Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm Ticked At Playboy

I'm not really ticked at Playboy, I just thought that if I was a big whiner like Elisabeth Hasselbeck that maybe Playboy would let me inside the Mansion on New Year's Eve. Nothing says loving like a 400 pound man in silk pajamas getting blitzed out of his mind and passing out in the grotto. I mean I did a lot for Playboy this year. OK, well they did a lot for me. Maybe I should invite them to my party. Hef can come over and tell me what its like to almost swallow a sex toy and I can tell him, well actually nothing. Good times.

I have never really jumped on the anti Elisabeth bandwagon. Despite what you think of her you have to admit that she has some guts knowing she is going to get hammered by every member of the panel when she opens her mouth. To keep coming back for that kind of ass kicking means you are either tough or getting paid a whole bunch of money.

Yesterday though, Elisabeth made me realize that she is the kind of person that expects something for what she does. During the taping of The View yesterday, Elisabeth basically blasted The White House for not sending her an invitation to the annual Christmas party there. She basically said that she worked for them all during the campaign and she wanted a little payback. When the payback didn't come she went on the offensive and whined. Hey, maybe they didn't want her at the party this year. I know they invited her two minutes after the show ended, but that is just because they probably know she would just keep whining and whining until they caved. That's probably why they didn't want her there in the first place. That and I don't think she is probably much of a drinker and so very unlikely to photocopy her butt and autograph them for everyone.

Oh, and then to top it all off. To show that she really does carry a grudge. After the White House extended an invitation to the party, Elisabeth had the nerve to say through a publicist that she and her husband would see if they could fit it into their plans. Somebody just needs to go kick her ass and tell her that if someone had voted her off Survivor earlier she wouldn't be on The View.


lmnop123 said...

She's famous for her reality tv role. What else can you expect from her? Perhaps she's laying the ground for her own reality tv show.

GladysKravitz said...

I hope she enjoys her little Bush soiree. It will be the last White House invitation for eight years. Maybe Lauren Conrad, Spencer Pratt and Hasselback can have a little nostalgia party in a few years and remember the good old days when everything was deregulated and the rich got richer.

merrick said...

I loathe this bitch and everything she stands for .. melissa e gave it to her yesterday .. and I was so proud!

MontanaMarriott said...

I really hope her 15 minutes come to an abrupt end. I always love how Rosie put it, to paraphrase, "we all have prestigious long standing careers, while this chick's only claim to fame is a reality show"

Kara said...

Notice how she didn't make these types of views known when she was on Survivor trying not to get voted off. And now that the view needs someone to be their token conservative, she makes her money by spouting off this crap - so she does.

I don't like her views, but of course she's entitled to them. I just dislike someone whose vehemence toward their beliefs seems to vary with the paycheck involved.

jax said...

her whole career is based on whining, how you think she got that far on Survivor by whining about missing her Daddy to the old dude who fucking carried her thru the game.
STFU're pathetic.

mooshki said...

It makes me very happy that I didn't even know she was on Survivor until reading this post.

bionic bunny! said...

old dude was roger, and i liked him a lot. she was a totally different person then. but you notice she didn't get brought back for the "all stars" season.
sorry, i'm a total survivor nerd.
what a bitch.

KellyLynn said...

If I was in her position right now, I would be thankful for the lucky breaks I've gotten to speak my mind, and not insulted that I'm not treated like an A-lister. She has no discernible talent, otherwise.

Unknown said...

I barely read the text; all I could look at was her anorexic body and wonder if it was difficult for her to starve herself that way.

Anonymous said...

Guts? Or lack of intelligence? Don't confuse the two.

jax said...

roger! ya i liked him too,except for this small oversight.

Carte Blanche said...

As to Elizabeth's beginnings, I remember that her first real job outside of college was as an "athletic shoe designer". What a plum job right outta school. This chick's always had it easy.

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