Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #20

August 18, 2018

This former A+ list rapper who sometimes acts offered a woman $10K to hang out but told her she had to bring her five year old daughter with her. Our rapper wanted to take some pictures with the daughter.

50 Cent


Krab said...


On the other hand, Enty has revealed or strongly implied he was gay over the years, so who knows.

Andi said...

Was it that mom on IG who is always posted funny edited vids of her daughters on SM?

The Daily Mail had pics of that little girl swimming at a hotel in LA & 50 cheering her on a few months back.

Andi said...


yepthatsme said...

Maybe he was gay before but now he is fluid!

Trapped said...

One penny is a disgraceful person period.. The woman was crazy, why does he need pictures of her daughter?
People sell themselves for next to nothing..
Oh he’s definitely bisexual, but Hollyweird have a thing with sex with very young children..

Sd Auntie said...

Maybe it was a shout out to 69tekashi.

Og said...

Which is it, one minute hes gay the next minute hes a pedo who loves little girls!? I'm so confused!

Leanne Norman said...

I agree @Og it was always blinds about him being gay same as Drake for years it was that he's gay now he's supposedly in to underage girls and Henry Cavill Enty can't make his mind up or the enterns don't bother to research past blind when they make up new ones.

sandybrook said...

So what does he do go to homeless shelters find a decent looking woman with a kid and make this offer?

Krab said...

In other words, ten years ago or so when the site started the big reveal was that X,Y and Z celebrity was actually gay. GASP! When that is no long titillating enough, now they're all pedophiles. We're just now getting into the "pedophile murderers" phase. In five years, all celebrities will be pedophile murderer gays who also drink the blood of murdered children before they enjoy the ill gotten gains from their fake church/surrogate farm/ring providing trafficked children.

Honestly, Enty, it's getting a bit boring. Have you ever read any Victorian pornography? Where the young man has sex with his nanny/his sister/his mother/his aunt/the lady next door/the attractive mare who pulls the carriage/etc etc etc. IT GETS BORING AFTER THE FIRST 20 PAGES WHEN IT'S JUST ALL ROTE SALACIOUSNESS.

Andi said...

I don't think 50 or Drake are gay, but will do what they need to, ie bending over a desk and hum the Star Spangled Banner for a couple minutes if it means they will get a better record deal.

Urban Rosebud said...

Og & Leanne. These celebrities see their fans/ the general public as their ignorant food. They love a buffet.

Today is sex with a female, tomorrow a twink, Thursday it is on to the African baby. Friday it's the dog & Saturdays are reserved for orgies with any man beast or mineral available. So, do not be confused. These degenerates are so fucked up from the soul selling that boundaries do not exist in their world.

IrishEileen said...

I agree with Andi

mizelmoney said...

Well just from the wikileaks podesta drops I do believe that most of these famous people were suckered in. They were given riches and did many despicable acts with children. Almost 15,000 arrest so far for child sex trafficking or porno, sex with a minor. These people are sick. You people haven't seen or heard shit yet. Tie up your boots and hold on tight because you're not gonna be able to what's really been happening on earth. Check out #Q #InTheMatrixxx

bekH said...

Neither 50 or Drake are gay. I trust my source on this. Trying to get more for you guys, but my source won't give me anything to tie it back to them. Oh - they did say that Vivica is a train wreck and was pissed 50 dumped her.

AZ Duplex Experts said...


:| raven |: said...

what. the. f***

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