Monday, December 15, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

One of my favorite photos I saw today and two very deserving subjects for the top spot. Anne Meara and Doris Roberts.
Definitely one of the funniest people alive. Amy Sedaris.
Brendan Fraser just looks thrilled to be on the red carpet in Dubai. Hell, they probably paid for him to be there and he still can't muster a smile.
Ummm. Yeah. When I look at Cameron Diaz here I am kind of reminded of Jack Nicholson as the Joker. I'm not sure that was what she was going for though. I did hear that Shrek on Broadway will probably make about a gajillion dollars.
Never let it be said that Carmen Electra won't do whatever it takes to make a buck.
In my continuing comparison to movies, when I see Chris Klein here in this photo it reminds me of Bill Murray in Kingpin. Distract everyone from the front by keeping it really long in the back.
Courtney Love looks like she went digging through Mary Kate Olsen's closet, but otherwise she looks pretty good for Courtney.
Apparently Italian television is premiering a new show, not about Rudolph, but I think Patch Adams. It is called Clown Doctor, so I'm guessing that is what it is about.
One of the more random photos of the day. Darius Rucker and Julianne Hough.
Hef's two kids from the January issue of Playboy.
Santa looks awfully damn jolly. I guess he and Mrs. Claus made the reindeer sleep outside last night if you know what I mean.
This is not really how I wanted to start my Monday. It is kind of like looking in the mirror in the mornings.
Now I need to go try and find this clip of Kevin James from Spike's video game awards because it looks funny. I'm going to guess he fell.
In our staged but pretend its not stage photo of the day we have Kate Walsh. Kate was coming from her next door neighbor's house with a plant they gave her. What a funny coincidence that a pap just happened to be there when Kate emerged from their house with a poinsettia, perfectly done hair and a bad week publicity wise.
Somehow Nicolas Cage has managed to grow thicker hair since the last time he was in the photos. Maybe he should pass along his tips or his doctor to Chris Klein.
Ahhh, the annual Netflix guide to giving. They will put their logo everywhere to have us know how much they care about charity.
Why I bet you didn't know they also produced all the green peppers in the world did you?
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2
Ray Romano and Adam Sandler on the sideline of the Jets game. I really wish someone would have posed them in the famous Jessica Biel pose from the football sideline.
And my final movie comparison of the day. If you saw the movie RV you will know why I find this pose from Rachel Stevens so funny.
Yeah, it's Goldie and Salma, but the reason I posted the photo is the woman to our left. Look how she appears to be holding her breath as she goes in for the cheek to cheek kiss.
Lookie here. It's Sarah Larson. I'm not exactly sure why she would be invited to events, but apparently she is.
Snow Patrol - Los Angeles
The Weilands. I am loving Scott's hat.
The Cure - Los Angeles
The Killers - Los Angeles


nancer said...

does reader #2 know there appears to be a wild turkey climbing up the stairway behind her?

lutefisk said...

the two reader photos are especially sweet today.

Molly said...

or a cat climbing down the stairs behind her?

cute kiddles and reader pics!

Somehow Nicolas Cage has managed to grow thicker hair since the last time he was in the photos.

but he hasn't managed to grow thicker skin or he wouldn't have whined about kathleen turners book.

Emma31 said...

"does reader #2 know there appears to be a wild turkey climbing up the stairway behind her?"


Oh Robert Smith is looking bloated!

amh.producer said...

when did Brandon Flowers of the Killers get so freakin' hot?!?!

and great reader pics... it's why I won't send mine in! :-)

merrick said...

love love love salma's dress, she looks stunning!!
The reader photos are too cute for words!!
and Jack Black .. only a man secure with himself would let that photo out in public .. but that is why he is the MAN!

Blondie's Realm said...

Scott's hat is great but I am digging his wifes neon green band-aid!!

Anonymous said...

Robert Smith is looking quite unhealthy.

Kate Walsh may be posed, but she look fantastic. I like the short hair.

I could have gone my life without seeing Jack Black in tighty whities.

selenakyle said...

I know Hef's boys are still just pimply-faced teenagers, and I don't mean to be catty, but it's funny how an such an unbelievably hot-looking mother can produce such basic-looking offspring.

Cannot WAIT to see what kind of shenanigans these two get into in the coming years...

Anonymous said...

ah the Weilands.... crazy and crazier. he's the one who trashed the hotel and she's the one who burned his clothes... true love!

bflogurl said...

Dear Scott Weiland,

Please lay of the crack/coke/meth/booze/acid. Please gain at least 30 lbs and sit on a rocking chair, singing your heart out unplugged and sexy as ever.


jlb said...

wow is Brendan Fraser bloated...not attractive at all.

LOL Romano/Sandler pose - that was Gold Ent.

Scott Weiland's hat reminds me of the hat in the J.Peterman catalogue...the urban sombrero?

Charlene said...

Hef's kids are virtually clones of their father. Also ugly as a bag of nails.

How sad when your name is Hefner and you need to be rich to get laid.

bionic bunny! said...

lol@ the wild turkey! it DOES look like that at first glance!
second glance reveals your everyday ordinary tortiseshell cat, darn!
lovely readers and babes, though!

bionic bunny! said...

oh, and i SO get the RV reference, ent!

BlackseatDriver said...

The juxtaposition of Robert Smith of the Cure and Brandon Flowers of the Killers seems a little contrived..what's the message here?

Unknown said...

Brandon Flowers is one of my top 5. said...

okay, I'm so confused. That is definitely NOT Scott Weiland's wife. I've been able to determine that yes, he and the wife (the crazy one) did break up, but who is THIS chick?

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

THAT'S Robert Smith?!?! Daaaamn. Homeboy is haggard. I saw the Cure in high school, and it still stands as one of the absolute best experiences of my LIFE. There wasn't a single song I wanted to hear that they didn't play.

Unknown said...

I believe Brendan Fraser will be doing the one man play "The Val Kilmer Experience" off-Broadway next year.

Unknown said...

obvious Carmen Electra reveal as the C list actress who is now an overseas prostitute

Winston Ono said...

Why can't Robert Smith just embrace his fat old man self and get rid of that hair?? It was hot on a 20 year old but is way pathetic on a 40 year old.
And I agree, the reader pics are sweet today.

hotchacha said...

That guy from the Killers is looking very Ricky Martin in that shot.

Poor Robert Smith. That's the thing about rocking a goth look; it's so tough to age with. I just want to scoop him up and give his hair a protein treatment under a steam cap. If we gave him a makeover, what look would you guys go with for him?

Brendan Fraser, your hair scares me. As does your bloat face.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Definitely one of the funniest people alive. Amy Sedaris.

It runs in the family. Have you ever gone to a David Sedaris gig? Funniest. Shit. Ever.

These pix of rockers are from Los Angeles are from KROQ's Acoustic Christmas and Weiland sounded like shit Saturday night with STP. He sounds like he needs about a month of voice rest and to lay off the cigs. Didn't catch him solo on Sunday, hopefully he had a little more energy. No Offspring pix, ENT?

Robert Smith. Wow. Just wow.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

The blonde with Weiland is KROQ DJ Kat Corbett.

stiffkittens said...

Scott Weiland + The Cure <3 <3 <3

Ms. said...

@ Ernestine: Good to see you again :-)

@ Bionic bunny: Read up on Any Sederis on IMDB and she has a bunny (a mini rex) and is very active in bunny org. House Rabbit Society.

@ selenakyle: funny thing about the Hef kids - this is the first time I recall hearing about them in years. They might be/turn out to be balanced given they've been surrounded by the 'forbidden' their entire lives.

It's kind of like the teenagers in Europe -- they're not binge drinking like teenagers in North America because they've grown up with wine/alcohol as an accepted part of life, not something forbidden until one is of age. European (not UK) teens know how to go out and have a drink or two and not get falling down drunk.

Maybe Hef's boys won't have the urge to be the Paris/Lindsay of their social set because of their exposure to their parents' lifestyles/careers. (Sorry for the essay).

Ms. said...

@ Reader #1 and #2.
Identify yourselves, please :-)

Unknown said...

Brendan fraser is really looking rough around the edges, i cant believe i used to have a major crush on him:P

laesmralda said...

Hi! I am reader number two and that is hilarious that the cat looked like a turkey to some of you guys! Good to meet you all!

GossipTank said...

thanks for the brandon pic enty :)

B626 said...

Amy Sedaris
She is so funny but
dangerous looking too.
Doesn't she have a lawsuit pending against her for secretly videotaping in the
closet frenemies doing out of the closet things in private? I forgive her...

Brendan Fraser:
You're in the (multi)Million Dollar Club, get the best personal trainer/sylist around and USE them.Now.

Nic Cage:
Less Weatherman, more Ghostrider

Cameron Diaz:
How can you be that rich and go to such a substandard plastic surgeon?
Or do you surround yourself with people who only tell you how great you look?Yup.

Goldie Hawn:
Always that big opened mouth guffaw for the cameras.The glare off the frosted lipstick actually helps.

I want the Scott Weiland of the early 90's back. In his 1st interview with Rolling Stone he described his 'worst date' about a girl he brought to a friend's barbeque.In the middle of the evening she ran off down the middle of the street, screaming, arms in the air. Think that started all this drug stuff.

Molly said...

ms., don't hold your breath. it seems like most of the readers want their pics posted but aren't willing to say who they are. i don't think anyone even commented on the last reader pic posted. people are losing interest.

mooshki said...

I'm not losing interest. :) I may not comment, but I always enjoy seeing them! Of course, it's more fun when people identify themselves, but it's neat to see the faces behind a few of the thousands (tens of thousands? hundreds of thousands?) of readers we know are out there. It makes the community feel more "real."

And, no offense to Enty, but the "wild turkey" discussion was one of the funniest things I've seen on CDAN. :)

laesmralda said...

No offense Molly, but I have seen pretty much everyone who has had their picture posted, tell us that was them. Me included, so sorry it wasn't right at the beginning of the comments, but I am living in Germany right now. So when I finally get to read the blog and see that my picture had been posted, it had been awhile. So again, I am the picture with the "wild turkey" in the background. That is my now almost 3 year old little girl on my lap. Again, no offense to anyone. Have a great day.

schneefloeckli said...

The Italians are probably advertising Red Nose Day:

Jam...previously Jeb... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jam...previously Jeb... said...

reader number one with my angel of a son

Molly said...

laesmralda, i always go back to look (as you can, and i think a lot of readers aren't identifying themselves.

you and jam (i remember you as jeb!) have beautiful children, you cuties! thnx for the posts.

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