Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Blind Item #8

It looks like tabloids reporting after the fact again have confirmed what I have told you for months. The A+ list mostly movie actor did indeed beg the foreign born model to stay with him during award season.


Tricia13 said...


Brayson87 said...

Eh, I'm sure he got down on his knees, but not for that gender.

Zebra Seasoning said...

Aww, but Kneepads is blaming the movie for the split.

Who's to know what's true? I mean, those wacky kids were so in love!


Seriously though. When will The Powers That Be learn that RCRs and beards do not awards make? Just let people be themselves.

Substance D said...

Yes, let Hollywood be itself. We need a Broadway West coast.

Unknown said...

Yes, everyone needs to come out of their respective Hollyweird closets. Why do people who live in their little bubbles think coming out gay has no consequences? It does. If the audience knows some guys sucks dick they aint going to pay to watch him be a ladies man in some movie. Sorry, but Its true.
Do you know where gay doesn't sell? All of Asia you fuckin idiots. Ever hear about the overseas box office? I guess not. Some people think the audience covers areas outside of Los Angeles, but you all know better I guess.
Also, most hollyweird closets cover pedophilia and other sex crimes. They don't want to be outed either. Metoo movement is a coverup of pedophilia that is rampant. They talk about the couch only to cover the real crazy shit going on.
Just like Tom C knows, Bcoop gotta STFU about being gay and keep hiring those beards.
Unfortunately, Katie Homes is currently booked

Avery said...

Springing off of Unknowns very eloquent post ... I think a lot of people don't come out, NOT because of the audience, but family that would not be supportive. Sad. :(

Zebra Seasoning said...

I don't see anyone here suggesting that people come out if they're not comfortable or if it's not safe.

What I personally am suggesting is that producers etc. stop trying to smash couples together for awards, publicity, or financial reasons. Instead of making people miserable by making them be together, would it be so horrible if a star walked a red carpet alone? Would it be so horrible if a star played a homosexual or bisexual character and didn't automatically get thrown into a hetero relationship to prove his or her heterosexuality?

Brayson87 said...

Pretty simple, it's the money. It's like being paid millions of dollars to pretend you're a different sexual orientation. You don't have to anything except a few public kisses with a beard and keep your real love life on the down low. It's not your job to advance social causes, leave that to bullied teenagers and college kids, you're just trying to get paid.


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