Thursday, August 07, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Mr. Blackwell, the arbiter of style is in critical condition and will probably not live. I love this guy and love the fact he didn't really suck up to anyone. If you dressed like crap, it didn't matter who you were, he let you have it.
Did Andre J gain some weight?
Cirque Du Soleil - Newark, NJ

I'm sure Bai Ling did her very best to get everyone into the Olympic spirit. Why I wouldn't be surprised if she just stripped off all her clothes and led cheers for everyone. Of course, she probably doesn't really need the Olympics as an excuse for that. If you managed to read this far, the word Olympics brought to mind the fact that since the Olympics begin tomorrow that I think it is only appropriate that FFF is entirely Olympic themed. So, get out your rings and they will show you their torches.
Did they bleach her? Probably. But they also airbrushed the hell out of the rest of her as well so which is the greater offense?
Ashanti - Los Angeles

More Javier Bardem, because honestly, I doubt you will complain.
Even if I give him to you twice.
Echo Jet - New York
"Hi, my name is Denise Austin. Most of you won't recognize me so I am making a muscle and standing out in front of The Ivy so you will notice me. Look, it worked, I'm in a blog."
Have I told everyone how much I enjoy summer? Carla Gugino looks great.
Wow, it is like someone shot her with a tranquilizer gun and she is stumbling to the finish line. On a positive note, Tom's shoes have made it back from their round the world journey.

I think if Mr. Blackwell had not been sick, John Turturro would have been at the top because I really think he is one of the best actors alive, but doesn't seem to get the attention and credit he deserves.
You know what? I am going to say I'm proud of Jamie Lynn Spears. No nannies, no drama, just a regular teenage kid with her infant hanging out at Wal-Mart.
This party Jo Garcia attended was called the Light It Up Party. Somehow I think she lost sight of that and instead thought it was Even It Up and so she came with her lopsided boobs thinking someone could help. Weak wasn't it? I really thought about saying something about the white powder on her breast and how it was renamed Snort It Up. Would that have been better?
Alan Cumming is still on probation for that god awful thing he wore yesterday, but Mena Suvari looks amazing.

There were about 20 captions I came up for this photo, but each and everyone with the exception of a Lindsay trying to look like Benji Madden joke was utterly obscene. So, please have your way with it.
Lisa Bonet on the set of Life On Mars. They better not screw up the BBC version.
Oh, the stories a Lily Allen toilet bowl could tell.
Oh, the stories. Nahh, you really can't do two toilet jokes back to back. It just doesn't work. Keanu Reeves probably uses his car anyway, or the side of a road, or a tree, or a neighbor's house. Anything really.
Why can't Scarlett just do this all the time and just give up on the whole 50's sex siren thing which she has been doing for five years.

Because nothing says Christmas like a Duchess on a fake green elephant.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Rachel Bilson has nice legs.
I think this is the first time Paula Zahn has been in the photos. I think she has been the subject of a rant, but this is the first photos appearance.
Two of my favorite writers. Nicholas Pileggi and Nora Ephron.
I have no opinion on the trial of Victoria Osteen because honestly I don't know who to believe. I will say though that Victoria does a great Denise Richards impression here.

So I'm guessing the Fabio/Molly Shannon tribute group didn't work out.
The Script - London
Stone Temple Pilots - Wantagh, NY
Do you think that right now Sienna Miller is the most disliked woman in the world?


califblondy said...

Now if you could just somehow combine Javvy with Cirque de Soleil, all my dreams would come true.

MontanaMarriott said...

Molly Shanon?
She looks like Tarantino in drag lol

Cute Little Redhead said...

Javier in that black suit!!!

Cheryl said...

No, Ent. I think Heather Mills is the most disliked woman in the world.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Keanu Reeves probably uses his car anyway, or the side of a road, or a tree, or a neighbor's house.

Is this an answer to an old blind?

Carte Blanche said...

What's up with that L'Oreal ad with B? Lighten her skin and strap some white girls dyed hair on her? Looks best just the way she is.

I don't know why, but I have a facination with the Katie Holmes ongoing train wreck storyline. I just can't get enough! Enty, if you know ANYTHING juicy about the real deal behind the Cruise machinations, I am ready for it!

Scarlett looks soooo fresh and pretty here! Please keep it up girl. Did her hair grow really quickly or does she just have it curled way too often?

I thought Sienna was "so over" the boho look?

Rhianna said...

Nature girl, Sienna is over the bo look. She's still out doing the HO look.

what is eight past six? said...

Seriously now, they made Beyonce look like a white woman. It is possible to airbrush someone without making the person look like a completely different race. Honestly Bey has done enough ads where she wasn't lightened (well, not lightened so much) that I think this might just be a one time case of really overzealous airbrushing.

However, in light of issues like this and the big deal that was made out of Vogue Italia's all black issue, it's understandable why we would have a shitfit. A lot of it is just wanting to know that it's okay to see "ourselves" in a magazine and that we don't have to be altered in order to be deemed acceptable.

I'm kind of proud of Jamie Lynn looks like she really does want to stay out of the spotlight. But let's see how long Mama Spears actually lets that last.

Why does Victoria Osteen look like she's ready to cut somebody and Joel is behind her smirking? Her expression in this picture does not help her case much. He looks like he just won an argument before they walked in ("Well honey, I've been trying to tell you, you ARE a little bit demanding at times") and he can't help but to gloat a little bit while she isn't looking at him.

voodoo said...

Just came from the Victoria Osteen vs Continental attendant trial. The race card got played on the first day! The plaintiff sez she has a hemmrodial condition and has lost her faith as a result of being roughed up by the televangelists' wife. Hmmm. Vicky deffo has an entitled attitude and I do believe she was scary, loud and pushy towards the flight attendant.

CarolMR said...

The flight attendant is suing Victoria Osteen for 10% of her net worth! Sounds like a money grab to me.

CDAN Mod said...

you know what...joel osteen has his hands full. i just know it.

i do not like the loreal ad. not one bit.

uh, little miss smoke and mirrors,

you did not get the memo enty sent out did you? no more keanu blind items. trust me i know what i am talking about. *winks*

Molly said...

Denise Austin? As in exercise guru? That may be why she's making a muscle??

what is eight past six? said...

10%? Who does she think she is, God?

That loss of faith sounds like a bunch of bull but then I don't trust televangelists anyway. How was the race card pulled? I can't see Victoria caring one way or the other. She'd have pulled a diva stunt on anyone.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

quint - Guess I missed the memo. It just reminded me of something I can't quite place.

The Adventures of... said...

- Javier is the new Clooney- more juicey the older he gets. Lucky Penelope!

- Liley Allen, what's going on with the hair, love?

- Props to: Lisa Bonet, ageing abnormally gracefully. She looks the same! ~ Mena Suvari, maybe it's the italian fiance but girlfriend suddenly looks great ~ Jamie Lynn, for just getting on with it. Hope she's enjoying motherhood ~ Carla G, older than me but I want her figure. Work it!

- Thumbs down: L'Oreal- they change everyone's voice and now on a mission to make everyone white. What's WRONG with you?? ~ Sienna, I almost hope her and Getty work out. Because the obvious scenario(crash and buurrrrn) is so likely and predictably on par- rather like Drew dashig JL

weezy said...

Rumor here in NYC is tht Holmes is preggers.

Oldest trick in the book; wife shows some spirit, gets a job that will get her some notice, and husband makes sure she's good and knocked up right as she's about to go on stage.

if it's true, I hope she can keep it quiet until a good stretch into the run. I think there are serious insurance consequences if a pregnant woman works on Broadway, tho. She's a big girl; she might be able to pull a JLo and tough it out, at least until the water breaks.

Rhianna said...

Victoria is a very good example of why I distrust and abhor organized religion. How many donations into the poor box or offering plate have gone to do her hair, nails, dress her ugly butt or up the ante of her entitlement attitude instead of helping the poor, needy, hungry, downtrodden - you know, all those kill joys that Jesus dude talked about?

As for 10% of her net worth, that's just a money grubbing bitch move. I don't care how hard she shoved you, it ain't worth 10% of anyone's net income. Add in the "loss of faith" (WTF does that mean? You think GOD told her to act like that?!?) and the hemorrhoids (bitch probably just ate too much chili) and we're into a whole new gold-digging level.

captivagrl said...

the clean look really works for scarlett. that's the best look ever. big improvement.

Unknown said...


I co-sign on your intial post. The 'Black Doll White Doll' youtube video insert is a stroke of genius.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

If anyone does NOT need to be airbrushed or photoshopped beyond recognition, it's Beyonce! I just don't get it. That woman is absolutely stunning. The people at Loreal are INSANE. She looks like Pocahontas or something in that shot.

Is Lily Allen still even relevant? Is she still big across the pond, as they say? She looks awful. Pass the drugs.

God, Scarlett. Please stay this way. You're so much less insufferable when you look like a 23 year-old girl from 2008, rather than a 38 year-old from 1954.

I dislike Sienna more than Heather Mills. Sienna ruined four childhoods. Heather's just a hardcore golddigger who failed big time.

Ha ha. I'm beginning to seriously like Lindsay since she got all sapphic on us! said...

Rhianna - that was an awesomely funny comment!

Unknown said...

Reading Bai Ling's blog is one of my favorite small random moments of the day. She's definitely a bit out there and has a clearly non-Western perspective on life, yet seems very genuine.

I think think asking for 10% of the Osteen net worth is a ploy to get the Osteens to have to file with the court paperwork that would establish what, exactly, would amount to 10% of the net worth. The Osteens may not want such a public airing of their finances, having been so richly "blessed by the Lord" and all.

lutefisk said...

Scarlett looks amazing when she is not trying so hard--& I believe those are wxtensions. Her hair seems to be very fine and just up to her shoulders.

Rhianna said...

Glad you liked it Brendalove. Nice to pay back some of the enjoyment I get out of reading other comments. :)

sandman said...

denise austin, still so perky & cute.
scarlett, looks like the girl next door.
paula zahn, very cute, adorable & doable.
sienna is the sexy slut that mom warned me about.

trashtalker said...

Why did they make Beyonce's nose bigger?

Ms. said...

Ms.Vickie Osteen was convicted & fined by the federal aviation board for her assault on the flight attendant. The lawsuit is a little bit bogus & a money grab, but Ms. Vickie set herself up for it.

Anonymous said...

Is Katie Holmes between stylists?? Looks more like Katie Homeless to me.

classalpha said...

... isn't Mr.Blackwell G_Y?

... Cirque Du Soleil = G_Y.

... the neck "bruises" in that Katie WH0RE-lmes pic look airbrushed out...

... Scarlett WH0RE-hansson looks like she's describing the Canadian *decap"Em"tating "Em"cident* to the journalists...

... Lindsay WH0RE-han is sniffing her fingers... trying to figure out what her Lezzzzzzzz-bian "lover" had for *lunch*. I have a feeling *it* was tuna.

... I could care less about the 'OTHER' pseudo-"celebs" in the rest of those pics...

classalpha said...

... to "ms"...

... assaulting a flight attendant or any member of a flight crew is a FEDERAL OFFENSE... often punishable by mandatory jail time AND A FINE. It HAS-BEEN for DECADES... and not just since *9/11*. So Get Over It.

DetroitRocker said...

I have that feeling that ent has been giving us a lot of answers to his blinds. Keanu Reeves must be from that blind about the guy looking in neighbor's windows.

Also I believe he is from the blind that is taking Toothy Tiles place about doing it out in the open with another guys, and he wants to come out. He could also be the drunk that showed up for a reading. What do you guys think?

DetroitRocker said...

Well darn if Katie is preggo she can't be from the blind about the girl shooting up. Still a sweater in NYC when it has been sooo hot? How can she be preggo, she doesn't pay any attention to the child she has. Did anyone else see her at the park with her daughter on the swings.

The whole time she was swing the kid, she was on the phone with someone else. The little girl NEVER cracked a smile. Wow what fun is that? She wants to bring another child into that fake marriage? She better hurry up and get this kid off the bottle.

I say when their old enough to make their own bottle, it's time to take them off it.

Damn that picture of Lo-hand smelling her fingers was to much information for me.

schneefloeckli said...

So the A lister who keeps walking around looking into his neighbours' houses is Keanu and not Mel Gibson then?

merrick said...

I thought Lindsay was making the international sign for cunnilingus...

digawina said...

Ernestine - Don't forget the 3 kids from the Jude Law/Sadie Frost marriage who now have a broken home as a result of her and Jude diddling (didn't that marriage end due to that affair? I could be wrong). Anyway, the "kids who now have broken homes" count may just be 7 for Sienna.

I agree, Heather Mills is at least just a straight-up gold digger.

mooshki said...

Aw, he-who-shall-not-be-named says that Mr. Blackwell regained consciousness and was able to talk with his partner. I'm so happy for them. If he is dying, it will mean so much for them to have a chance to say goodbye. My dad never regained consciousness after his hospitalization, and I wish I had had a chance to talk to him one last time.

RagDoll said...

Detroitrocker--yah, Reeves was outed by Ent as the one who showed up hammered to the reading, and then passed out drunk and had to be carted off the next night by some employee.

I think this is the "peeping tom in the gated community" blind that Ent is slyly pinning on Reeves. "peeing tom," Ent? Ha ha ha eewww!! If I caught that scuzzwad peeping into my window, his face would DEFINITLY meet the usiness end of my hunting rifle. Maybe the sixteen gauge would be strong enough to blow that icky ball of earwax out, too... (retching, here)

lutefisk said...

Mooshki--sorry to hear about your dad.

devildana said...

I think LiLoLesBo is DONE
Slutty Miller is going to get spit on from me when I catch up to her. I wouldn't let her slurp the cum out of my dead dog's ass. I hope that she dies impaled on top of a feces infected rusty iron rod, and has her ass split open from the rotting cock of an escaped convict, and he fills her mouth with vomit and shit.
Katie is dust of my shit

devildana said...

sorry I forgot precious Vicky..
I would like to see her head in a bowl of maggots and bile.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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