Monday, December 27, 2010

Tyler Perry Does A Kindness

Last week in Georgia, an 88 year old woman and her four year old great granddaughter lost all of their possessions in a fire. Well, Tyler Perry heard about their plight and decided to find them a new place to live and pay for it while their old house is being rebuilt. He has also offered to pay their utility bills for a year and to buy them new furniture. Probably also a collection of all of his movies. These are the kinds of stories I love and I think it is great!


CDAN Mod said...

OT: Teena Marie died yesterday. :(

timebob said...

Tyler Perry had a lot of bad press after it was revealed he refused to hire WGA union writers for all of his shows. I think the loophole was he built his own studio outside of LA in Atlanta. The non-union writers he did hire got paid little and no benefits or residuals. And fired anyone who brought up the WGA.

After a lot of pressure he finally buckled and hired union workers.

He makes gabillions off his tv,movies and stage plays.

It's nie he did it and good PR. I just don't get the feeling this guy does anything unless he will get a lot of good press over it.

KellyLynn said...

Even if it was just for the good press, I'm glad he helped that family. They wouldn't have much of a chance otherwise.

Rose said...

I don't know much about him, but I bet the family didn't care why he did it. It was Christmas. He's obviously not a complete ass and he's made a few good movies.

Cheryl said...

Good for him. I totally do not get Madea or any of his movies but it was a nice thing he did. I think he also helped some low income kids a few summers ago who had been kicked out of a public pool.

Pookie said...

KellyLynn FTW.

Linnea said...

Random act of kindness, or does he have some kind of connection to her?

ardleighstreet said...

Good press or not at least someone is helping people who need a hand up. For that I will not slight him.
For how he treated his writers he needs hit with a stick.

lalazz said...

I saw this story on the local news. The Coweta County Fire Department deserve a shout out too, as they went way beyond the call of duty, and were asking for donations for this woman and her great-granddaughter (she is raising her) to help them rebuild. They interviewed the lady and she was a sweetie! Good for Tyler Perry for helping her out. It is rumored that he does a whole lot of good around Atlanta anonymously.

Meg said...

That breaks my heart! I'm glad they got out ok & good for Tyler Perry.

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