Friday, June 14, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 3, 2019

Things are going from bad to worse in the marriage of these foreign born former co-stars. Not saying I blame her after what her serial cheating actor husband has put her through fidelity and addiction wise, but this actress was definitely into a singer from a band she met this weekend.

Kit Harrington/Rose Leslie


Rosie riveter said...

GETIT, girl!

Brayson87 said...

Kind of early in a marriage for so many problems, doesn't bode well.

Brayson87 said...

Maybe she should she get with that "ginger minge" actor, he definitely seemed down. ;)

JessBChen said...

Note to the Kit PR team: Constantly blasting out all over the internet that Kit was really shaken after GOT ended does him no favors! Makes him sound like a moron who wanted to work on GOT forever! No one need to know *why* he's getting help. He *is* getting help. That's enough and commendable.

Thursday November said...

Good for her.

Stolichnaya said...

JessBChen Pretty sure they're trying to make it sound all "woe is me, I'm tired and that's why I'm going to rehab", and not focus on the alcohol issues. Not that it matter, of course, but I think they're trying to gloss over that fact.

yepthatsme said...

Well at least the singer wasn't "into" her! There is still hope Kit!

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Aquagirl said...

Why don’t they just get divorced already? That marriage never should’ve happened.

Aquagirl said...

@Jess: I’m not a GOT fan, but from what I know about the show, it was very intense to film, it lasted many seasons, it was his first major role, and he was quite unhappy with the ending. I don’t think his team ever intended to say that he was in rehab, but he was spotted at a nearby bookstore & that’s how the initial story was released.
@Stolichnaya: I’m assuming that both are true. He was tired and he has alcohol issues that he needed to address.

dtfan said...

Yet another fake BI from the tinhats.


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