Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ever Heard Of Cop Rock?

For those of you who are a certain age or older you probably have heard of the television show Cop Rock. You have probably heard about it despite the fact you probably never saw it. It was created by Stephen Bochco, who at the time had LA Law on the air and Doogie Howser and so he was the man who get anything on the air. So, he came up with the precursor to NYPD Blue. It was called Cop Rock and was actually an hour long cop drama interspersed with musical numbers. Although it was actually halfway decent, no one really liked watched it and they only filmed 11 episodes. I'm not sure if all of those 11 aired, but it was not a pretty picture.

So, when I read today that Fox gave the greenlight to a show called Glee which is supposedly a sitcom and is going to have 3 songs per half hours, I decided they lost their mind. I just guess I am not creative enough to figure out how they will do three production numbers in 22 minutes of air time and still have a plot line for a situation comedy. Talk, laughtrack, sing. Repeat three times.

Plus, Fox ordered 13 episodes which means by my math they will need 39 original songs which means that half of them will suck probably because that is too many. Go count how many songs are in two Broadway musicals combined and it will be less than 39 songs and they had months, if not years to make them good, and they still don't always hit their mark. If a song sucks on this show, people will click their remotes and will not return. I just don't see the concept working at all.


dreadpiratecuervo said...

I resent being called "of a certain age or older." I remember the commercials but never watched this mess.

selenakyle said...


Bollywood has infected Hollywood!

Gives me the heebie jeebies when people just break out into song, unless it's South Park, then it's OK.

mooshki said...

I watched one episode. Yes, I also slow down for car wrecks.

Forget Cop Rock, did they learn nothing from Viva Laughlin?!!!

Catwoman, "What would Brian Boitano do?"

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Cop Rock.

Don't think I will even watch Glee if it's a musical or part musical. I really can't stand musicals.

Anonymous said...

I had high hopes for Viva Laughlin, and I didn't make it through the first episode (I don't even think I stayed to see Hugh Jackman). I've heard that the original British version (Viva Blackpool) was better.

And Ent, I doubt they're going to go with original songs. It'll be cheaper to just pay the licensing on standards.

bionic bunny! said...

lol@mooshki! i have the soundtrack in my car!

this REALLY sucks when you remember that "pushing daisies" has been yanked off the air!

Jerry said...

Like Mooshki I also watched it once but even MY masochism has limits.

As far as it being a precursor to NYPD Blue, I think a better candidate for that description would have been Hill Street Blues.

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