Thursday, June 13, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 3, 2019

This alliterate foreign born B list NBA player was really smart by not signing a waiver to show his face in a reality show. Producers don't like blurring out faces so he will significantly cut his screen time because of it.

Tristan Thompson


Brayson87 said...

Ray J never had his face or anything else blurred.

HeatherBee said...

He was never on Keeping Up With the- ahh, I see what you did there!😂 Klever.

Count Jerkula said...

He is probably a c list NBA player. He only got a phat deal because MeBron forced the Cavs to over pay him.

sandybrook said...

He's probably as humiliated as any other athlete who decided these whores were worth being with.

Vita said...

Sandybrook-- Lol, I do often wonder if the true secret society of Hollywood is a Men Who Tried To Keep Up With A Kardashian Support Group. None seem to leave better for the experience.

Trapped said...

Whatever he deserves whatever he gets... Those whores are known for destroying men

Ari said...

Wait what? He appeared on the show before...and how is he foreign born?

Vita said...

Ari--he was born in Toronto. I guess it was ok when he was dating Khloe, but now that theyve dragged him through the mud, he's not having it?

Sophia S said...

It's quite eerie, those Facebook "one year ago today" or "five years ago today" or whatever reminders?

My Facebook status some random day in 2015: (I think it must have been shortly after Caitlyn "came out" - judging by the context.)

"Those Kardashians can sure f*ck up the men around them: Rob got fat, Scott became an alcoholic, Lamar became a drug addict and now Bruce is a woman. Kanye, you're up."

Strangely prophetic - as this was long before Kanye went cray-cray.

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