Thursday, December 18, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

No one was really just totally deserving of the top spot, so by random chance it goes to Alyssa Milano who with that new hair style looks like she is trying to channel Leah Remini.

A nice little gaggle of celebrities lining up behind Amanda Peet.
Not the greatest photo of Cameron Diaz ever, but it's better than the bright red lipstick look she had earlier in the week.
Since Eric Balfour was such a good sport about the hat thing, I thought I would put him in without the hat this time.
Just because as cold as it was last night, Eva sucked it up and went with something that I know she must have been freezing in.
Probably my favorite photo of the day. Jacinda Barrett and Gabriel Macht.
Well I will say that Jenny McCarthy goes all out for Jim Carrey's premieres. Now she just needs some of her own.
It has been a long time since I have seen a photo of Jennie Garth where she was not wearing makeup. Still really pretty.
Reader Photo #1 - I will let her explain why she is dressed like that. Great story.
And reader photo #2.
Honestly, when I first saw this photo late last night, I thought it was Amy Adams and not Scarlett J. What did Scarlett change?
It's the Zooey. Hey, I just saw Elf so I had to put her in.
But, to give equal time I also put in Emily Deschanel as well.


MontanaMarriott said...

She sure does look like Leah.

Cameron hailing a cab, wow what happened no car service?? Does she have money woes?? Wooooww

Jenny is waiting for her pay day but after Lauren Holly I am sure Jim will make her sign a pre-nup, IF they even get to marriage.

Is it the hair color or style?? Scarlett does look different though


BTW love the early random pics, Enty, hopefully this means the BI is going to be off the chain!

amh.producer said...

where was reader 2 taking the picture?
Loved reader 1's photo too. This is why I don't send mine in! :-)

and I thought it was the hair on Scarlett too but maybe it's more?

deity2 said...

Ha ha ha!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the reader pics.....especially #2!!!!!
Everyone is so creative here!!!!!

lutefisk said...

Scarlett definitely looks more refinded in the face. Iy looks like she had her cheek implants removed & smaller ones put in.

twunty mcslore said...

I'm the goofball with the green bow in my hair. It was taken at an earlier incarnation of a Rupaul Xmas special for British TV. Kind of a Laugh-In knock off. I was so terrible in it that any hopes of a career in show business came to a screeching halt and I moved back to Ohio. And THANK YOU GOD, you can't find it on youtube!

mooshki said...

Awesome reader pics! Can't wait to hear the stories! :)

YAY! Double Deschanel! I've gotta remember to Netflix "Elf" before Christmas.

twunty mcslore said...

And where are Scarlett's boobs? Did Ryan eat them?

Maja With a J said...


jw12 said...

lol@ harriet!! Cool reader pics.

I think Scarlett's eyebrows are fuller.

selenakyle said...

Yeah, Hollywood Tuna is wondering where ScarJo's boobies went, too.

I think they are just minimized in that dress. said...

If you look at Cameron Diaz's picture closely, it is easy to see what she is going to look like when she is old.

nancer said...

i think scarlett looks gorgeous---but i think it's just hair and makeup. i can't see her messing with her face and she doesn't need to.

the zooey is so damn cute.

mygeorgie said...

"Reader pic #2" here:Yay Ent! You're the best. Hugs/kisses Thanks for posting my pic on such a freaking cold day here in Canada (it's -27 in Calgary)You've warmed my heart as usual.

This pic was taken on our summer road trip last year. Canadian Rockies just outside Calgary, between Banff & Jasper. It's one of many glacier fed lakes (very cold!)Scenery is like this for 8 hrs straight, no kidding. You must all make the trip. So, so beautiful. Drop by during Stampede & you'll really have a good time. I just loved the irony of this backdrop with my daughter, before she 'graduated' to thongs. No more granny panties for her, oh no. This photo will be payback during those "I'm classier than you" years.

Anonymous said...

Alyssa looks different. Don't like what she is wearing.

Cameron Diaz - Don't like her and are those cheek bones really hers.

Eric B. needs his hat back on lol.

Isn't that yellow dress on Eva more for summer time?

What a pretty name Jacinda.

Jenny looks like a wanabe Marilyn.

Reader #1 - cute and the story is funny :D.

Reader #2 - R U in Colorado?

jax said...

Enty why do you still do a PArt One when you no longer do a part Two?
just curious.

reader photo 2- been there its amazing!

Ice Angel said...

Great Zooey pic...thanks!

Maja With a J said...

Hey Kimpim, I'm in Calgary too! And yes, it's freaking cold. I wore snowpants to walk to the c-train. I wasn't sexy.

jax said...

snowpants are sexy..its the C-train that is

audrey said...

We had snow if Vancouver yesterday. Not a lot, just enough to cause complete and utter chaos on the roads because no one wants to slow down or put proper tires on their tricked out rides. And yes--I wish it would rain.

Cameron Diaz hasn't looked good in a long time.

mygeorgie said...

Jax: Too funny. The Ctrain, like all public transit is a big 'ole reminder you are NOT a celeb, never will be. TTC is worse.

Seems I got my payback early. Showed my daughter her infamous pic. She is mortified. In her words, "OMG! I'm wearing FULLS!"


deity2 said...

KimPim ..#2...your pic gave me great laughs , please tell your daughter we were laughing with her....not at her!!!
Twunty Mcslore.....LOved it, and the great story behind it.....NOW spill some gossip!!!!
Oh yeah.... Enty.... missed you on facebook....kept saying you were on...but not hide or hair of you.....were you playing the games??!!! :-)

Charlene said...

If I have to read one more Californian whining about how "cold" it was there because it isn't 93 in the shade I will scream.

It's been below zero F here for three weeks.

twunty mcslore said...

deity2, I have some juicy stuff but I can't spill on my friends, one day....I will say that I admire enty's descretion because I did tell him some stuff that he kept to himself.

sassafrass said...

Reader pic #1 reminds me of Mary Pickford.

snoog said...

I was guessing Bow Lake near Num-Ti-Jah Lodge, Kimpim.

PJ Nelson said...

Re: Scarlett - I think it's the part of her hair as well as the color - the part is way lower than I have ever seen.

mygeorgie said...

Snoog, you're awesome. I looked it up and alas, that's the place. Sadly, I couldn't remember the name. I remember the red roof & a cagillion chipmunks. In the summer the lake is like glass and for sure looks photoshopped in our amateur pics. We happened upon it simply by following the much appreciated 'washroom' signs on the hwy. We parked, followed a trail & BAM! This beauty hits you in the face. Thx to you, I can return next year :)

It's cold everywhere: Eggnog & Hot Rum all 'round!

Unknown said...

I think ScarJo has new veneers. Her mouth looks much horsey-er in recent photos. I think she has also lost some weight.

Jasmine said...

hey there canadians! i do live in california charlene, and i do complain about how cold it is ( 40 degrees right now!) but i think its all relative. i went to louisana 4 years ago in august and i wanted to die- the heat felt like a wool blanket shoved in my face. but the natives were sweaty but nonchalant about the whole thing. As a californian our bodies are used to a certain mode- when it is 40 degrees only a handful outta the year it makes many here feel out of whack. I tried to wear my flip flops through the rain and so far have gotten sick a few times. I hate the cold! But i know its not as bad as canada.

Jasmine said...

p.s. scarjo definitly went venneered out. It changes the structure of your whole face. Also, are emily and zooey related? i diddnt know that...

snoog said...

I live in Banff, Kimpim so I thought I knew that place. LOL I haven't been there when it's looked like that but we use a pic from there in our work brochures from a slightly different angle and no granny panties.

jlb said...

Elf & Scrooged - best holiday movies ever.

mygeorgie said...

Jib, I agree!

Buddy: "Wait! I forgot to give you a hug!"

mooshki said...

Jax, I kinda wish Enty would do the pics in two parts again. It's hard to comment when there are so many in one post! :)

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