Friday, December 19, 2008

I Feel Bad For Jermaine Dupri

There are lots of reasons I feel bad for Jermaine Dupri. I think first and foremost is that he has to interact with Michale Jackson. I think that would be uncomfortable for most people. I mean think about if you were to meet him. The first five seconds would be ok, but then after that, all of these things would start flashing through your head and I think that would be awkward. That and the burka and him peering at your kid through the eye part would be a bit unsettling as well.

Apparently this thing called the internet and all the blogs decided last week that Janet Jackson was pregnant. While I will admit there is a group e-mail list of about the top 100 blogs and celebrity sites, I will say that none of us have ever conspired to make Janet Jackson pregnant. Oh sure, Jesus over at Drunken Stepfather has wanted to make Janet pregnant, but I don't think he really shared his plans with all of us. So, last week Jermaine was telling the world that Janet was not pregnant.

This week, the rumors have all been that he and Janet split up after four years together. So, again he got onto his blog and denied all of those reports. Next week the plan is to say that Michael and Janet are having a baby in order to create the perfect singing and dancing specimen. At that point Jermaine will probably just give up denying everything and just give in to all of the celebrity bloggers and tabloids and let us just say whatever the hell we want.

I do think that it is kind of interesting that Janet herself has never said anything. How come she never gets on the internet or talks to her fans. Maybe Jermaine is protesting a little too much. Maybe Janet is pregnant, but not by him and that is the reason they broke up. That is a good story. OK, I'm sticking with that one.


mooshki said...

At first I agreed with the people saying he should just shut up about it all, then I had second thoughts - he's just posting about his life on his own blog - isn't his fault the gossips are spreading it around.

Anonymous said...

There's a group email list of the top 100 blogs?

That's what I found most interesting about this post.

twunty mcslore said...

He's a creepy troll and she has always been secretive. Remember that marriage she never talked about?

mooshki said...

DN, I missed that! That's what I get for skimming. Holy crap! I've gotta get a hacker friend to look into it. :)

stiffkittens said...

I wonder if she'll pawn this baby off to her sister too? It'll be horrible if she keeps this one (assuming she's knocked up) and her older daughter finds out who her mother really is. Resentment is too small a word...

jax said...

wow El thanks for bursting the bubble that bloggers actually worked to get good info.
nice to know they just sit back and wait for the emails.

mooshki said...

Jax, WORK?! Did Sherry Johnston share her meth with you? LOL!

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