Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 1, 2019

Yeah, I think we all believe that a pap just happened to be outside a state prison hoping some celebrity would come along so they could snap their picture. Oh, and that the subject would be perfectly framed the entire time.

Kim Kardashian


AvignonVagabond said...

At least she is doing something PRODUCTIVE with her time and helping others.

Soapdish said...

She is in law school after all haha. Can we please retire this fame hungry talentless family forever?

omfg said...

Enty would you hire her haha?

Brayson87 said...

I just assumed they always follow her around like pilot fish.

Amartel said...

I never really had a problem with these people. Kim K got famous for her sex tape which we're all supposed to denounce but meanwhile all these other actresses and actors are whoring (oh, EXCUSE ME, yachting) it up like that's any different. The Kards are popular for a reason and all the other reality hos and not a few other celebrity hos are just jealous of their success. Now she's actually being a productive member of society and the bullshit denunciations still don't stop.

Amartel said...

Ha! Pilot fish. Or oxpeckers. The birds that ride around on elephants and musk oxes and eat the ticks off them. Oxpeckers. Or those fish that given you a pedicure by eating the dead skin off your toes. Them.


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