Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #5

September 21, 2018

Investigators for the family of this former A- list musician from a permanent A list band are now checking to see if he was murdered rather than suffering a terrible accident. The problem they are facing is that his death was quite some time ago. On the bright side, they have the vehicle he was riding and it is undisturbed from that date. They also have a diary of the people he had been meeting to get financing for a movie he wanted to make with his girlfriend. The movie tries to shed light on child trafficking and exploitation. Two days before the accident that would ultimately kill him, he met with an A+++ list producer who had been visiting Washington, D.C. where our musician met him to discuss his ideas.

This same movie, which is being produced by the girlfriend of the dead musician to carry out his wishes has also claimed the lives of two permanent A list singers who were directly involved in the making of the movie and who also had confrontations with the A+++ list producer.

LeRoi Moore/Dave Matthews Band/Chris Cornell/Chester Bennington


BestMan said...

Is the A+++ Producer Weinstein? Does Geffen produce?

sandybrook said...

Hello he died a month after the accident due to complications from his injuries enty😒

BestMan said...

That doesn't mean his accident was a true accident.

MDAnderson said...

Thank you Sandybrook. The accident happened June 30th and he died after being released from the hospital in Aug 19. Doesn’t make sense

sandybrook said...

If he was to be murdered, they had a chance again. He died from pneumonia after being released from the hospital.

longtimereader said...

As Alice said, curiouser and curiouser.

sandybrook said...

No problem MD, inconsistency abounds here.

Troy Dyer said...

Ok but who is the producer?!?!

sandybrook said...

Based on rating the producer should be Spielberg. If any of this is even remotely true.

Dahling said...


Jne said...

Where’s the reveal? The A+++ list producer?
I’m thinking these continuous kiddy blinds that go nowhere are nothing but clickbait bs

Guesser said...

This is the way I would see it. The musicians maybe were looking for info from the A+++ list producer,not even thinking they would be in danger,as they likely knew (Geffen) for years. Geffen's "people" may have realized they were getting too close to truth. Random thought ,what if some of these now dead celebrities had found out because they were invited into this world? The Pedos are safe if they have something on you. Not if they reject it.

Guesser said...

You can fill in Spielberg for Geffen,same conclusion. Can we find a time when either could have been in DC at the same time as stated?

Guesser said...

If the accident wasn't suspicious,why keep the vehicle intact?

BestMan said...

Good point.

Drumstixx said...

I think the producer that enty is referring to is David Geffen if we are connecting this blind to Vicky and Franco.

Village Guru said...

Speaking of child exploitation, where is Dancing Boy? He has been strangely silent for such a long time now. I'm sure our collective hearts are broken, no? ::sob::

Melidie said...

Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese were both in Washington DC in late June 2008 hosting the Spring Gala at The Kennedy Center. See pages 41-43.


GirlMerica said...

All these crazy theories being thrown out on JFKjr, Seth Rich etc being alive and underground helping the reverse-mil coup (Qanon) WHAT IF?
I have considered Cornell/Bennington being in that boat, going completely dark having been working to help accomplish bringing such horrific crimes to light. Wouldn’t that be crazy.
Qanon has shown me a level of deception in our politicians etc that now my brain takes its own path and questions the F out of everything. ALL SIDES not left or right. It’s more like evil across the board.
I mean really, If it’s true Hitler was installed and the Bushes WERE connected to the Nazi’s (go check for yourself) my mind will never be right. Psyop, Edward Bernays etc it’s all a bit much.

plot said...

Too bad you haven't bothered to investigate the level of deception in Qanon itself. That boat has sunk, exposed as utter bullshit months ago.

Pre Order Promos said...

Q sent me.

Pre Order Promos said...

Lol. Exposed as bs months ago? By whom? Fake news. We in Q army don't care if you think it's a hoax. Read the drops yourself. Thanks

AppleThief4Elliot said...

Lol The LARPers are back!

GirlMerica said...

Thank you.

GirlMerica said...

@plot @apple
Your assumptions are unbecoming & far from correct. Thank you for welcoming me to CDAN, I am assuming in the only way your parents taught you.


Happy New Year.

GirlMerica said...

I started looking into CC after I read this.
There were a couple things that stood out.

1. he was in touch the Anthony Bourdain weeks prior to his death (AB spoke out against Clinton just prior to to his death
2. CDAN post about Brittany Murphy being in his wedding as part of the wedding party, there has been much speculation she was also exposing something large

I saw them both as odd based on their bizarre deaths and both tied to unusual situations

How many times is something a coincidence before it becomes numerically impossible?

plot said...

"We in Q army don't care if you think it's a hoax"

Or if it was shown to be such by Almighty Q himself. How often has the Big Event been promised and how long are you willing to hold out for it? Sounds like you ain't so good at the thinking stuff and more prone to the wacko religiousy stuff.

mike m said...

plot, you sound just like one of those assholes at Voat. What proof do you have that Q is a larp?

Facts, not your opinion, please.

Biden is a Pedo said...

@mike m and @Pre Order Promos

Cannot believe I am defending plot, but yes Q is a larp. The original one may not have been but that was compromised a long, long time ago. Think for a minute instead of blindly following.

1. Why would Q give a crap if people follow Corsi or anyone else other than Q? Because the people behind it are trying to make money off their larp.

2. Remember when Q would post Twitter posts supposedly before Trump posted them? Well one of the founders who was kicked out said they found an api that allowed them to grab it a few seconds before twitter officially posted. Notice you do not see Q uses Twitter posts in that manner anymore? It is because that api feed was shutdown.

3. Why did Q suddenly start pushing for communism and supporting the Israeli government if he is truly about draining the swamp?

Q is a distraction and perhaps even an extension of the Cicada 3301 project. However whoever is in charge of it now has no new insider info. It is all ripped from the media itself. The predictions that Corsi was originally funneling have dried up, hence the massive failures of Q predictions. The images posted are shopped, reversed and checked against an image bank to appear original.

This is not to say some of the information that Q provides is not true. Some of it certainly is. But there is no plan, no 4D chess, no stable genius pulling strings. Q is a larp. Being a keyboard warrior waiting for the Q messiah to save you, well...there is a better chance of Jesus returning from the dead tomorrow night.

Do not take my word for it but find the truth for yourself. Stop relying on Q, voat, etc to spoon feed information. Go to the sources and you will see.

Jennacheryl said...

Holy crap if you guys want to blame someone for Trump please look no further than your darlings the murderer and the continuous adulterer President and Secretary of State Clinton. This ish was put in place in the 90s. No one knew when but we all knew she would run.

That being said holy milky my mind is blown with this reveal!

Unknown said...

Ok this is ridiculous. Asinine. Ludicrous. I looked up LeRoi Moore and he had complications from the ATV accident. One of his injuries was a punctured lung. There's nothing suspicious about his death. Unless Enty is saying that the accident was staged somehow.

GirlMerica, the only thing I remember hearing about Brittany Murphy in regards to the wedding was that she didn't think that Chris should be marrying into Vicky's family. She voiced such concerns and it was caught on camera. Someone tried to sell the tape and was silenced by lawyers. That could cause some bad press. But I don't think it's grounds to kill someone.

Honestly, these jerks trying to sell tapes... If the info on the tape is so important stop being a greedy assmonkey and just anonymously leak the tape. That's why you got lawyer hammered in the first place. That's why I don't trust these things so much. Everyone wants to make a dime off of the suffering of others. The tape should have been leaked if it was so damn important. Everyone wants $$$ all the damn time.

This Q stuff... He's named after the Star Trek TNG character isn't he? I think he is because that character was an immortal troll. Makes sense.

mike m said...

@Biden is a Pedo

Like you handle , BUT

Q is dead set against any type of monetizing and has called out anyone who tries.

Trump tweets and Q posts line up , and still do, in a certain timeline. As far as an app for twitter I just don't know and would have to see more proof.

And I don't know where you get the idea Q is pushing communism and as far as Isael go he has stated " We are saving Israel for last".

LifeLog , a project developed by the Pentagon and DARPA, was killed on the very same day Facebook reared it's ugly head, that is a very real "conspiracy" compared to whatever it was you posted.

hunter said...

"LifeLog , a project developed by the Pentagon and DARPA, was killed on the very same day Facebook reared it's ugly head, that is a very real "conspiracy" compared to whatever it was you posted."

Well shit. What a trip if Social Media is actually just a pervasive mass Big Brother scheme where instead of reporting on your family & neighbors you are unknowingly reporting yourself and your location with every personal thought and tweet.


plot said...

"a project developed by the Pentagon and DARPA, was killed on the very same day Facebook reared it's ugly head"

I suppose you were privy to all the secure conduits of government to obtain this information? Of course you were.


After all the revelations about Zuckerfuck and the other technofascists of Silicon Valley, you are just now coming around to the fact that they will sell our asses to any highest bidder, from any country or organization? Not paying much attention?

Desonge France said...

Despite Enty hinting otherwise, Cornell wasn’t murdered, he just got involved with a family of criminals. They started on him immediately funnelling huge amounts of his money into a dodgy restaurant in Paris.
As Cornell admitted, the “Greek” family he married into were originally Armenian stock.
Eric Esrailian was the family doctor and friend involved heavily with the Karayiannis family and they got Cornell involved in the Promise film about Armenian refugees that Esrailian was producing.
Esrailian is linked to David Geffen. With everything that has come out about the K family and how dodgy they are, you have to wonder if Cornell was deliberately steered away from any involvement in the child trafficking film that his real honourable friends were involved in. A film people like Geffen wouldn’t want made because who knows who it would have exposed?
When it comes to siphoning money, those gypsies who’d taken over Cornell’s life and finances were experts and no one else was getting a piece of the pie. Instead good old family friend Esrailian got Chris involved in the Promise film about Armenians.
Remember the Promise film and the Chris and VIcky Cornell Foundation were mutually linked.
As we all know, that Foundation is a sham.
That whole cabal circling Cornell like vultures, getting him to promote the Promise and Foundation.
And that oft repeated catchphrase, “Keep the Promise”
That must be Vicky’s promise to cheat, fleece, exploit and manipulate until death do us part.
They did all the research on LSA, everyone knows he wasn’t murdered, just destroyed by that family.

AZ Duplex Experts said...


Mrs Libnish said...

Look into how started Google, 23 & Me, Amazon, etc. AND look at who they are married to. It's all tied together. If you are on social media, you are being had. And if you are PAYING to get your DNA data mined and sold, you deserve what you get.


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