Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Photos Part One - With Extra Reader Photos

Just one part today.

Britney Spears looks really sad. Like she just heard all the Starbucks closed forever.
Christina Aguilera, her boyfriend and her younger brother who kind of looks like her boyfriend.
Even though Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky have been dating for what seems like 20 minutes, they got married over the weekend.
Demi Lovato was spotted outside her Chicago rehab facility.
Looks like Brooke Hogan got a little crazy with her dad. Oh, wait. My bad. He had back surgery.
Kate Beckinsale and her daughter sharing a hug.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Stephanie Seymour back with her husband who she despised at the beginning of the year.
Still looks good in a bikini too.
Also on the beach were Dustin Hoffman and his wife and
Elisabetta Canelis and
Meanwhile, in New York.
A Times Square skier.


parissucksliterally said...

Britney has really lost her looks.

Stephanie Seymour still looks great!

I don't like Rhianna's body. Her legs are tree-trunkish.

Aguilera keeps ruining her reputation running around with this dude, IMO.

skeeball said...

I guess I am misinformed about what happens in rehab~you get to go out and get coffee?? Everyone who is supposed to be in rehab is out walking around getting coffee. What no gallon drums of coffee like in the cafe where I work?? I mean, I just can't leave my desk and go drive to Dunkin. I don't get it.

Lissette said...

I love Stephanie's body! JEALOUS!
enty, guess we check out same sites! LOL!
No chupacabra pic???? Go check it out.

skeeball said...

oh and readers=awesome! love the pics

Robert said...

Anybody else see that picture of Britney mining nose gold, obviously taken at nearly the same time this one was? Jesus!

califblondy said...

I love NYC, but I'm so glad I didn't make it this year.

Georgie's girl has the best bod out of the bikini ladies.

If Stephanie Seymour and her spouse can work it out after all of their crap, then anybody can!

parissucksliterally said...

Yes Robert, I saw it. So funny, I had to save the picture.....lmao

Her schneck is in full force too - (her neck is so thick and goes right into her shoulders- a few Dlisters and I named it "noulders" and "schneck" a few years back....

PotPourri said...

Love all the bikini bods in the middle of winter (except down under!) Stephanie Seymour looks really good.

Love the NY Times Skier!

KellyLynn said...

I think what Britney has lost is her happy. She's so much prettier when she smiles.

blue sky said...

Coming from a woman - I think Elisabetta has to be the most perfect looking woman. That's a hot body in a bikini!

shakey said...

Isn't Elsa Pataky the one who Adrien Brody was with?

Dustin Hoffman's wife has a great body at her age.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Christ, no wonder Clooney is still with that piece!

Bitter Queen said...

A pink Christmas tree! I almost with I weren't Jewish.

jbdean_79 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mooshki said...

Bitter Queen, the Christmas Tree is a pagan symbol, not a Christian one, so go for it! I'm an agnostic, and I celebrate the shit out of Christmas. As far as I'm concerned, it's as made up a holiday as Valentine's Day, but why not have an excuse to have fun?

lanasyogamama said...

My God I am jealous of that Elisabetta's bod. Dang.

parissucksliterally said...

how does Rhianna not have one ounce of muscle in her legs? I don't understand.

Elisabetta's body is beautiful. Face, not so much....but she has GEORGE. I love him.

califblondy said...


#4 looks like somebody I had a crush on in 7th grade.

#3 looks like the life of the partay.

#2, is that Winnie the Pooh? Wow, that brings back some memories.

#1, pink tree AND Christmas sweaters? Now, that's what I call Christmas.

Meg said...

I think Demi got out JUST for the holidays to spend time w/ her family, though right? Not that that means she couldn't leave a la Lohan & go get drunk every night but I'd like to think she is taking it more seriously.

Hi Readers!
I love the Christmas sweaters too! :)

My poor pet sitter is stuck in NYC & can't get home.

MnGddess said...

Elisabetta looks, on closer inspection, emaciated in her waist area. I'd much rather have Stephanie Seymour's or Rhianna's bod.

O said...

THAT PINK TREE!! Where did you get it!!

Lux Luthor said...

Yikes. Demi Lovato looks about 35.

Selock said...

Demi doesn't look very rehabbed.

My 7yo brought up how many people on TV were very opposite their characters, in real life. She meant the ones who play mean but are actually nice...we used Demi as an example of the TV-happy/real-life-sad-and-nasty opposite.

She seems like such a miserable young woman, for such a talented one. :-/

KP said...

Demi Lovato looks like Boy George in that pic.

M said...

Christina Aguilera's lil bro looks like Keanu from the "Excellent!" years.

Mango said...

Someone just told me that Elisabetta Canelis used to make porn movies. Has anyone else ever heard that?

Tempestuous Grape said...

Sad?! She looks horrified.

B626 said...

good for rhianna for keeping her real boobs
so many fake ones out there

Gary T. Burnaska said...

The Pic of Demi is from when she was out with the FAM for XMAS. She later returned later that day.

From what I can tell Demi is serious about getting better as there are no stories of her getting fights with Staff like Lindsay Lohan

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