Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

You know. I almost just kind of have to. Although to this today I have not seen Titanic, I understand the impact it had on people and so reuniting the stars in a new film deserves the top spot.

Never would have guessed Armand Assante was a Zoolander fan.
Always have room for the next two people. Always. Amy Smart and
the one and only Bill Nighy. Bill is definitely one of my all time favorites.
The outfit of the day belongs to David Bologna. He is about 10 years too early for Diddy's white party, but at least he's ready.
Let it be said that I am a fan of Danielle Fishel. And no, you perverts, it is not because she is currently displaying her breasts for the whole world to see. As much of a fan as I might be though, I wonder what she did to deserve such a high honor as getting her hand prints at Planet Hollywood. I hear you get a free dessert though when you get your hands imprinted.
So, Eric Balfour's date looks thrilled that Eric decided to go with the red hat. I mean everyone is wearing them right?
Is it just me or is Eddie Izzard looking like he is attending the Val Kilmer school of eating?
Japanese fans don't just give cards and signs, they pass out digital cameras. If I'm Benicio del Toro (ok, so I was in a hurry and wrote the wrong name. For my punishment I forced myself to look at Denise Richards on the cover of Playboy from several years ago and called her pretty) I'm staying on that red carpet for awhile.
A really good photo of Josh Brolin.
I know Jeff Gordon is not that tall and his wife is wearing heels. I'm guessing Jeff might have come into some Tom Cruise shoes or his wife is doing the duck walk better than Katie Holmes ever could.
When Joel Madden actually takes off the hat and sunglasses, he is a good looking guy.
Benji Madden looks like he spent six months dating Paris Hilton and is a beaten man.
Damn everyone looked good at the Dolce opening. Must be the black. Even I can look good in black sometimes. Very slimming. Not slim like Kevin Connelly, but slim for me. I probably could pass for 350 when I'm wearing black.
Lisa Rinna from a distance.
And Lisa Rinna really up close.
I'm not saying that I don't like what Leelee Sobieski is wearing, just that it doesn't really fit her style.
One of my favorite photos of the day. Liev Schreiber and his son.
Well, well, well. If it isn't Lori Singer.
OK. Just once. Just one time. Could we get a Charlie's Angels pose?
Pete Wentz seems thrilled to be there for the fans.
Rachel Bilson was the host of the Dolce party, but she was the least dressed up.
Not a big fan of the rat tail.
Reader Photo #1
And reader photo #2
So, which came first? The dress or the tattoo? Yes, I know she has the tattoo awhile, but now it just seems she only buys things where she can show it off.
Scouting For Girls - Belfast
Tom Cruise really has lost a lot of weight.
So much for the missing wedding ring. It's back and so is Mr. Spelling.
It's not quite Members Only for Wes Bentley, but it's close. Still love him though.
I don't know how old Zoe Kazan is, but the guy seems to be getting a little handsy.


Unknown said...

Ent, "the guy" with Zoe Kazan is Paul Dano.

ElsieFire said...

Uhm, isn't that Benicio del Toro, not Javier?

palealebrew10 said...

Kate Winslet is looking breathtaking these days. And Benji Madden looks horrible-when did that happen? It's like he lost 40lbs overnight.

Danielle Fishel reminds me of Jessica Rabbit in that picture, cartoonishly sexy. It's the ultimate kind of sexy-voluptuous, feminine, adorable, and seductive. I envy women who can pull that off.

Kevin Connelly-he's so sexy. If only he were just about 6 inches taller. Whatever, I'll make an exception for him. Actually, come to think of it, he'd look great with Danielle.

Maja With a J said...

Kate Winslet is really beautiful. Just saying.

I have asked this before; Did Eddie Izzard stop dressing in women's clothing because he simply didn't feel like it anymore, or was it a career move? Or was he never really a transvestite? I'm wondering because I haven't seen him in a nice pair of high heels in a really long time.

We have the hottest readers here on CDAN. #2, is that you Merchgirl?
Whoever you are - both readers - you are very pretty and fabulous.

Blondie said...

does anyone know what Rumer's tattoo says?

MontanaMarriott said...

Kate Winslet looks totally different and its not just lost weight different, she has had something done to her face.

Armand Assante used to be a hottie, what happened?

Hey isn't that Topanga from "Boy Meets World"?

Yeah I agree, that is Benicio NOT Javier Bardem, what Enty all Latino's look alike now?

Harlow looks just like her daddy

Liev son looks just like mama

Wow Lori FOOTLOOSE Singer

Yayyy Reader's Pics

WTF happened to the Cruiser??? He looks deathly thin

That man is definitely not leaving his meal ticket, not while mama Candy is still alive.

mooshki said...

I'm sorry, I don't know who that is standing next to Leo, but it's not Kate Winslet. I've seen many, many movies with her, and that ain't her.

Blue Steel is appropriate for all occasions.

Why aren't you saying you don't like what Leelee is wearing? It's hideous.

Lori Singer! It's so weird to see her back in the public eye. I thought she was done with it forever. Now where are my #$@(&ing VR-5 dvds?!

No more pictures of Tom, please. That's going to give me nightmares. Seriously.

jlb said...

LOL I haven't seen Titanic either.

Leo is growing into his looks, imo.

I so wanted Valkyrie to be good - I'm fascinated with WWII. Tommy Cruise or not.

I would never have known that was Lori Singer.

Little Alexander is so very cute. They should hook him up with Harlow....lol

Lisa Rinna just comes across to me like she's trying waaayyy too hard all the time.

lutefisk said...

Kate definitely looks like she had some tweaking done--too bad.
Tori Spelling looks like she had chin work--it looks pointy in that photo.

jax said...

Kate...adultry agrees with you.

Ent how the fuck could you not see Titanic? I saw it in the theatre in London a year after it opened.
come on now. its good. really.

Look for David Bologna to star in The Tommy Tune story in about 12 years.

Topanga's tatas seem smaller than usual.

Eric Balfour can wear that red hat anywhere...ya there too.

Neji Madden needs a nap and some valtrex to wash down a bucket of KFC. damn thats thin.

I love E. lovvvve.

OMG someone call Sylvia Browne! Helen Hunt died and came back to haunt the D&G party in her catillion gown.

I'd rather see the Spanish folk do their traditional Catalonian National dance..hilarity would ensue.

reader#2 kinda looks like Harriet Hellfire. cute.

#1 no clue, but get down with your bad self!

Ent, Tom loses a pound/fan.

Those two will be together forever, or until Candy kicks it and he sees she still gets nothing.

Wes Bentley..where have you been?

stiffkittens said...

Benji Madden: What happens when you date someone who abuses drugs more than you have ever done youself before.

He's also the answer to this blind which was assumed to be either him or his brother (it fits them both to a T, though. Current girlfriend was obviously Parisite):
"This rock star claims to be many things - he says he's a devout Christian, a vegan, and a complete teetotaler - no alcohol, no drugs. But he does have a weakness for pretty woman. One of his former pretty women says he's a BIG FAKE. She claims that not only does he eat meat and NOT live by Christian values, but he's a hardcore pill-popper and a member of Narcotics Anonymous. His current girlfriend isn't complaining - she's a cokehead and compulsive liar herself."

Also they're the stars of this one:
"The celebrity musician and the celebrity socialite. Who gave who, the herp? They both are accusing the other. Hell with as many people as they have both been through, this one will be tough to figure out."

LOL @ Paris thinking a recent partner of hers gave her the herp! She probably got it before her sweet (ha!) sixteenth...

nancer said...

definitely paul dano---he's a terrific actor from 'little miss sunshine' and 'there will be blood.' love him.

and definitely benicio. i'm going 'huh?' to the bardem reference.

if leelee has a stylist, he/she should be taken out back and shot. same with rumer. why does she insist on showing off her weird small, but incredibly saggy tits?

Anonymous said...

Kate looks very nice wonder if she has had work done, she looks different unless it's the hair color.

Armand is such a good actor.

I love Bill Nighy he was so funny in that movie "Love Actually".

That guy in the red hat looks ridiculous.

I was going to say Benicio also.

Lisa Rinna and those ridiculous lips. Wonder if her husband has nightmares every time he kisses her LOL.

Sobieski wrong color to wear.

Lori Singer looks like work done on her face.

Pete W. looks like a geek.

Rummer needs to do something about what she wears.

Gay Cruise must have had Lippo done.

Tori no matter how many times she changes her face she will never be a beauty.

ILoveWhiteTrash said...

ElsieFire I was just asking myself the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Is Paul Dano the creepy guy from There will be blood?

He scares the living daylights out of me.

Maja With a J said...

Reader #2 has way better hair than Harriet Hellfire! *L*

bionic bunny! said...

i think eddie only dresses for certain things, like his concerts. i don't think i've ever seen him just out and about in heels. he is, after all, an EXECUTIVE transvestite!
i think it also depends a lot on what he's promoting.
AND no telling what he's wearing UNDER that jacket and shirt, but i volunteer to find out!

Unknown said...

I agree with all above and am bewildered that the tabs haven't picked up on it:

Kate Winslet is looking like a completely different woman these days!!

Not just the boob job -- her face is someone else's.

I know: she's getting that masculine chin that Madonna now has.

mooshki said...

p.s. The only good things about Titanic were Victor Garber and watching the boat sink.

lmnop123 said...


on the dlisted website there is a close up picture of Rumor's tattoo it says "be present".

Unknown said...

Eddie will be taking over for Brendan Fraser in the Val Kilmer Experience!

Wow, Lori Singer. I've never actually watched Footloose, just not a Kevin Bacon fan, but I was a big VR5 fan.

So do you think Eric's PR person tells him to wear the red knit hat to get the attention and press?

Anonymous said...

OK, between Dave, Mooshki, and I, we were probably the only 3 people who watched VR.5 and liked it. Whodathunkit.

Cruise looks very old in that picture.

Bill Nighy is awesome, even if he only makes crap these days.

palealebrew10 said...

Pretty random, but Enty, could you post that video of Shenae Grimes completely wired at that Canadian awards show? I pressed "play" wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt, but her erratic behavior combined with the nose twitching gave all too much away.

Molly said...

geeze enty, do you keep up with entertainment at all? "the guy" is paul dano!

Molly said...

anyone else think today's random photo posts were put up by someone in their early 20's who doesn't get out much?????

d said...

Eric Balfour might be wearing a weird red hat, but I'll bet he looks good naked. I'm just sayin' :)

Also, Lisa Rinna would be pretty if she didn't have such scary lips. Does she look in the mirror and think "beautiful lips"? If she was born with them it'd be one thing, but she does this on purpose.

Molly said...

d, i agree. i wish these women would stop going for the 90's porn look.

check out how scary linda evans has become:


Paisley said...

Count me in with the VR.5 fans. I was completely obsessed with Michael Easton.

mooshki said...

Whee, it's a VR.5 convention!

Unknown said...

Hey enty! I didn't see Titanic either.

lutefisk said...

we always watch Titanic when it's on--we keep hoping we will see a version where he actually makes it--hasn't happened yet, but who knows??

Unknown said...

Why is Leelee Sobieski carrying a ping pong paddle? I swear it looks like she is...

Unknown said...

Merchant and Ivory's Wings of a Dove came out the same year as Titanic and is waaaayyy better.

Titanic is a schmaltz-fest, and Dicaprio said the movie almost ruined his career.

The worst dialog I have EVER encountered in a movie.

Monalicious said...

Benji Madden......... Have a Big Mac and some Valtrex!!!! He looks like death. His brother and Nicole look amazing!!!!
LeLee S????......... how did she get popular?? I look better than her in bed with pnemonia!!! And I'm dressed better!!!
Enty, you must be so proud to have such lovely readers!!! Could you imagine if you put all of us in one room? The roof would blow from all the hotness!!!!

selenakyle said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...WTF is up with Benji Madden being so skinny?
Did he get Ebola's Atteral prescription, or what? h
Hs he gone a whole month not eating?

GD I wish I had these peoples' diet secrets. Fuckers!

Either that, or the bitch turned him gay.

selenakyle said...

AND......Winslet must be our girl from yesterday. Look how hot she is!!!

That's partially physical, but it's coupled with an inner glow. Definitely not just good styling and skin care!

I mean, she makes Leo look old, tired and bloated.

selenakyle said...

Armand Assante--near the top of Santa's list in Tim Allen's "The Santa Clause."

trashtalker said...

I also did not watch "Titanic."

Lisa Rinna should NOT be wearing a dress that short.

Blondie said...

thanks dollar, i was curious what she may be trying to say there. i'm sure she thinks she's deep.

hotchacha said...

Kate Winslet looks strange to me. Maybe it's the wrong shade of blonde or the lip colour.

Leo, careful. You're going the way of Burl Ives.

Just to confirm that they are different people, I'd like to see Lori Singer and Darryl Hannah in the same room.

Love the reader photos! Who is who?

Tommy, I know you're trying to resurrect your strongest character, but if you want to be Maverick, you still have to eat a sandwich now and then.

PeepStone said...

I'm mostly a lurker but I'm #1. :)

Maja With a J said...

Lutefisk - every new years day, "Ivanhoe" is on Swedish television. It's a tradition that goes way back. You're hungover, you order pizza, and you watch Ivanhoe.

And every year, he picks the wrong chick! You'd thik he would have leraned by now, but no. He picks the blonde twat every time, even though the Jewish girl is so much hotter and so much nicer. OK, so she can't marry him because of her faith, and she also doesn't "give in to carnal lust and debauchery". The blonde probably puts out.

Anyway, that's all.

Now I might have to go see if I can find a copy of that movie.

Molly said...

Cool pic, PeepStone! Hope you'll lurk less and post more.

ladywish821 said...

Kate Winslet looks radiating recently. Just had to say.
our readers are gorgeous!!! love that these are incorporated now!
danielle fishel. ENTY. i'm surprised. i do love her, i think she is gorgeous as well. but i've met her a few times. i used to live and work in maui and her and her family came out at least once a year and always came into our restaurant. i guess the boy meets world sitcom made me think she would be the sweetest person EVER! but she really isnt. kind of rude, never says thank you or anything like that. so that really turned me off about her.
nicole and joel look good. nicole is looking good, still skinny minnie.
ok thats all. thanks.
oh and tom cruise does look skinnier and is that a fake bake tan or lotion or something...hmmm.

Cute Little Redhead said...

Titanic was one of the most amazing and awesome movies that I have ever seen. It was an EXPERIENCE. I will love Kate and Leo forever just for that one movie.

The fact that they keep doing fantastic movies is incredible.

Josh Brolin looks all kinds of hot with that sexy facial hair. Seriously. Just....damn.

I think Nicole Richie looks really pretty.

I am in love with Kevin Connelly
...especially as E on Entourage.

I think Rumer looks really nice with her hair like that. Very pretty. The red suits her.
The dress: not so much.

shakey said...

Harriet, I wonder if Citytv will bring back Blade Runner at midnight, Jan 1st?

I think Kate has had a chemical peel done. And maybe some sculpting.

Armand Assante - I first swooned for him in Little Darlings.

My bologna has a first name, it's D-A-V-I-D. He's far too pale to wear white. And white after labour day is a no-no.

This Danielle Fishel photo reminds me of that Proust skit by Monty Python. And the award goes to ... THE GIRL WITH THE BIGGEST TITS!

See that look on Eddie Izzard's face? That's the face of someone whose stockings just got an embarrassing run in them.

That Joel Madden picture scares me. With a slightly larger nose, he looks like a younger version of my husband when he doesn't have a goatee.

How much suction does Lisa Rinna get on those things?

LeeLee looks TERRIBLE, although I must say she is industrious - dress from the drapes, purse from a ping pong paddle. It really does look like a ping pong paddle.

The way the pants fall on the Cardboard Cutout intrigues me. Any chance of getting any Royal Peen shots?

I had a rat tail once. In 1988.

Reader No. 2, I love your hair. I am very jealous of your hair.

I was kind of hoping that Rumer's tattoo said, "Best before by ..."

I guess Kirstie's got Tommy on Jenny Craig.

I'm 46 years old. I've seen a lot of movies in my time, including There Will Be Blood and Little Miss Sunshine. I didn't know who the fuck that guy was. And I don't particularly care.

Molly said...

And white after labour day is a no-no.

shakey, that's an old school rule of thumb no longer followed. ever hear of winter white?

shakey said...

Guess someone hasn't seen Serial Mom.

Molly said...

shakey, no, that went right over my head. shocking...lol.

what am i missing?

Stacy said...

Zoe Kazan was born in 83, she's old enough to be manhandled.

Titanic sucked.

Snautrag said...

Eric Balfour = Lie With Me.

Rent it.

That is all.

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