Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mindy McCready Attempts Suicide

Yesterday morning Mindy McCready tried to commit suicide. Apparently the mother of her roommate and Mindy were talking on the phone and Mindy said some disturbing things and the next thing you know Mindy is in a Nashville hospital getting some wrist wounds treated.

I have posted about Mindy before and she really is like our version of Amy Winehouse except for the fact that Amy had more hits, and has made more money. But, on the bright side, Mindy does have better teeth and doesn't have Blaaaaaake. That would be something though right? Amy and Blaaaaaaaake get divorced and he moves over here and starts squiring and courting Mindy around Nashville. Oh, I'm sure the people in Nashville would love Blaaaaake. It would take about a day before he would get his ass kicked.

At this point I think Mindy just needs to get right. I can't even begin to understand her personal demons but I'm sure there are plenty. I really would like to know what happened to her in the year or two prior to when she hooked up with Roger Clemens. I would think that would provide some clues.


jax said...

i don't have much sympathy for people who abuse drugs,but this is just sad and i hope she gets extensive treatment and support.

Paisley said...

Where was her son when this was going on? Or, has she already lost custody?

Unknown said...

hee. I saw 'squiring' as 'squirting' at first. Makes more sense anyhow.

KellyLynn said...

It is sad watching someone hit bottom. I really do hope she gets the care she needs now.

Molly said...

what kellylynn said.

Maja With a J said...


Unknown said...

How desperate she must feel to go to such extremes.

selenakyle said...

HAAAA, Atomic! Got a guffaw outta me, there.

nancer said...

i could say 'fuck her' but for some reason, this girl just gets to me. and i agree---something happened to her. she's tortured about SOMEthing. she needs about a year in a really good rehab to peel back the layers and get this figured out or she'll get the job done one day. very, very sad.

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