Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Do You Think?

Here is something I don't think I have ever thought of before and I am wondering as readers which you find more interesting. I was reading an article in In Style, because, yes, I really do like to know everything that is going on and also it is the easiest way to use frequent flyer miles when they are expiring. Need 24 issues of Earthworm Magazine? No, I really don't, but at only 500 frequent flyer miles why the hell not. So, as a result I now have about 20 magazine subscriptions and a lot of very angry looks from the mailman. Do you know how much they hate dragging W around?

Anyway, when I first glanced at it, I almost threw it away because Kate Hudson is on the cover. Does she still sell magazines, because I can't think of anything good she has been in for a very long time. In the magazine Kate says she enjoys being single and is in no rush to find a boyfriend. She likes dating different guys.

OK, so here is the question for all of you. I think Kate dates lots of guys not because she is trying to find the one, but because each time she goes out with a new guy there is a fresh wave of publicity that washes over our actress who does not have a career anymore. Do you think her strategy, which we will call the Aniston after its founder works better than the other strategy which is to find someone and rely on the when are they getting married stories to follow. If you need an example look at Reese and Jake or Justin and Jessica. For now just suspend your disbelief at either relationship and just look at what interests you more.

I think the Aniston works the best just because there are only so many things you can write about when someone becomes a couple. You can do the looking for rings or houses or wedding dresses and if someone is pregnant or cheating. That's about it. Plus, it takes several months for all of those scenarios to come out. On the other hand if you date someone new every three weeks you are always going to get new publicity. What do you think? Which one works best?


Lisa (not original) said...

I think both have had their "soulmate" illusions shattered and haven't found another to fill that void. Either that or it's a "kill it before it kills you" defense mechanism?

__-__=__ said...

Madonna has been a lesson to us all. What would Kate loose if she married???????

Unknown said...

I always thought Kate Hudson was fugly. I know that didn't answer the question, but she is!

MontanaMarriott said...

Hmm I prefer the "Hilton" which guy is she f*cking this evening? It keeps you in the tabs and everyone gets hungry to find out who your next victim of the night will be

canadachick said...

i think both can provide mileage...the Reese fauxmance - oh they're in separate countries...Reese flies to meet Jake...Oh jake misses Reese....blah blah.Then there's the inevitable bump watch for couples so lots of press.

But a manslinger gets tons of press too....hmmm a real head scratcher Enty old boy !! But i'm guessing little Katie has lots more fun than Reese wink wink

GladysKravitz said...

I think Anniston works the best. Truly--she hasn't done anything in years, and yet there she is on the cover of GQ. Reese has won an Oscar and she's not on any covers, naked or not.

But the most publicity of all comes from a Sienna or a Hilton maneuver. On the other hand, so do the most diseases.

jax said...

having a shred of talent and getting in a fucking movie and then acting your ass off.
thats what works.

Anonymous said...


mooshki said...

And you call me naive, Jax. ;)

Unknown said...

I think Kate is telling the truth -- she loves being a manslinger, as Canadachick mentions above, and has no need or desire to settle down with one man. Much like Cameron Diaz.

Kate's playing the field and having a good time; the only difference between her and us is that she's famous and gets the attention, which she loves, of course.

Down the road, of course, there will be a few more marriages, but like all the older actresses, will end up alone in her later years with no prospects.

She may as well enjoy her youth while she can.

jax said...

i never called you naive, i said you like to see the good in everyone. that's not naive thats positive...something i dont subsribe to lately. lol.

KellyLynn said...

I think she's just developed a persona in her head of a new-age hippie, and monogamy doesn't go well with that. Whatever.

Unknown said...

Sure, she gets more publicity, but is her work respected? Is Aniston's? What about every other slutty actress out there? If you want a career, be careful what publicity you seek. This would make for a more interesting discussion.

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