Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Portia & Ellen get the top spot because somehow Portia convinced Ellen to go to a beach.
Bridget Marquardt must still be together with her boyfriend. They visited the world's smallest ice skating rink yesterday.
Denise, Irv and the kids on the way to Maui.
Meanwhile, in Cabo, George Clooney continues his vacation with Elisabetta.
The Facinellis stayed closer to home at Disneyland.
Jessica Simpson, her hair band and her fur went to Aspen with
her soon to be betrothed.
Kim said in a Tweet that when we find out where she is going in this picture we will all die. The only way that will happen to me is if she is on her way to cancel her contract with Satan.
LeAnn Rimes introduces her parents to the guy who won't sign a pre-nup.
Orlando Bloom out for a bike ride.


Pookie said...

dear jessica simpson, you are not, repeat not, taylor swift. please remove that headband fail. how about wearing those cute little earmuffs your accessory line puts out instead?

we can work on your betrothed's choice of jacket at a later time.


shakey said...

Isn't LeAnn the one who became emancipated from her parents at 14 because Daddy was taking too much of her money? I'm surprised she wouldn't demand that Eddie sign a pre-nup.

MISCH said...

LeAnn & Jessica better both get pre-nups, wanna bet Jessica picked that jacket..

feraltart said...

Elisabetta's ribs are scaring me.

Robert said...

Yeah, if LeAnn doesn't have Eddie sign a pre-nup, she an even bigger idiot than I thought.

Susan said...

I so do not find George Clooney's piece attractive in anyway. What am I missing?

Jessica, honey. It's time for a makeover. You look a fool.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I was just telling my husband the same thing about Clooney's gf. To me she looks trashy more than anything.

califblondy said...

Trashy, boney, whatever, I'd take that body anyday.

Sorry Portia, but you're still too damn skinny.

I'll give Jessica a "I'm on vacation so I can dress weird" pass, but that headband is hilarious. And as far as the bf's jacket, I think my Mom bought one just like it from a vendor in Tijuana.

Why in the hell does Orlando look like he belongs in the Tron movie?

blondegossip said...

agree @califblondie - Portia, EAT SOMETHING! I've been seeing these pics of her on other websites and it looks like her eating disorder has returned. Sad. Vegan or not, she is way too skinny. Scary skinny, imho.

Interestingly, I don't think Clooney's latest rent-a-bimbo looks too thin, but she does look trashy somehow. As much as she blabs to the media, I am shocked he hasn't dumped her yet.

Oh Jessica... ::shakes head embarassed for her::

parissucksliterally said...

I think Elisabetta's bod is awesome....but I like skinny.

Kim, I wish YOU would die on the way wherever you are going!

Jessica, you are the worst stylist for yourself. How can a woman who can dress herself have a fashion business worth almost a billion dollars?

Carrie L. said...

Oh please tell me that Kim is not knocked up & on her way to see a doctor. I think I would kill myself over that; I can't handle any more Kardashians on this planet.

Chrissy Buns said...

now, i am not one to speak rudely about someones size because i am not exactly the petite flower i used to be, but Jessica is looking a bit tubby in the pics. i think the headband might be the culprit. it kind of makes her look like a pin head.

parissucksliterally said...

Actually, Kim was on her way to a video with Kanye. HER video, for HER song.

*shoots self in head*

ardleighstreet said...

I don't think I have ever seen Denise's girls really smile. Of course with their parents I wouldn't smile either.

lanasyogamama said...

I firmly believe Portia and Ellen have some kind of shared eating disorder. They're both TINY.

I agree that Denise's kids never smile. My little 4 yo girl never stops goofing and jumping and singing.

I'd trade bods with Elisabetta, but I'd have to get rid of that armband tat she has, it's gross.

Ohhhhh Jessica.....

Elle said...

Holy shit, I'm going to Maui tomorrow. Maybe I'll see Denise with her bikini and cowboy hat on.

Basil said...

Why wouldn't Eddie want to sign a prenup? If you really loved someone a prenup is meaningless since you will never get a divorce right?

fairylights said...

Huh, well I guess Orlando didn't make it to Billy Boyd's wedding in Scotland today, some good pictures of hobbits out there for those interested.

Jessica...Cher can flaunt that look, but you are no Cher!

Tempestuous Grape said...

Wait.. what?? Is it really that small???? Oh maaaaan, I'm supposed to go tomorrow afternoon. I'm bummed now. I keep seeing what I believe to be the equivalent of the New York one, whatever it's called. Damn. Foiled again.

mygeorgie said...

Holy shit, that first pic of Jessica made me put down the Cheetos. Thanks, I guess?

I'm hoping she's a 'happy eater'.

Tatyana said...

Susan said...
"I so do not find George Clooney's piece attractive in anyway. What am I missing?"

A Y chromosome.

Unknown said...

I am still alive, how are all of you? So..... can anyone PLEASE TELL ME WHY KIM K AND HER OBNOXIOUS FAMILY IS ALL OVER THE PLACE? No talent, but they are invited everywhere! Why does all of Hollywood think we are so interested in them?

Anonymous said...

Jessica Simpson deserves all the fat jokes that are headed her way thanks to her fur wearing. Bring 'em on. She's a moron and a douche.

Portia Di Rossi is clearly relapsing. Too bad-I hope Ellen can/wants to do something to help her.

Leann Rimes deserves to lose all her money to that talentless ahole if she's stupid enough to not make him sign a prenup!

George Clooney's rental (aka girlfriend) looks, to me, like a boy in drag most of the time. Either that, or halfway through gender reassignment. Just come out, already, George!

Moonmaid said...

The only real item of note in the above photo's is Jessica's BF's jacket. Wow! {shaking head in amazement}

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