to get together!

Mwah! Luv ya ENT!

trashtalker said...

That's way more Tom Arnold than anyone needs to see.

A white V-neck tee? With a chain? Seriously, Joey -- don't ever do that again.

Liv's dress is pretty. (She looks pretty, too.)

Paul Rudd. Sigh. I really hope he's not the "fun and innocent" cheater. :(

PunkiMeowMeow said...

Great pic of Gerard and Sting!
I was at the concert last night @ MSG.
The Police ROCKED and so did the B-52's!!
Whatdaya mean they both appeared on FFF?? I didn't see Sting-me-baby on FFF....did I miss something?

Gavin is a hot daddy again to be
Hallie just gorgeous!
Poor Rumer should just stay home

selenakyle said...

I would let G. Butler and Sting do whatever the living hell they wanted to my body as long as I could drag my ravaged ass back to work the next day.

Nadine said...

Huge thanks for the Sisterhood men eye-candy. Thud.

bionic bunny! said...

geez, i dunno who he is, but he is yummy.

shazzba, sweetie, please stop yelling, we're all friends here. unlock the caps. :)

enty, 398? one word: medifast! kisses!

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Thank God some other people see Jessica Biel as an over rated, fugly opportunist. I can not seriously see why anyone thinks this chick is attractive. Bitch always looks sickly cause she's oily, hair unwashed and not a stitch of makeup on her face. All that does is make her even worse looking than she already is! Can you tell I can't stand her? Cameron and Britney looked good when they dated JT so I don't get the comment that all his girlfriends look run down in the ground on his watch. Britney especially looked great when she was with him.

Someone just kill Rumer already and have her stand next to Shar Jackson so you can off two with one bullet. The world will thank you. :)

Kiefer=always hot. The things I would do to that man! The voice is hella sexy too.

I love Diane Lane. Beautiful woman. Smokes have the women in their twenties out of the water. I wanna be her when I grow up. lol ;)

Love Halle Berry too. That is what you call a total natural beauty and I hate her for it.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

*smokes HALF the women* typo

why can't we edit damn it?!?

what is eight past six? said...

LOL, I was JUST thinking yesterday how funny it would be if Hef pulled one of his old dog tricks, decided that his "blond phase" was over and he was ready for a new set of brunettes or redheads.

Maybe Holly will at least get a nice severance package? I've heard that Kendra was investing her money, hope Holly was smart enough to the same.

Susan said...

Bionic Bunny, Rudy is a Marine who is playing himself on HBO's Generation Kill. Episode one has a scene where he is taking a standing sponge bath in his tent, and he is NEKKID! Quite possibly the most beautiful male body I've ever seen.

And if you all aren't watching Generation Kill, you are really missing an amazing show.


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