Friday, December 19, 2008

The Reinvention Of Tara Reid

That didn't take long, now did it. Kneepads Magazine has already started their little campaign to get Tara Reid back in the real world. Oh, and when I mean Real World I don't mean the tv show although seeing Tara's career as of late, a stint on The Real World would probably be a step up. Of course being on the show they do a lot of drinking and partying and don't usually have jobs. Oh, so it would be perfect for Tara actually.

Anyway, People of course reported that Tara was in rehab and honestly since then, no one really cares what she does until she gets out. Then of course the paps will be following her everywhere to get photos of her drinking. In order to prep Tara for her cover story when she gets out, People started laying the groundwork this morning. In an article they have on their site, they quote unnamed sources which sound very unfriend like and more publicist like. Look at some of these quotes.

"Tara has a problem with alcohol. It’s been at the root of much discomfort between herself and her family and friends."

Umm, sure. I think all of us talk just like that when we are talking about a friend with a problem that needs rehab. I especially love how they throw alcohol in right away and ignore every other possibility. It's just alcohol people. You can still love her. She is not doing the evil meth. What would have been even better is prescription drugs which she could blame on some on set accident.

Her relationship with her family and friends "has become strained."

If the publicist could only come up with that, then you know that her family must have basically told her to get out of their lives. There were no quotes that said her family loves that she is getting help so things must be really messed up. I actually like Colleen who is Tara's sister quite a lot, but you know, there is just no way to ask someone, "hey, so why is your sister so effed up? Do you and your family hate her?" Just does not really give off that warm and fuzzy feeling I like to leave after all my encounters with people. OK, let's face it. Not really anyone has that feeling after meeting me. Instead they usually vow to lose 20 pounds, give up smoking and drinking and thank god their parents live 2,000 miles away.

"She finally made the decision to do something positive for herself and her loved ones."

Yep, that's a winner. Yeah, it's a win/win. I want Tara to get better. I'm not that much of an ass. I think addiction is something that is awful and is a disease and I want her to get better. I sincerely do. I just hate the fact that as part of her getting better, she is going to manipulate the rest of us and get something out of it besides getting sober.


mooshki said...

Don't you think that anytime someone makes part of their recovery about pleasing someone else (in this case, the "public") it hinders their chances of succeeding? If she isn't doing it just for herself, I doubt it will work at all.

West End Girl said...

Confirms that BI from the other day though. Cheers Enty

Sarah Maxell Crosby said...

I swear this is like the sixth time she's tried to "reinvent" herself. Five years ago I was interning at a fashion company in NYC and a request came in to our PR department to lend her some nice cocktail dresses and evening wear because she was trying to change her image and look "classier" (their wording). It lasted for about two events before she went back to midriff-baring tops and shredded mini-skirts. I doubt this new reincarnation will stick.

Anonymous said...

It already hasn't stuck. She's already been photographed getting drunk.

mooshki said...

Bad Fish, it's a good thing HuffPo linked to you, or you might think no one actually reads your blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

I know, right? lol

WTF said...

I doubt this will work for her.

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