Thursday, December 18, 2008

It Sounds Worse Than It Is

You know my unexplained fascination with the whole Jodie Sweetin divorce. I just can't get enough. Last night I was reading all the reports on various websites. Most of them said something like Jodie loses custody of her child which of course is wrong. The rest basically said she has to be supervised when she visits her daughter. That is the part that is a little misleading. Normally a supervised visit is something that happens when a parent has some issue which needs to be watched. Want to know a celebrity couple like that? Charlie and Denise. So, when Charlie wants to see the children he needs to do so with someone supervising which means present during the entire visit. In many cases the supervisor is someone hired by the parent who has been approved by the court.

So, when I first read the headline I thought Cody or Codeine or whatever his name is had won custody and Jodie could only see their daughter with a supervisor present. That is when I said, "wow she must have really relapsed." Then if you read what the judge said, you realize that nothing has really changed at all.

Jodie has to see her daughter at her parent's house or in front of her parents. Ummm. Jodie lives at her parent's house so that first condition isn't actually going to pose a problem. The only thing that is different is that if she goes out of the house with the daughter she needs to have a parent with her. Jodie has no money so of course that is great for her because now if she goes out, chances are the parent will pick up the tab. It is a win/win.

Cody says Jodie relapsed and has been drinking and alleges meth use. Jodie's lawyer said Jodie had a couple glasses of wine over dinner and immediately went to AA because she felt guilty.

I think the judge thought both parents were messed up and ordered them both to have drug tests before the next hearing.


canadachick said...

she's the poor man's britney spears !!

Anonymous said...

Few glasses of wine over dinner. HA! Trying to make her relapse sound innocent and classy. Give me a break. Bitch probably stuck her face in a basin of moonshine.

ItsJustMe said...

I'm concerned for their daughter. On the brite side, at least Jodie has her looks together and doesn't go out looking like an oil spill, ala Britney.

lutefisk said...

I'd much rather read about Kimmie Gibler--she was much funnier.

Unknown said...

I'm beginning to suspect that Enty has taken Jodie on as a client....

Rhianna said...

I can't stand Jodie. She was an annoying shit on that damn tv show, she's just as annoying now. I doubt her husband was perfect, but he's taking a beating as a suspected wife beater, a gold-digger (even though the damn bills are past due and the house in foreclosure), a druggie, a K-Fed jr even. Bitch is a known meth addict (just cause you stop using doesn't mean you're "cured"), and an alcoholic. This is pure spin on her part with the "ran to AA after a couple glasses of wine". My ass, something is very, VERY fishy here.

Either way, I wouldn't let grammy and grampy Sweeten keep the kid either. They obviously did a piss-poor job with Jodie so WTF let them screw up the next generation too? The fact dad has been ordered to take a drug test indicates he's not the best place for the baby either.

That kid is going to be so hosed in a few short years she'll put Amy and Britney to shame. And sadly, she's the only truly innocent in this fiasco.

nancer said...

stupid rabbits shouldn't breed.

jax said...

ya, cuz it's always the parents fault....not the 20something adult with a mind of her own.

Syd said...

Kimmie!! OMG, I'm going to have nightmares about lips and braces.

bionic bunny! said...

thank you, jax!!!

after my son was born, every time the asshole and i would fight, he told me if i ever tried to leave him, he would tell everyone i was an alkie (among other things) and i'd never see my son again. that worked for about 2-1/2 years. and yeah, he did do that, AND since i moved in with my folks, said my folks were alkies, too. and he took up smoking. i was forbidden to even take communion at church (temporarily) and yet he was allowed to smoke all over him and not use a car seat "because the judge might be a smoker or drive a classic car".
the mediator pretty much told him to grow up, he couldn't forbid my parents to drink in their own home, and since _I_ was the one of the two of us holding down a job and family court heard these accusations all the time, they usually took them with a grain of salt.
of course, this was 1984, but an asshole is an asshole.

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