Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

A reader photo of an event or a celebrity always gets the top spot, except of course when I deem otherwise. It's my blog. I can make the rules. Sorry for the outburst. I'm fine. Thanks to Lupe for the photo.

Enanitos Verdes - San Francisco

The Adam Walsh case was finally closed after 27 years. The guy that police are convinced committed the crime has now been dead for several years.
It is kind of hard to make any kind of light hearted comment after Adam Walsh, so I'm sorry about that Benjamin McKenzie. But on the bright side, at least your last name isn't Button.
Barry Pepper is a really great actor, but he always looks like he is so close to death.
Speaking of death. No, Deborah Gibson is not about to die. I was just talking about her career. Look at the smile on her face. The photographer must have recognized her or something.
In some serious WTF news. Drew Peterson is now engaged to a 23 year old woman. Yes, the same Drew Peterson whose past few wives have disappeared under very strange circumstances. What in the hell would posses someone to marry this guy? I desperately want to see a photo of the woman he is engaged to. Thanks Audrey.
You might be wondering what Eric Balfour and his red hat are doing back in the photos for a second consecutive day. Well, Eric sent me an e-mail yesterday with a response to my comment joking that everyone is wearing red hats now to formal events. "Nobodies wearing them buddy... That's why she's got that look on her face. LOL. Oh, and it was pink. I like doing things that go against the norm. Life's short, might as well have a little fun!" Thanks for the e-mail Eric. I stand corrected. The hat is pink.
Two Rachels. Well really one is an Evan Rachel, but it was the only thing I could think of right this second to introduce Evan Rachel Wood and Rachel Weisz. Not that they really need introductions. I mean it isn't like we can step through the photo and say, "Hi, I'm Enty, and you are?"
Not a huge 50 Cent fan, but there are very few times that I don't just love what he wears on red carpets.
It's a Fresh Prince Reunion. Or as we like to say in this economy. Job, No Job, No Job. Kind of like duck duck goose.
And what Fresh Prince reunion would not be complete without DJ Jazzy Jeff.
OK. I didn't notice it last week when Jennifer Connelly was wearing a dress, but something has to be done. When your size minus 4 pants are baggy then it is time to eat some food.
I guess this is Jamie Foxx dancing. It was his birthday party, but I swear this is like his fourth birthday party in the last six months.
No real reason, just Jennifer Garner is about the most hands on celebrity parent that I can think of today.
So, according to court papers filed by Jodie Sweetin's soon to be ex, he alleges that she is abusing alcohol and also meth. This just gets more interesting.
Not a big fan of either Kate Moss or Jamie Hince, but I actually like the photo. So kudos to the photographer.
It's not that I'm opposed to Katie Price dry humping a stuffed animal. The UK is a free country, she can hump whatever she wants. What I find disturbing is that she is dry humping the bear while the bear is holding a cub.
Everytime I see photos of Keanu Reeves lately, I just want to yell, "makeup," and get someone to fill in the spots of his beard. It literally is driving me nuts.
I'm pretty sure Mickey Rourke is the only human who could pull this look off.
Here he is again with from L to R. Rowdy Roddy Piper, Greg The Hammer Valentine and Brutus The Barber Beefcake.
Marisa Tomei actually looks really pretty here. That's it. No snark. She just looks nice.
Every Wednesday I am forced to look at photos of Rachida Dati. She is something akin to the Attorney General in France. Every week there are about 500 photographs taken of her when she leaves the weekly cabinet meeting. She is very pretty and I am hoping pregnant, but I don't know what the fascination is of her by the French media so if you are in France, please tell me.
Rosario Dawson standing out in the rain and cold (for LA) signing autographs. It was really nice on her part.
Reader Photo #1. She says it is from the 80's. I don't think I would have guessed that.
And Reader Photo #2.
Gallup released a poll today. Totally true. Look on Huffington Post if you think I'm joking. If you do read it though it is even worse than what I am about to tell you. 1,400 Americans were shown this picture in person and were asked to identify where the United States was on this map. 37% of the people got it wrong. The four most popular wrong answers are marked with the little red thing.
Not saying they are. But, it looks like Viggo Mortensen and Jason Isaacs are sharing a dirty little secret.
I think Woody Harrelson is under appreciated as an actor. Woody. I appreciate you.
I still don't like Wentworth Miller though.
Zac Efron seems to be saying "Dude. Those mushrooms must be kicking in because I'm actually attracted to girls."

Vanessa Hudgens is saying. Oh who the hell knows what she is saying or thinking or doing.


Kristen S. said...

(It's Drew Peterson, Ent)

Love that Eric B wrote you!!

nancer said...

totally agree about woody. he's a wonderful actor and gets no credit for it.

on the cretins and the US map.....what do the red stars mean again? that made no sense to me.

mooshki said...

I think most of the 37% were just f*cking with the pollster. :)

How did the '80s ever happen? I just don't get it. And we weren't being ironic - we really thought that kind of thing was attractive back then. (Nothing against the reader - you're gorgeous, as is #2!)

Haven't there been rumors recently of problems in Jennifer C's marriage? There's definitely something really wrong with her.

I love Eric's email. You go, dude!

mooshki said...

Ha, from HuffPo:

"Editor's note: This post is a satire."

mooshki said...

(They have problems with this a lot - they need to label their satire posts better.)

Robyn said...

Idk why.. but I feel like pointing out.. whatever Carlton's real name is.. he has a job.. over at GSN.. I know this because he's on the commercials between Jeopardy in the morning.. lol...

So it would be accurate to say 'Job, No Job, Job'

Angela said...

Rachida Dati was somebody who came from nothing. She was one of the numerous children of a poor Moroccan family and was President Sarkozy's personal pick as she was close to her former wife. But she's a very very controversial personality in France.

On the plus side: first important minister to come from the North Africa immigration, photogenic, good taste in clothing, strong-willed.

On the minus side: autoritative (20 high-ranking members in her staff have left or been fired in 18 months, which is huge), has little input over the real decisions (the laws are decided by president Sarkozy's staff), got the lawyers against her, got the judges and D.A.s against her, got most of the Parliament against her, a recent portrait of her in a news magazine hints she could blackmail president Sarkozy to stay in the government, had the poor taste to wear Dior on the cover of the French equivalent of US Magazine while she was reducing budgets for justice

She is officially pregnant but most of the press coverage comes from the fact the father is still unknown. Like presidential candidate Ségolène Royal (who's in the opposition), she mostly charms people from the working class due to her tenacity but is hated by almost any other category.

merrick said...

Reader #1 you bring back memories of tons of aqua net and picks ..and when metal ruled the world .. you rock!
reader #2, beautiful and serene

love that eric wrote you ..wonder if he posts in the comments...

kimmypie1 said...

I secretly hope that the woman Drew is engaged to is an undercover cop and is setting up a sting for when he attempts to kill her too. said...

OMG, Evan Rachel Wood...she is truly the whitest woman in America.

I hope Jodie Sweetin's ex is just playing dirty and that none of it is true.

palealebrew10 said...

Wow, CDAN readers are stunning.

Is Woody's picture in the Random Photos a coincidence or could that be a hint that he's the greedy stoner? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Barry Pepper is a good actor but dont' see him in too many movies.

Drew Peterson not a very attractive person, must be the money if he has any that is attracting the women.

Eric Balfour still looks stupid with the hat lol.

Rachel Weisz looks different must be the long hair.

Jennifer Connelly looks slimmer than before.

Kate Moss looks decent here not high like usual.

Keanu looks like a werewolf.

Mickey R. looks horrible.

Reader #1 reminds me of a singer but can't remember who.

Reader #2 looks so cute.

Zac Efron really don't see why girls are after him. He looks scared that he is with Vanessa lol. When he was with Leonardo he was all hyped being with him. Wonder if that is a hint of his preference LOL.

KellyLynn said...

Viggo Mortensen and Jason Isaacs happen to be two of a very small list of famous men I wouldn't kick out of my bed. Yum.
I can see Jamie Foxx having multiple birthday parties. Every year, a DJ friend of mine throws a birthay party for himself in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, partly to include all of his fans, and partly so he has a few extra excuses to party. I guess it's pretty common for those of a certain lifestyle.

KellyLynn said...

Oh, and it amazes me and doesn't amaze me that Drew Peterson is still free. Even if he is good at wooing pretty, naive young things, the guy just gives me the creeps.

Lady J said...

The only reason Jennifer is a hands on celebrity parent is because she doesn't have a day job. When was the last time you saw her with an acting gig?

nancer said...

drew peterson was a cop. if anyone knows how to kill someone and get away with it, it's him. he's done it twice.
i like kimmypoo's idea---it would be hilarious if this was a sting operation. sadly, i fear it's just some real stupid bimbo who believes this man is something he's clearly not---human.

jax said...

Lady J..she's pregnant! maybe shes not working to be an actual mom.

Eric! call me ..we'll talk about your pink hat and how great it would look on my bedroom floor. (sorry gf)

Drew Peterson is scum and so are most of the old boys club cops still trying to protect him. how many fucking wives have to die before they put 2 and 2 together?

the funniest thing about the satire? that most of you believe it possible.

Anonymous said...

If Viggo and Jason were getting it on, I will be first in line to buy the sex tape. I would even pay for it.

Cute reader photos. #1 - were you in a band? It almost looks like an album cover.

Rosario Dawson really seems to be genuine. I respect that a lot.

Keanu's dad is Hawaiian, Polynesians are not known for their ability to grow facial hair.

I love that Eric Balfour emailed you. Maybe you can use him as a contact for some inside scoop?

FrenchGirl said...

angela ,i'm french and i agree with you about rachida dati!

FrenchGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FrenchGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FrenchGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kara said...

okay - I'm going to go out on a limb here -maybe not all the 37% that incorrectly pointed out the us are that stupid. Maybe the question was point to america on the map. Well, hell - the word america is on there. I say the question is vague, dammit!

The Jodie Sweetin/Corey Herpin thing is very interesting. Wasn't he totally surprised she was filing for divorce? But now he's alleging she uses meth? So he knew that she was back to her horrible addiction, but didn't want a divorce? Hmmmmm.... if she's using and he knew it and didn't want a divorce, but wants to accuse her of it now, then I'm betting he is using too.

Molly said...

enty, here's a pic of drew peterson's latest victim:,jo29_peterson_web.article

Wack said...

who the fuck is deborah gibson?

both the readers are really hot.

i've said it before and shall repeat.

Hervana said...

What are Polynesians known for?

kimmypie1 said...

nancer I hope that was a typo and you really weren't calling me kimmypoo? :(

nancer said...

shit, i'm sorry!
i truly misread your name. i hadn't even thought how cool a sting would be and liked your post.

kimmypie1 said...

phew! no problem nancer :)

Molly said...

hey is reader #1 adrian?

both of you are hotties!!

Molly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Winston Ono said...

Thanks Angela!

Maja With a J said...

Reader photo #1 is fantastic. And I love the hat on reader #2.

I think Jennifer Garner really, truly is a good mom, wants to be a good mom and makes it a priority. I don't think she's not working because of a lack of offers. And yes, she IS heavily pregnant so, not the best time to be running around on movie sets. I don't think she's the best actor, but I do think she is a really normal, genuine person. Not that I would know, I've never met her.

MnGddess said...

See now if I looked like reader #2 in a photo I'd be sending Enty pictures every single week....

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope yours doesn't suck like mine does.

Ms. said...

I say we nominate Drew Peterson's new and exceptionally dumb chick for a Darwin Award when she's offed.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Hey Eric, if you're reading this, I loved you in Six Feet Under!

trashtalker said...

I'll admit: I skipped right over that "this is satire" line. You're right, Mooshki: They need to make that BIGGER! Still, by the time I got to that horrible "quote" from Michael Chertoff, I was like, "There is no way this is real."

Barry P. is kinda Christopher Walken-esque.

The neckline of Marisa's dress is very flattering without being too revealing.

Norah: How old are you? :)

Do you think Wentworth could be this blind from last Friday?
I guess this actor is considered an A list television actor although honestly, it is just the name of the show everyone remembers. Anyway, our actor spends about 5 hours a week every week at local hospitals reading to kids who are there and playing games with them.

ara said...

Because you are french I can understand that you are not objective, but this is what the independent writes:
Rise of Rachida Dati: The minister, the 'virgin bride' and the row that's dividing a nation

When a man was granted a divorce because his wife had lied about being a virgin, the reaction in France was hysterical. And at the centre of the debate is a politician with a very personal interest in the case. By John Lichfield

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

AFP/Getty Images

Rachida Dati, France's Justice Minister

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Two decades ago Rachida Dati, a French daughter of north African immigrants, got married to a man that she barely knew. It was not quite an arranged marriage. It was a marriage "to please her family". She immediately regretted her decision. She persuaded her Algerian husband to agree to an instant annulment.

Rachida Dati was in her early twenties at the time and making her way as a young lawyer and businesswoman in Paris. Through hard work, as a law student and by taking menial jobs, she had already fought her way clear of her impoverished, immigrant family of 11 brothers and sisters just north of Lyons.

Two decades later, Mme Dati is France's first senior minister of north African origin. She is a protégée of President Nicolas Sarkozy. She has been catapulted without previous experience – and her enemies insist without any political skills – into one of the most senior and potentially explosive jobs in French government. As Justice Minister, she has already made several mistakes and many enemies, not least among her own political "allies". She is resented especially by several experienced, male, white, centre-right politicians who think that they have a superior claim to her plum job.

President Sarkozy calls her a "symbol" of his attempts to break down racial and social and gender barriers in France. As a symbol, he has told her several times, she has "no right to fail".

Mme Dati, 43, now finds herself at the centre of a dangerous but, in many ways, foolish, national controversy. By one of the great ironies beloved of novelists and filmmakers, the controversy turns on an annulled marriage between two young French people of north African origin.

M. X, an engineer in his 30s, and recent convert to a strict reading of the Koran, married Mlle Y, a nursing student in her 20s. Before they were married, she promised him that she was a virgin. On their marriage night, M. X stormed out of their bedroom to protest to the wedding party – still in progress – that his wife had lied to him. She was not a virgin.

Under Article 180 of the French civil code, a marriage partner can demand an annulment if his or her spouse fails to fulfil an "essential" part of their pre-wedding agreement.

The court's decision was made public late last week. It was made clear that the crucial point was not the bride's lack of virginity but her lack of truthfulness. She had misled her partner. "Married life began with a lie, which is contrary to the reciprocal confidence between the married parties," the court ruled.

There followed an explosion of outrage and political posturing – partly understandable but partly exaggerated and based on deliberate, or lazy, misrepresentation of the facts of the case.

The Lille court, it was alleged, had decided that virginity was an "essential quality" in a bride. (No it hadn't). In a country rooted in secular principles, this was a dangerous slide towards "sharia law" (No it wasn't).

Fadela Amara, the minister for France's troubled multi-racial suburbs, a courageous campaigner against sexism in immigrant communities, said the court ruling was a "fatwa against the emancipation of women". Dounia Bouzar, an anthropologist and the author of books on Islam in Europe, said: "It's a victory for fundamentalists and a victory for those who look at Islam as an archaic religion that treats women badly... I'm sure the judge wanted to be respectful to Islam. Instead, the decision was respectful to fundamentalists."

The ruling can be read that way. Fundamentalist Islam does not demand virgin bridegrooms, only virgin brides. The judgement is also, however, a fairly logical application of France's existing marriage law. Several devout Catholic spouses have won similar annulments on the grounds that their partner had lied to them and concealed a previous divorce. Devout Catholics have a right, under French law, to demand undivorced spouses. That does not mean that French courts disapprove of divorce.

Left-of-centre politicians were outraged by the judgment. Centre-right politicians were oddly divided. Some seemed unsure whether to support the court ruling because they approved of virginity or to oppose it because they disapproved of Islam and north Africans. The veteran feminist campaigner, Elisabeth Badinter, injected a welcome note of common sense. The real, practical problem with the judgment, she said, was that it would boost an existing, disgusting industry in the "re-creation" of virgin hymens among young French women of north African origin.

Into this wasp's nest of sincerity, confusion and deliberate bad faith, Mme Dati innocently reached her hand. No, she said, she saw no reason why the Government should appeal against the Lille judgment. "The annulment of a marriage is a way of separating rapidly – a way of protecting someone who wishes to be free of a marriage," she said.

"I think that this young woman, for her own part, also wanted to be separated from her husband as soon as possible.

"The justice system is there to protect the weak and the modest when they are in difficulty."

No one has asked Mme Dati about her own annulled marriage. No one in the French press has tried to make a connection between the two episodes 20 years apart. It is telling, however, that Mme Dati's sympathies were with the young woman. Remembering her own narrow escape from a loveless marriage, she had perhaps, thought that the young woman was fortunate to have escaped from life with a narrow-minded, religious and sexual bigot.

Politically, however, Mme Dati's reply was a catastrophe. Everyone from the far left to Marine Le Pen on the far right piled in to accuse her of insensitivity, of lack of understanding of France's secular tradition and – implicitly – of being soft on Islam.

Finally, yesterday Mme Dati was forced to retreat. The justice ministry acknowledged that the Lille ruling had, "provoked a heated social debate". In the circumstances, it said, "the ruling could be said to have wider significance than the relationship between two individuals. It touched all citizens of our country and especially women."

The justice ministry has therefore asked the local public prosecutor to appeal against the judgment – and to try to restore the marriage of two young people who no longer want to be mar

ried. The episode is, therefore, officially over, until the appeal hearing is heard. But has Mme Dati been fatally wounded? Has the woman who "cannot afford to fail" finally exhausted the patience of President Sarkozy?

This is not Mme Dati's first gaffe – if gaffe it truly was. There is no argument about her energy or her intelligence. From the first days of her appointment, 13 months ago, there have been deep doubts about her political skills. There has been a procession of departures from her private office. She has managed to anger senior judges and magistrates throughout France by bulldozing through plans to reduce the country's generous thickets of local courts.

There was scarcely concealed glee in some parts of her own centre-right camp when two of her brothers were tried for drug dealing. In the early months of her tenure, both President Sarkozy and anti-racist groups dismissed the criticism as exaggerated: the inevitable price of his attempt to open up the French political system to people of African and Arab background for the first time.

SOS-Racisme said Mme Dati was "paying the price for being the first person from a Maghreb immigrant background to reach such a high government position". The International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA) said she was the "victim of an unfair campaign because of the sound of her surname". No such anti-racism spokesmen have stepped forward to defend her this time.

And President Sarkozy? Mme Dati was his protégée and adviser at the interior ministry. He parachuted her into the justice ministry, one of the top half dozen jobs in French government. Rachida Dati was, however, also a close friend of the second Mme Sarkozy, now departed. Since the installation of a new empress in the Elysée Palace, Mme Dati's relationship with the President appears to have weakened.

She protested – in tears, according to Le Monde – when she was excluded last month from an inner-cabinet of ministers close to M. Sarkozy who were invited to a special, informal strategy session at the Elysée Palace. (The Prime Minister, François Fillon, was also excluded).

According to Le Monde, President Sarkozy reassured her that her position close to the throne was safe. He repeated his mantra. She was a "symbol for all the children of France". She could not fail and – more importantly – President Sarkozy could not afford her to fail.

That was, however, before the row exploded about the Lille court's judgment.

Here, then, is a tale of virginity, religion, race, lies and politics. The virginity is partly Mme Dati's political virginity. The lies are not just those told by the bride in the Lille court case.

In any European country the formula would be an awkward one. In France, so sensitive about its secular tradition, so insensitive for so long about its treatment of the children of immigrants, the formula is explosive.

President Sarkozy has made many mistakes since he came to office but he deserves great credit for his attempt to open up French public life, socially and racially. Mme Dati may not have been a perfect choice but there were no more experienced candidates. No previous government, of right or left, had felt it necessary to include, at senior level, politicians of north African origin.

In all the anguished, or fake-anguished debate about the Lille judgment, no commentator or politician has pointed out how difficult this episode must have been for a woman with Mme Dati's extraordinary life-story.

And what of M. X and Mlle Y? If the government's appeal succeeds, their marriage will be restored. They will become M. and Mme X. They can – and will – however seek a quickie divorce, without any reference to virginity, Islam or politics.

me said...

jesus ara...

reader #2, very beautiful, LA woman, say hello?

reader #1, rock star video pic, sweet.

Alice D Millionaire said...

I appreciate that Eric can laugh at himself BUT is that the correct use of the word “nobodies”? I think he pretty much said that any person wearing that hat is a nobody. Eric – self depreciating is ok but don’t be so hard on yourself ;)

La Pachuquita said...

Thanks Enty for the shout out for the concert pic! You rock!

Liebez said...

thank you for the sweet comments! im reader #2 eheh!

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