Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bret Michaels Turned Down This

It takes a lot to find contestants who are willing to have sex with a really old balding rocker with commitment issues. So, it should come as no real surprise that Rock Of Love finalist and someone I actually remember from one of the shows started serving a six month sentence for battery today. Brittanya O'Campo who has the oddest name I have ever seen pleaded guilty to beating a woman back in 2008 with a pimp cup. My guess is they were fighting over three or four dollars some guy left on the stage and each one thought it was for the other.

So, is this her real name? Did her parents want to name her after the encyclopedia but could not figure out how to spell it? Could they not choose between Brittney and Tanya? Is she Hispanic or Irish? It is probably a stripper name. She lived on Brittanya and her dog's name was O'Campo. Yep, that fits.

Didn't she lose out to the "teacher?" Bret had sex with Brittanya for a few days and then went and had sex with the teacher for a few days, picked the teacher and then went home and had sex with his girlfriend.


Merlin D. Bear said...

I am never more thankful of my ignorance than times like this.

Mango said...

What's a pimp cup? And do I really want to know?

looserdude said...

I'm kind of thankful that I don't know who this is.

Cheryl said...

Add me to the thankfully clueless list.

looserdude said...

@Mango - I googled "pimp cup" and I found pics of large golden goblets with the word "pimp" inscribed on them. I can't imagine why someone would want such a thing but they do exist.

timebob said...

And yet Lindsay did far worse and only got 2 weeks in jail. Plus is using Betty Ford as a spa and photo shoot op.

what a world what world.

Lindsey said...

Pimp Cups are from the Lil' Jon days. The cups that rappers would drink their purple drank out of. :)

Karmen said...

I can't hate on someone with an unusual name. The best is when people try to spell my name. Aside from the obvious Carmen or Carman, I've seen Kasmen and Karonen. I also had two people from different times in my life call me Cameron. Not sure if they thought that was with a K or not.

Cheryl said...

Karmen, I understand. My husband has a unisex name with many spellings that is mostly given to women these days. I can't hate on Brittanya either because most of my kids female classmates have names that seem to be constructed from two names. Brianca-Is that Brianna and Bianca?

shakey said...

I don't get how his girlfriend of 16(?) years could sit by and let him do these shows, then agree to marry him. Does she really want the money that bad?

Pookie said...

she appears to have mexican features, or maybe has roots from another country w/ indigenous ancestry (aztex, maya, inca, andean, etc), so i'd say she's definitely latin. her name could be a play on 'bretaña', which is spanish for britain.


ardleighstreet said...

I work in a hospital Enty and have seen people name their babies some bizarre names.

NOWAH: Did they mean NOAH?? Is it someone who Hooked on Phonics worked for? Jonah was also spelled in this manner JOWNAH.

Kanibus: NO SHIT they really did.

my personal favorite was:
so closely spelled to the word chlamydia I almost did a spit take.
I mean, who does that? Do you have it, think it sounds pretty and say I will name my baby after it?

People are messed up and think naming kids is a joke.

PollyPureBred said...

@Shakey - if you watched the show you would be SHOCKED at the SKANKS Bret maded out with/porked. Remember the one with the poetry on the STD literature from the health department? I wouldn't touch his genitals with a Haz-Mat suit on.

emailchallenged said...

i actually liked this girl on the rol show, dumb as dirt though. and i remember how she talked about being scared about going to jail/prison for this. apperently she's quite the aggressive chick, at the very least at least she's hot, not much in the brains department, but can't have it all

K said...

From my experience:
Girl--Female, pronounced fe-MAH-leh
Boy--Shithead, pronounced sha-THEED

If I hadn't seen the paperwork myself, I would say that was completely made up.

I am pretty sure I didn't wipe that WTF?!?!?! look off my face very successfully in front of the mothers....

Meg said...

I've not heard of a pimp cup either. I have heard of a krunk cup, so I wonder if that is the same thing?

@K -
My sister is a longtime teacher, so I've heard of some great names: Twins whose names were pronounced Ah-rahng-ah-lo & Lah-mahn-jah-lo (spelled Orangejello and Lemonjello). Another girl, name pronounced La-dash-ia but spelled La-ia (I rather like that one). Oh, and let's not forget Pelvis, who loved to adorn his school walls with his name.

Brittanya is probably a Brit/Tanya combo.

Sherry said...

@ardleigh and MCH..My favorite f***d up name of all time, and I am NOT making this up: Was listening to an urban adult station (before it was called Hip Hop)and they were doing a live remote. The DJ started talking to a girl named something like Shaniqua(not sure on this one)and asked who she was with. She said her mama..And DJ ask, "What's mama's name..." Kid you not..She say, "Vagilita". No words from DJ, he immediately cut to commercial break. For REALS!

abigail7881 said...

MCH: where do you live? I live in Ohio, and I was talking to a OB nurse one time about crazy names and she said something about twins with the spelling of lemonjello and orangejello, and how the names were pronouncednot like how they looked.

Meg said...

@abigail7881 - My sister is in SC so I'm not sure if it's the same twins or not? But wouldn't that be a coincidence??

OT: Do they even make a lemon jello??

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