Friday, December 19, 2008

Be Careful Emma

I like Emma Watson. I like the way her parents have raised her and whenever she has taken a step out of line they manage to reign her back in. She seems fairly normal. So, I am hoping that what she said in a recent interview with USA Today is actually what she means and is not some fanciful thing that makes me want to call her out. In the interview she said that even though she is worth about $20M she has no need for money and really doesn't care about it.

OK, she is 18 and she does still live at home and so any 18 year old would probably say the same thing. I get that part. Fine. But, also I don't think she is asking her parents for $10, or since is British, a tenner to go out with her friends to the pub that night. She doesn't have a need for money because whenever she would probably need some for a new dress or evening gown or clothes or products that most 18 year old kids would beg their parents for or work 40 hours a week to pay for, she gets for free. Oh, and most 18 year old kids are not shopping at Kitson either.

I always find it very funny when rich people say they have no need for money. It's ridiculous. There is always a need for money. I much prefer rich people who are honest and say something like, "money isn't the most important thing, but it's much nicer than not having any." See, that is honest.

So, because of who she is and her past behavior, I am going to give Emma a break on this one and give her the benefit of the doubt. But, I am keeping my eye on you Miss Watson. I don't want to see you get all Lindsay on me when you leave home because that would be really disappointing.


Anonymous said...

It would be terrible if she spiraled down like Lindsay.

ms_wonderland said...

No she's not going the Lindsay route. Like Ent says, Emma has had a childhood with parents who have not treated her as the family cash cow or indulged her too much.

I see her comment about money as meaning she doesn't desire or run after it. Emma has had no experience of not having money, so it's not that important to her. Right now, she's a teenager who has all she wants, so more is irrelevant.

Maja With a J said...

If she, in a few years or sooner, still feels that she "doesn't need it", I know plenty of people who do. I saw a few of them sleeping outside in -14F when I left for work this morning. So screw you, Emma Watson, if you don't care for money, GIVE IT AWAY. I dare you.

I really hate it when rich people say things like that, because it only makes poor people feel even poorer, and hungrier, and colder.

"Money doesn't make you happy". Whoever said that has never been really fucking hungry.

ureallyannoyme said...

eh. She's young, and it "reads" well. Just another public service announcement from the journalists at USA Today.

West End Girl said...

Bravo Harriet!

ItsJustMe said...

You go, Harriet!!!

__-__=__ said...

So where is her philanthropy? Where is her parent's philanthropy? Just what happened to those days when people opened libraries and put up money for school buildings and hospitals and stuff like that?!?!!? Helped sick children?? Fed hungry animals?? What happened???

Jesse D said...

Ahh come on! That's not all she said. Stop taking things out of context!!
"The wealth side of it hasn't hit me yet because I have no need for money in my life. I still live at home. I eat meals with my family every night. I don't go out a huge amount. I don't really travel a lot," she says.

She sees her accumulated wealth as something akin to the invisibility cloak that Harry Potter dons at the Hogwarts school to sneak around incognito.

"My life will not be motivated by money. I will never do a film because they're going to pay me a certain amount of money. It's liberating," she says. "It means that I can hopefully make great choices."

KellyLynn said...

That makes a lot more sense to me, Jesse D. Of course, it also comes across as a bit snobby.

KellyLynn said...

(Emma's comment comes across as snobby, not Jesse's. I figured I should clarify.)

Maja With a J said...

If by "snobby" you mean "smug", then YES.


Carte Blanche said...

She's an independently rich girl from a well-off family (parents are lawyers, she lives in Oxford).

I think she's young, with little "tough world" experience and has no idea how smug she really sounds.

Ignorance is Bliss.

bionic bunny! said...

what nature girl said.

Unknown said...

She truly really has no need for money -- it lives in the background of her life and doesn't dominate her like it does with other people.

This just shows that her parents raised her right.

I don't think she meant to be smug or snotty.

I think being English gives her that natural, naive way of looking at things that we don't see in Hollywood teens.

Lisa (not original) said...

Makes perfect sense that she wouldn't care about or need something that she has plenty of. Evidently, she doesn't have a black hole where her soul should be that needs to be filled with "stuff". Wonderful for her!

shakey said...

I dunno. She claims she has no need of it because she lives at home, etc. yet there she is - shopping at Kitson, or at Fashion Week in Paris/NY/Milan. Wearing the best of clothes.

The comment the newspaper made is quite funny: "She sees her accumulated wealth as something akin to the invisibility cloak that Harry Potter dons ..." She only takes it off for the paps?

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