Wednesday, December 17, 2008

He Just Wanted Leggings

Apparently last night someone just could not take pressure from their daughter anymore. I see it all the time on the faces of parents whenever I am walking through stores. The please look followed by the 34 other pleases and why such and such product or item is crucial to their life. They get louder and louder and more urgent until one parent finally snaps and heads off to the liquor aisle for some sustenance while the other parent either meekly gives in to the child or just takes the child and leaves the store.

Well, a 38 year old man was arrested last night in Arizona after lunging at Lindsay Lohan. That's right. Lunging is now a crime. What should be a crime is that Lindsay is so out of her 15 minutes that she followed Samantha Ronson to a club in Arizona where Samantha played records. This all happened as Lindsay was leaving the club. The guy tried to get through the wall of security blanketing Lindsay and Samantha because hey, they need blanketing. He was thwarted in his effort and was arrested for disorderly conduct.

My guess is that his daughter just wanted a pair of leggings and instead of going to the store, he just decided he was going to ask Lindsay for a pair personally. Makes sense right? Yeah, it's a bit of a stretch, but it passes for news today. How do we know he was even lunging for Lindsay. Maybe the guy had a thing for one of the security guards. Maybe Lindsay just happened to be standing there and because she is the big celebrity, the world assumes the guy was lunging after her. Maybe it was Michael Lohan in disguise trying to get close to Lindsay so he could borrow couple of bucks before that sale on fish net shirts is over.


Unknown said...

I'm a "take the child and leave the store" kind of parent, and the hubby is the one who'll give in. That's why every time the PLEASE!!!!!!!! rain starts, he slips away to another aisle, so he won't have to deal with it... :/

palealebrew10 said...
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palealebrew10 said...

It must really suck to be Lindsay Lohan. Even on the worst of days, when I come across her picture or read about her, I always have that for consolation.

selenakyle said...

There is NOTHING for her to be famous for any longer.

Not pretty. Not producing anything of value.

She is not entertaining on any level, other than our continued rehab/meltdown/klepto/binge/gay watch.

She needs to go away and be adequite somewhere else!!!

jax said...

she needs to get on the horn and beg tina Fey to write her another Mean Girls type of script.

otherwise get on the thigh highs and get down to West Hollywood.

bionic bunny! said...

poor guy. what if he just tripped over his shoe laces?

Hervana said...

Lunge....what a marvellously evocative word.

shakey said...

Why didn't the guy just grow a backbone and say no to his daughter?

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