Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #17

October 18, 2018

"Want to know the record for most complaints against one person?" That was the question posed to me by this studio employee while we were talking about Me Too and sexual harassment claims. Of course I wanted to know.

The employee, who is definitely in a position to know gave me the name. How many I asked. The response was 146 complaints. Those are only the ones where people actually came forward and complained. There were probably hundreds more. This show was out of control. The thing is that the entire main cast were all in on it. Tons of the crew were too. They felt like it was part of the theme of the show and it was authentic if they did it. The show was a big cable hit for many years. It ended a couple of years back.

So, the person with all the complaints was on the show sometimes. He was on it more often than he was credited. He didn't really care about being on the show. He liked what he did behind the scenes on the show. His best friend in life was the big boss of the show. Probably how he got to stay on the show long after he should have been fired.

One of the ways he would make a ton of money and garner a lot of complaints was to hire porn stars to come to the set. He would pay them $50-60 to stand around in lingerie. Sometimes they would be in shots and sometimes they would just be milling around. Then, during breaks, they would hook up with the cast and crew and our subject would get a cut of whatever the porn stars earned.

Another way he would generate a lot of complaints would be to bring women who were recently incarcerated or in rehab to the set. He would bring a half dozen at a time and these were women who really needed that pay you got being an extra. The only way they would get the gig though is if they blew this guy or one of the other cast or crew that wanted to be serviced. They needed the money and would do it.

As the show went on, he was given more and power to the point he was doing almost all of the background casting which just increased his power and the things he did. He came up with a name for the women he used and abused. He called them crow eaters.

After nearing the 150 complaint mark, he was finally fired from the show. So, yeah, when you think things are being cleaned up? They aren't.

Jim Veneziano/Kurt Sutter/Sons Of Anarchy


Mischief Girl said...

Just looked him up. He died in August 2018.

Ivana Hump said...

They had a gofundme for him touting all his work with recovering addicts. Chris O'Donnell donated $1000. They were on NCIS together or something

Flashy Vic said...

Still can't find a picture of the cunt when you Google the name though. Not much of a loss though, if the blind is right.

Andi F said...

He most likely behaved on NCIS, got out of control on SoA because he was buddies with the boss.

Serious POS predator.

Cee Kay said...

Well this just breaks my heart. If Sutter was okay with all this, then clearly Katey Sagal has no taste in men at all.

Adrastia said...

Enty, you don't need to say "the show" over and over like that once it's established what you already mean. It makes things harder to read because of the awkward repetitive flow.

Hugo Pedersen said...

If Sutter was ok with it Katie Sagal must have been ok with it too, I would imagine.

pinot grigio said...

Wasn't he the one who couldn't stop masturbating on the show and they had to do something to his hands. So weird. I saw one photo in Google of him...

Mrs Libnish said...

Yep, he was the whack off guy. Serious perv....

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