Thursday, December 30, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Aron Abrams - RIP
Isabelle Caro - RIP
Britney Spears leaving Blockbuster. People use Blockbuster still?
Cindy Crawford on vacation.
The skinny one, Carson Daly at the NYSE.
Chris Pine out exercising.
Gordon Ramsay after his hair transplant.

Jessica and Honor enjoying the beach.
Jennifer Hudson in a new Weight Watchers ad. Wow!.
Jason Statham helps Rosie.
Kourtney Kardashian in her Richie Samborra hat.
Kate Moss on her way to vacation.
LeAnn Rimes and her serving boy Eddie.


Pookie said...

i can't believe aron abrams passed away so young. :(

...ditto isabella caro. i can't help but wonder why the family took so long to release the news?

jennifer hudson looks great!!!

Mango said...

Let Isabelle Caro be a wake-up call to all models (and all women) with an eating disorder. RIP, Ms. Caro.

Hasn't Brit Brit ever heard of Netflix or On Demand? Oh, that's right... no photo op if you use either of those.

Wow, Jennifer Hudson looks amazing! Keep it up, Jennifer!

I don't know what Scott Disick does (other than inseminate a Kardashian) but he looks like an advertisement for douchiness.

That hip tattoo makes LeAnn look so edgy! Not.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. J-Hud DOES look great but that silhouette looks fucked-with.

Cheryl said...

So what's up with Carson Daly? A few years ago I heard he was anorexic and the gossip was that Tara Reid was his beard. Anyway, I get obsessed with old gossip. It's funny how the hot topics change and sometimes I wonder about ancient blinds.

Maja With a J said...
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Maja With a J said...

Very sad about Isabelle Caro. Even sadder that there is a weight watchers campaign picture in the same set of photos. Jennifer Hudson looks great, but...really?

Gordon Ramsay had a hair transplant? Haha! Hahahahahahahaha! That is awesome!

Jasmine said...

@Maja- I totally came on here to say the same exact thing.
J-Hud looks good but I thought she looked fine before and although she is by all conventional standards 'healthier' now I must admit to a vague disappointment when people who venture outside of the male-dominated standard of beauty end up conforming to it and we then celebrate their 'transformation', when all this does is leave their old selves caste in the light of 'the other', something we should use only as a comparison of before and after but not to celebrate on its own or admire.
Ms. Caro and her couragous attempt to shed light on this issue doesnt really deserve to be shown 3 or 4 photos up from this continued fat/thin bullshit we keep doing.

Jasmine said...

RIP Isabelle

Melody the First said...

@Maja, @Jasmine, amen.

Only when we stop forcing women into this narrow range of body weight that is arbitrarily determined to be "good" will women stop dying the way that Isabelle did.

Health is what's important, not body weight. As should be apparent from those photos, they are not the same thing.

And RIP, Aron, who was a brilliant writer.

audrey said...

Fuck the Kardashians and anyone associated with all that douchery. Bunch of slimy sewer hogs.
And Gordon Ramsay should see about a temper replacement. I can't stand how abusive he is.

Jackie said...

As we speak about weight problems, I can't help but worry about LeAnn Rimes' appearance. She's looking sickly thin in that photo, isn't she?

karen said...

I think the issue with anorexia and bulimia is a bit more complex than only claiming it to be a problem of women who are having weight problems due to the body image society is forcing onto us women.

I'm sorry that Isabella Caro died.

Cheryl said...

@Jackie...I was just thinking the same thing! I actually thought it Ellen Pompeo who also is bone thin. LeAnn's legs look good but her stomach looks emaciated and chest bones are protruding like Tory Spelling

Tenley said...

Kate Moss has had plastic surgery done to her drug-ravaged face. I honestly wouldn't have known that was her without the caption.

Blockbuster is still in business? I thought they went bankrupt?

nancer said...

and of course there are people who are actually unhappy that jhud is no longer obese. if she's learning healthier ways to eat she will live longer and feel better about herself. nothing wrong with that.

Melody the First said...

@Mina, the young woman in question had anorexia that was caused by pressure to be thin. She had anorexia when she was younger. She started modeling while weighing 85 lbs. Someone advised her to lose weight.

When one is fully in the disorder, it becomes more about the need to bend to the compulsion than anything else, but her problem originated in a wish to be thinner.

Melody the First said...

@nancer, she'll live longer if she exercises and eats healthfully. Her weight has nothing to do with it.

Actually, I must contradict myself, fat black women live longer on average than thin black women. Jennifer Hudson has just reduced her likelihood of living longer.

Princess Pine said...

I always hated Chris Pine until I saw him in The Fighter. His acting is amazing.

KellyLynn said...

No RIP for Rosie the Riveter?

lanasyogamama said...

I feel so ashamed now that we go to Blockbuster! We chose it over Netflix because you can turn in movies in the store for a free exchange. Buuuut our local store just closed so that advantage is now meaningless.

JHud looks great, I'm happy for her.

I hate myself for thinking LeeAnn's WT body looks good.

That's prob the worst pic of Kate Moss I've ever seen.

Meg said...

I still use Blockbuster & we do Blockbuster Online vs. Netflix too b/c of the in store exchanges.

WOW! J Hud's waist is tiny! I think she looks beautiful. I read she works out five times a week so I'm sure it was the WW + exercise combo. Good for her.

LeAnn Rimes does look a little scary skinny there.

mygeorgie said...

There is never anything truly healthy about being overweight, obese, morbidly obese. The list of advatages for maintaining a healthy weight is long. There is no upside to being fat. I know, I'm fat. Jennifer still looks healthy, curvy & unique!

It's also much more fun to wear Jennifer's new wicked wardrobe than what is offered up to plus sized girls.

I say, good for her! That transformation took an enormous amount of energy & perserverance.

Ice Angel said...

Weight Watchers is a program that promotes and requires healthy eating habits. They are very strict about eating your full points but staying within your points. They also promote a balanced diet and excercise. They counsel you at weigh ins if you lose more than 1-2 lbs per week that it is too much. Anorexia is much diferent as is bullimia. I am happy to see the program promoted and I bet Isabella would agree.

parissucksliterally said...

J Hud's body looks fabulous, but i actually think her face looks prettier when it is fuller.....

Brit Van Winkle- not only does she still wear clothes like her body was in 2000, but she uses Blockbuster.

Ugh- Kourtney is the Kardashian I hate the least, and find to be the prettiest, but that is probably because I have never heard her speak.

Kate Moss looks terrible! Isabel dying is so sad, so very sad.

Melody the First said...

@iceangel, I've lost a hundred pounds on WW at least five times. Everyone gains it back. Every. one. She will, too. Obesity is a far more complicated matter than merely "eating right" and "exercising."

@mygeorgie, you're entirely incorrect. There are countless medical studies that refute everything you've just said. You're just wrong. No, I'm not going to give you reasons for thinking otherwise. You're responsible for the research behind your own opinions. I have done the research -- based on your comments, you have not.

Very slender and extremely obese people have equal health problems. The vast majority of fat people who are 75 pounds or less overweight have no medical reason whatsoever to be concerned about their weight. There are actual benefits to being fat, including great longevity when contracting cancer.

Old fat people live longer than old slender people. Fat black women live longer than thin black women. Those are the stats.

GladysKravitz said...

Melody the First--right on! You said what I was going to say. Medically, it's far riskier to be UNDERweight than OVERweight. People should look up the stats.

RIP to both Aron Abrams and Isabelle Caro.

One of the news stories I read about Caro quoted someone who pointed out that she had a motivation to stay anorexic---she wasn't paid as a model until she was in the anorexia ad; as long as she stayed pin thin, she had her photo taken. If she ever became a normal weight, she would have lost her cache.

I'm still laughing about Ramsey's hair plugs. If only he could get a heart transplant and become a decent guy.

Middle-aged Diva (Carol) said...

Jen looks great but didn't lose it on Weight Watchers. I don't believe it. And of course, it's Photoshopped.

Tempestuous Grape said...

You could get stuck in dudes face, but he gets a hair transplant. Mind boggles.

Meg said...

Old fat people live longer than old slender people.

Well, that's good to know since we've been told the exact opposite our entire lives. I guess all those pesky studies on obesity & heart disease are just the diet industry's way of making a buck?

What about all the studies that have linked a larger waistline to decrease in life span? That's all just a bunch of BS too?

You can always read something that might refute health facts but that doesn't mean it's true.

Kelsey said...

wow, I agree, Jennifer Hudson looks REALLY airbrushed. I hope it's not true but that just looks a little too finished.

Anonymous said...

meh, i'll only check in on reveals twice tomorrow. i normally end up disappointed.

CDAN Mod said...

And let's not forget how hwood wants its actresses thin, but the craft service carts on film set are full of junk. Talk about cheap and being hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

Most people here agree that anorexia is a terrible problem yet I read many, many comments regarding mostly women's weight/appearance on this site. Let's debate Jack Black's weight comment after comment someday and then maybe all of those RIP comments won't ring hypocritical.

Krissie said...

Weight Watchers is awful. As soon as I stopped using their rigid program, all the weight I lost came back. IMO it''s because you never learn healthy eating habits from WW; you just learn how to count the "points" the program uses.

Personally I think Jennifer Hudson has lost too much weight. She looked really good when she first lost some weight. She should have quit then instead of losing more.

Ms. said...

Very late to the party, but belly fat produces and actively secretes harmful hormones that causes inflamation among other things.

Underweight isn't healthy. Neither is overweight. We're not talking 10-20 pounds here. 30, 40, 50 and more... Sorry, that isn't healthy. I've been overweight and moderate weight. I injured myself last years and had reduced mobility and gained 30 lbs. bleh. Losing it again now that I can get around again. Feel much better at moderate weight and have a lot more energy.

For those of you who are comfortable at a heavier weight, good for you. But get off the soapbox about it being healthy. It's not. And comparing it to another unhealthy weight isn't a fair comparison. You are cherry-picking and twisting the very facts you spout.

Compare both to moderate weight and then post the facts.

Melody the First said...

@MCH, you've been told wrong information by mass media peddling drugs and weight loss programs. Listen, don't believe me. Go talk to a first-class obesity doctor (a thin one like mine who is a marathon biker). What you think you know is horseshit. We know more every day. A recent study just revealed that fat heart patients do better have a heart attack than thin ones.

Large waste lines and obesity are two different things. And there are many morally superior slender people who don't exercise who are FAR less healthy than fat people who DO exercise.

@Ms. are you a doctor? Why is it people post broad proclamations concerning stuff about which they have knowledge. In one hundreds years, as my doctor says, we'll feel horrible about how we now treat fat people -- but another 100 years of fat people will have suffered due to ignorance. But isn't that always the way with minorities?

This will be my last post on the matter. If you want information with studies, I'll be happy to supply them to you privately. My email is on my account.

Melody the First said...

Make that "waist lines" -- I'm fat, not stupid. ;)

Meg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meg said...

@Melody - Some of the information that I have obtained on the subject has come straight from my doctor, as well as a few of my friends, who are also physicians.

You're certainly entitled to your own opinions, but I don't think it's fair to act as if everyone else is a moron just because of what your obesity doctor has told you.

I probably would agree with your views of weight loss drugs & certain diets, but I'm NEVER going to agree that being fat is healthy. I'm fat myself & I believe that it is a combination of genetics & my own personal will power. I have no personal vendetta's with fat people, but I think we have a tendency as a society to place the blame anywhere but on our own selves. That is just my humble opinion & realize someone like you is never going to agree with me, but I'm certainly not going to call you ignorant. All I know is, in my life I have been everywhere from too skinny to too fat & have been my happiest when I was at a healthy BMI.

Happy New Year to you!

jp said...

I love it when fat people pick and choose "stats" to keep themselves fat.

Robert said...

As far as Britney using Blockbuster: People would use Depends if it got them a photo op!

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